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  • Wow! What a great company. They received my items, processed them and paid the money into my bank account within about 3 hours!! I sent just under 70gm of 9ct gold and got £704.34 for it!! Also sent 50gm silver and a small 18ct gold ring and got just under £40 for those items. I had also sent off some items for my mum (broken chains, earrings etc) and she was pleasantly suprised to get just over £160 for her lot. I would definitely recommend this excellent company and would use them again. +++++++
  • If you're as concerned as I was about sending off gold/silver etc .. then be assured that Hatton Garden Metals is a trustworthy, reliable and professional company in my experience.

    I have now used them twice, and on each occasion the exact amount of money they quoted on their website is what was paid into my bank account before 12 noon of the day they received the Special Delivery package.

    The first occasion was for £400+ and the second £900+, both confirmed by email. Their site is excellent, as it clearly shows in your 'Account' what you have sent ..

    Item, Carat, Customer Quantity, Actual Quantity, Price per gram, Total for that item.

    One item I sent has a non-gold inset, which I'd estimated to be 2-3 grams .. Hatton Garden deducted 1.6g ( exactly - not rounding it off)
    Other items were not hallmarked and full allowance given, which is not the case with all companies. I sent odd earrings, broken jewellery, foreign gold as well as hallmarked gold.

    I'd asked locally for rates (much lower) read a fair bit on the internet - including entries on this forum before sending the jewellery - so, if you are doing the same thing, I can honestly say that initial concern/scepticism has been replaced with confidence in Hatton Garden, who I'd definitely use again.

    Let's face it - Hatton Garden even encourage feedback on this forum, and just one bad feedback will damage their reputation.. which they clearly value and work hard to keep.
  • LozzLozz Forumite
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    I hadn't read this thread but had seen Hatton Garden mentioned elsewhere on the forum so got a quote from them, I sent off 29g of old and broken gold by special delivery yesterday morning and the money was in by bank account within 24 hours, £5 more than they had quoted me and at least £100 more than my local jewellers had offered. Fanstatic service, I couldn't recommend them enough :)

    Lozz x
  • Used hatton garden metals a couple of weeks back and was incredibly impressed. They paid significantly more than any other quote I had and the service was exceptionally fast. Jewellery went off on a Tuesday and the money was in my account on the Thursday. They called to confirm a couple of discrepancies with the weight of the items I had submitted but it was in my favour.
    Would have no hesitation in recommending their services and in the end I received £400 more than my other highest quote!!!
  • wigwamwigwam Forumite
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    Thanks to this thread I searched the house for old gold last night, have sent in today.... quoted around £500, am a bit sceptical so will report back tomorrow

    Fingers crossed!
  • Sent a 588 gram dented silver bowl that had been lying around in a cupboard for many years, by Royal Mail Special Delivery yesterday. Received £362.21 by bank transfer Faster Payment this afternoon. What more can I say. Local jeweller offered on the phone between £50 and £100 scrap value dependant on quality of silver. I was VERY sceptical, but trusted the posts in this forum and am VERY glad I did.
  • S0litaireS0litaire Forumite
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    I sent in a 22inch 9cart gold chain Tuesday afternoon, (my scales had it at 13g but they are not that accurate! I was about 0.5g out)

    Got a nice email just before lunch today saying they are giving me £130 and by the time i got to the closest cash machine, that £130 was in my bank... ^_^ sweet!!!

    A local jewellers offered me £60 for the same chain on Saturday! What a rip off!!

    Paid off a few overdue bills and now I can relax this weekend without dodging annoying Call-center calls ^_^ Woo!!


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  • I was very worried about selling my gold jewellery and telephoned the company first. The man that I spoke to was very helpful and explained the process regarding filling in a simple on-line form and the safest way to post my gold.
    He also gave me a rough guide of how much I would receive for all of it.

    On Tuesday 3rd May, I posted ( By secure delivery) my 3 sovereign coin rings, a 1/10 of a kruggerand ring, a small 14ct thin neck chain. I also had a few small broken earings and a gold locket.

    I received an email the following morning to say that they had paid £1,448 directly into my bank account. This was far more than I had expected to receive.

    I had been offered half of that amount by other companys.

    I was delighted with the service that they provided and would have no hesitation in recommending Hatton Garden Metals to everyone.

  • andy.m_2andy.m_2 Forumite
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    I sent my gold off to these guys based on Martin's blog.
    I am glad I did.

    I sent off a chain that I bought years ago and made four times it's worth
    a very tidy 500 notes for me and in the present climate who couldn't do with an extra £500?!
    fairplay to HGM the process was entirely painless and I was braced for the worst, I needn't have been.
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  • they ahve a good reputation
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