MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • Of course she should give the shoes back. To do otherwise is neither more nor less than stealing. If the company don't want the hassle they will let her keep then and she will have a clear conscience. There is no dilemma here.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. If it was my business I would appreciate someone's honesty in notifying me of my mistake. If you made the mistake at work, costing your company money, how should you be dealt with?
  • tramsay
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    100% give them back

    I agree she shouldn't fork out for the postage
  • JayD
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    Of course she should let them know and request that they arrange return of the extra pair of shoes (at no expense or inconvenience to herself of course).
  • Im going to be honest....... I would flog them on EBAY!! Oh my gosh does that make me a thief?? Well it's not really theft is it?? Well I suppose it is!!! This is weird i'm having a conversation with myself about it. LOL

    I would only start the bidding at £4.99. Does that make it sort of ok :-)
  • rgwm
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    tallgirld wrote: »
    Im going to be honest....... I would flog them on EBAY!! Oh my gosh does that make me a thief?? Well it's not really theft is it?? Well I suppose it is!!! This is weird i'm having a conversation with myself about it. LOL

    I would only start the bidding at £4.99. Does that make it sort of ok :-)

    The fact that you're having the debate with yourself shows that you know its no, it doesn't matter what you'd sell them for.....sorry!

    As others have said - advise the store and ask them to arrange collection - you shouldn't be out of pocket, but shouldn't keep them unless the store says it's OK...
  • pineapple
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    As one of those who voted to return the shoes, now is the time for my confession. I ordered a self assembly cabinet for the office. After fruitless hours trying to get the thing assembled, I rung them up and complained angrily that 'the holes were in the wrong place'. A second package was subsequently delivered - whereupon I realised that I had been assembling it upside down. They hadn't wanted the first returning, so I ended up with two for the price of one.
    I never told them. More out of embarrassment than anything else... :o
  • kevanf1
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    Stampede wrote: »

    :confused: To those suggesting she can keep them as unsolicited goods I really feel you are wrong. The circumstances of that legislation are surely totally different .. here we have goods that clearly were ordered and splitting hairs over " I only ordered one pair and not two" just doesn't apply.


    I don't see it as splitting hairs. The second unwanted (or unordered) pair of shoes are separate item. They have not been ordered simple. However, as stated in my other post, the law does say that she should inform the company and invite them to reclaim them at their expense. They must make suitable arrangements to collect them. Imelda should not be out of pocket by paying postage herself. Besides, what postage would she use? Ordinary with a built in PO insurance of about £27 (correct me if I'm wrong here). Recorded or Special Delivery with a higher insurance? If she uses ordinary postage off her own back what happens if the parcel goes astray? As has happened to me :( Would she then be liable for the rest of the value of the shoes? Nope, the law does say that the company must make all arrangements if they want the items back.

    What a lot of people haven't said is that it is often simply not worth the companies time etc to process a return like this. It does take up man hours which equals wages/salary. So she would possibly end up being told to keep the shoes anyway.

    Take care.

    Kevan - a disabled old so and so who, despite being in pain 24/7 still manages to smile as much as possible :)
  • honestly this happened to me (well my husband) with QVC a courier tried to deliver a pilates machine on a day wen we werent in so it was redelivered another day yet 2 hours later another was delivered at first we thought it came in 2 boxes both the courier and i and they had made a mistake so we accepted delivery and didnt have to sign for the second box. it was a second machine and 2 weeks later when we had heard nothing we sold in on ebay for more than we paid in the first place we were very happy indeed
  • Cloudane wrote: »
    Hmm how many people go back when Tesco give them too much change or whatever...

    My mum went back to Tesco, after noticing she had too much change when she got home. After queuing at customer service, and a bit of faffing about as they didn't know what to do ... the manager told her she could keep the money :D

    I have received other people's orders twice. I notified the relevant companies each time. One by telephone, they agreed to send prepaid postage but didn't, so I never returned the item. The other ( was a nightmare to contact and I never got to speak to anyone and my emails only got automated replies which ignored the fact I had an item I shouldn't have had. They referred me to their online system which enabled me to notify them my order was missing but they obviously weren't bothered about getting the other item back.
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