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  • I took the MSE advice and decided to sell my gold tooth to Hatton Garden Metals. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete their online form because I didn't know the details required. I rang them and a lovely girl gave me some crucial advice. 'It doesn't matter if you don't know the type of gold used or the weight of it because we will check it all anyway. However, you must complete the form'. So, I weighed the tooth which consisted of gold, filling and tooth and halved it. She told me that gold teeth are generally 15 or 18ct. I guessed at 15ct, entered the details on the online form and was immediately issued with an enquiry number. I sent this number with the tooth, using special delivery and received £64 in my bank account within 2 days. The lady also advised me against using Paypal because they can take up to 10% of the remittance! Great service; which paid for the extraction, cake, coffee and postage:).
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    how many 'newbies' do we have on this thread?!
    Must be some kind of a record :rotfl:
  • Gold chain posted via special delivery at 2:15pm on Monday, money in my bank by 12:30pm on Tuesday, tje price paid was over £100 more than any quote from high street shops and nearly double some of them!

    In future I won’t be wasting my time trawling round town to sell jewellery!
  • I have quite a bit of silver with semi precious stones in them, do I take them out, and does anyone know where I can sell them?
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    I have quite a bit of silver with semi precious stones in them, do I take them out, and does anyone know where I can sell them?
    guys here will have good advice
  • After reading the good reviews on her about Hatton Garden Metals, I thought I’d give them a try.
    I had 40g of 9ct gold and 1g of 14ct gold. I had a quote from a jewellers in my local
    town for £250.
    After filling out the calculator on Hattons website, they quote £438. So I filled the online form out and packed my gold up and sent it off by special delivery at 3pm on a Wednesday with the email I printed off that they had sent me.
    By Thursday at 10am I had an email confirming the weight - 37g 9ct gold and 1.5g 14ct gold (slightly under but my scales were just kitchen ones!)
    They quoted me £413 for it all which I then had to accept by the website or calling them.
    I accepted and the money was in my bank account by 4.30pm on Thursday!! Super fast, and great service.
  • Interesting reading, saved for future, thanks for posting
  • Great service from Hatton Garden Metals. Good price for my gold paid to my bank immediately. Cannot fault at all and will use again if needed. Recommended.
  • When did you use it? Yesterday the latest time, but I have been using them multiple times over the last couple years.

    What did you send it? Sovereign Coins and old gold.

    How much did it promise you? £1144

    How much did it deliver? £1050.91

    How efficient was the service? Extremely

    If it didn't deliver the full amount, what was its reason? The gold i sent included a couple rings and items that were not entirely made out of gold, so it checks out.

    Anything else other people should know?
    Not from my experience.

    Nobody asked me to write their review, but I used them again and I feel like in a world where serious, professional and honest business is more and more rare people who do it well deserve the credit. Always got paid reasonable prices extremely promptly, never had a single issue. Thumbs up from me.
  • I used HGM for the first time yesterday. I posted my gold by special delivery yesterday and received my payment today. I received more than the quote online too! I am very impressed with the communication and extremely fast service. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend.


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