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  • KrzrgirlKrzrgirl Forumite
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    Krzrgirl wrote: »
    As promised, here's my update:
    I checked via Royal Mail that my package had been received.
    I logged in to my account on HGM's website at around noon & read that they had received my gold & tested it. They had rejected a pair of "gold" stud earrings as they were not actually gold. (Fine by me. No hallmark and very orangey looking, so I had my doubts!).
    They had weighed it at 30g.
    I received an email at 1.50pm that told me my gold had been valued at £303.50p (30g at £10.12/g) and a cheque had been put in the post to me. I opted for the payment to be paid by cheque because I would not put my bank details on a website that does not have the encrypted padlock and therefore possibly not secure.
    I shall update on receipt of the cheque :)

    Phew! The cheque arrived today (Wednesday, after being posted on Friday). :j
  • cjj40ukcjj40uk Forumite
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    This is the second time we have used HGM.
    Both times the payment is next day and a lot more than high street shops.
    If I can find any more gold they will be my first choice to sell to.

    Cheers :beer:
    Chris J.

  • I want to sell my gold but am getting a little concerned and confused. I often read the posts on this forum particularly this one, as I have been wanting to dispose of my unwanted gold jewellery. I don't normally have the time to post but to clarify my concerns I noticed a short time ago a company in Wolverhampton called ukscrapgold and another one they seem to be connected with ie cashforyourgold . They are offering 20p+ a gram more than either Hatton garden metals or Lois jewellery at todays price ie £10.50 a gram as opposed to £10.25 and £10.30 respectively and yet there is no mention of these companies on this forum. Why is this.? Why isn't everyone going to these companies. They say their price is the best on the web and that the price is guaranteed so why are Lois and HGM have their own pages in this forum if their is someone out there paying more
    Do they pay what they say they do? If they do then why are HGM and Lois purported to be the best payers and if they do not then how can they be advertising such a high guaranteed price ?
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    John_PierpointJohn_Pierpoint Forumite
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    Check the official gold price.
    The only way to trade by buying higher than the gold price and selling at less than the gold price is by speculating, by fraud, or by fiddling the VAT (or possibly by offering gold to people who are not allowed to buy it legally, somewhere in the world, a sort of money laundering ).
    I wonder if someone is making counterfeit gold sovereigns or other gold coins offering a premium to the gold price?
    Take your choice.
    [I am still a bit worried that HGM might become a target for a criminal conspiracy within the Post Office]

    Here is a thread about a company that offered too-good-to-be-true prices for foreign currency.
  • I'm not sure I understand Are you saying that ukscrapgold cashforyourgold pay a genuine price and they are ripping off the VAT or it isn't a genuine price and they are ripping off the Public...Can they just not be paying a genuine price?

    I believe that there is no VAT on scrap gold . I also believe that if you rip off the VAT you go to jail, but if you rip off the Public you risk a tickly fine from what now pretends to be Trading Standards etc

    I just want the best price for my gold and I want to know if anyone else has had experience of these companies. Should I make a post on that thread you highlighted?
  • John_PierpointJohn_Pierpoint Forumite
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    Take your choice.
  • elburnzoelburnzo Forumite
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    • When did you use it - today
    • What did you send it - 1.4g gold and 59.4g silver
    • How much did it promise you £46.67
    • How much did it deliver £46.75
    • How efficient was the service- great service very quick
    • If it didn't deliver the full amount, what was its reason N/A
    • Anything else other people should know - costs an additional £5.50 to send special delivery but well worth it if u've saved up some metal to send
  • I used this company and sent them (weighed with kitchen scales):

    Gold 9ct 11g
    Gold ?ct 1g
    Silver 925 36g

    I got:

    GOLD 9ct: 12.00 @ £10.22 = £122.62
    GOLD 9ct: 2.20 @ £10.22 = £22.48
    SIL 925ct: 38.10 @ £0.55 = £20.77

    Only sent it yesterday I was paid this morning!
  • Just used HG Metals, posted gold special delivery insured (£5.30 up to 100gm and £500) 29th March 2011 recieved payment in bank account following day ! Prices exactly as stated (95.5%) of London Gold Fix i think, and first class service from start to finish. Way better than anything on the High Street and so easy to use, thoroughly recommend them.
  • TrixxieTrixxie Forumite
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    Today's (Friday) prices:

    GOLD 9ct: £10.31
    GOLD 18ct: £20.61

    I posted a small amount of 9ct/18ct yesterday by Special Delivery Next Day (cost £5.05). Email confirmation of prices per above and money in account by lunchtime.

    Very good service and wonderful to get cleared funds so quickly!

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