MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • awehla
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    I actually told when their website was charging 0p for a bra by mistake, I could have ordered it and just paid £2.50 postage though I imagine they would have noticed anyway.
  • JG007
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    my thoughts would be simple, a small company or one I care about I would return it, argos / tesco etc hell no way I would .

    yes it is theft but the companys will not really miss the odd few pence and it is up to them to watch out not me so I don't really care, I am not even going to try and make out that I think it is okay for me to do this I just will .

    odd standards but if it were a small/local or friendly company I would phone them straight away and let them know.

    I know that people will not agree but I feel that in general I am a better person than many I am happy with my choices.
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    You don't need 2 identical pairs of shoes! So one can go back, at the company's expense
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  • Any decent honest person would send them back (at the company's cost). If you didn't, no matter what justification or spin you try to put on it, you would be guilty of theft, plain and simple
  • She should return them, but to everyone who describes poor Imelda as a thief - I disagree.

    Thieving is actively stealing. Getting lucky and then being dishonest/lazy/cheeky/disorganised is not the same as thieving...

    I got a Kenwood smoothie maker as a freeby from Littlewoods. The first thing they sent me was the cheapiest, nastiest (and smallest) kitchen blender/whisker/slicer/citrus juicer you have ever seen.
    It was powered by four AA batteries (Honestly!) - I wasn't quite sure whether it meant to be a joke, a kid's toy, or something else. Out of curiosity I started juicing a lemon. After 5 seconds of grinding noises, it broke. It was rubbish!

    Anyway, I phoned and complained, and they sent me a proper Kenwood smoothy maker, and then another one a day later. I told them to pick it up, which they did. Kinda wished I hadn't - could have sold it or given it to charity, or something!

    PS - I would love it if the MSE team could set up these Money Moral Dilemmas based on scientific studies that have already been carried out in real life. It would be interesting (and probably a bit saddening) to compare what people say with what they do...

    PPS - If anyone knows anything about the kitchen 'thing' that Littlewoods sent out to some lucky people 3 or 4 years ago, I would love to know more about it. Who made them? Why did they make them? Did they ever sell any to actual human beings? So many questions, so many questions...
    If less is more, think how much "more" more would be.
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