MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • olliedog
    olliedog Posts: 40 Forumite
    My conscience would not let me keep (steal?) them.

    I would contact the firm at once by e-mail and tell them to arrange the collection of the second pair of shoes at their own expense.

    Why would I want two identical pairs of shoes?
  • sebelou wrote: »
    My mum went back to Tesco, after noticing she had too much change when she got home. After queuing at customer service, and a bit of faffing about as they didn't know what to do ... the manager told her she could keep the money :D

    I have received other people's orders twice. I notified the relevant companies each time. One by telephone, they agreed to send prepaid postage but didn't, so I never returned the item. The other ( was a nightmare to contact and I never got to speak to anyone and my emails only got automated replies which ignored the fact I had an item I shouldn't have had. They referred me to their online system which enabled me to notify them my order was missing but they obviously weren't bothered about getting the other item back.

    I once brought a sandwich in Debenhams with a £10 note and the girl on the till gave me my change and £10 note back. When I pointed out her mistake she laughed and told me it her her last day anyway so she didn't care!!! Result for me! :T

    And I would let the company know I had 2 pairs of shoes otherwise I would feel really guilty!!!
  • Is there not a law that states goods send to you in error belong to you after a fixed amount of time?
    Providing you dont use the goods within that period of time how is that stealing?
    If they ask for them back then send them back providing it does not cost you money.

    Some of the posts i just read make you think twice, Took money or items back and then got the sales staff into trouble? Imagine the thoughts going through that persons mind as they get sacked because you did the right thing. was it the right thingto do?

    Most customer service numbers these days seem to be expensive numbers not included in my free call time. In this sistuation i would leave it for them to contact me and ask for them back.
  • dave2
    dave2 Posts: 264 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Email the company and let them know. Assume they will send details for returning the shoes (at their expense), but they may simply thank you and not require their return - they'll be much more interested in fixing their systems than a single pair of shoes.

    No dilemma here IMO.
  • pie81
    pie81 Posts: 530 Forumite
    This happened to me - I got sent two modems when setting up broadband (they sent me the wrong one, then the right one, never took the wrong one back). 4 years later I still have a spare modem sitting in a drawer waiting for them to ask for it back.
  • Sbarkia
    Sbarkia Posts: 55 Forumite
    Kevanf1 has it spot on, but I would give them a time limit (say one month) to arrange collection, stating that after that I would consider it a 'free unsolicited gift' which is I believe the technical term. I do not drive and my nearest post office has been closed down for ages so there is no way I would go traipsing around to rectify their mistake. I've used this before with a book company which continued to send me books after I'd cancelled my membership and they did indeed send someone to collect.
  • She should send them back
    Be nice, life is too short to be anything else.
  • She should NOT send them back at her own expense - it was not her fault they were sent out. She should contact the supplier, explain that she regards the second pair as unsolicited goods, and tell them they have 28 days to collect them at their own expense, after which she has the right to keep them anyway if they have not done so.
  • TheJC
    TheJC Posts: 18 Forumite
    I say she should contact the company notifying them of their error and to arrange for them to be picked up (freepost address, courier, postage refunded, etc.)

    If they don't arrange for it to be returned or tell her to keep it... Am I the only one this MMD reminded them of Phoebe in The One With The Thumb (Friends) saying "Do you know what I'd hear with every step I took? Not mine, not mine, not mine. And even if I was happy and skipping I'd hear not-not mine, not-not mine."
  • awehla
    awehla Posts: 109 Forumite
    I would send them back as I would feel guilty otherwise but not at my own expense as it is their error not mine.
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