MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • The company should be informed
    Titch :)
  • One email to let the company know what had happened and invite them to suggest a way of them getting them back at no cost or inconvenience.
  • Shameless wrote: »
    Should certainly 'fess up, in the same way as if given too much change in a shop.

    However, to put a twist on this- I bought 2 chairs as a birthday present for a friend, delivered directly to her. When I visited a few weeks later, I realised that they had delivered 4 chairs. Am afraid that under those circs I kept shtum...

    That's much more of a moral dilemma than this :)
  • Imelda should tell the company (in writing) that she has the shoes and wait six weeks for them to come and collect them (at their cost), before keeping them. Or she should hold them for six months to see if they realise and come and collect them.

    The first option is the best because she will be being as fair as she can with the Company, then Karma doesn't come into it! Depending on the cost of the shoes and the cost of getting them back (most things we buy for £100 actually only cost the company about £10) and the value to them of the item, the Company will most likely tell her she can keep them anyway!
  • Keep them - consumers are always gettign ripped off, If the shoes were £400 per pair, i reckon that they probably only cost about £40 to make, so really once she gets her 11th randomly free pair then maybe she should start sending them back...

    Its about time the customer got something back from the rip-of merchants that are our retailers of today...
  • RuthnJasper
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    No question whatsoever - I would notify the retailer. It was an error, not a free gift. They should pay the postage, but Imelda has got the shoes she paid for and it wouldn't be right to keep the extra pair.

    My brother is an avid supporter of a local football team and, one year, my mum brought him some Christmas presents from the team shop. When she got home, she realised that the girl at the till had given her change from a £50 note, instead of the £20 mum had handed over. Even though it was a twenty minute drive away, mum went back and returned the change. When she went into the shop, the manager was cross at the girl on the till, who was very distressed. They were so grateful at my mum's honesty. A week later, my mum received a signed photo of the football team for my brother, as thanks for returning the cash (the shop hadn't expected anyone to be so honest).

    I couldn't keep the extra shoes and feel comfortable about it. If only Mrs. Marcos had had Martin and MSE - maybe she'd still have been in power... (hmmm...) ;-)
  • My friend recently received a pair of trousers in her Next delivery, not ordered and not her size. She phoned Next immediately to see how to send them back and they said because they weren't on her despatch list and they couldn't "refund" them, they had no way of accepting them back into their system so lucky me gets a free pair of trousers :D
    A few years a go I had exactly the same thing happen and found a little girls top in my delivery. Again, couldn't take it back as not on a despatch note. My god-daughter got an extra Christmas present!
    In both cases we were honest and have clear consciences.
    A lot to be said for that.
    Daisy x
  • jenniewb wrote: »
    I'd feel to worried that Karma would affect the wedding and or marrage! I'd hand them back!

    Its also not really worth selling anything on ebay unless your a pro- ebay don't work for the small sellers, they don't help you out if you get ripped off, paypal wont support your claim even if you mailed recorded delivery, in short, your better off not getting stressed out and sending the shoes back to the online store.

    But if the store had been nasty or had a history of poor customer service, I'd feel this was karma working in my favor and give the shoes to a friend.

    I'm a small seller on ebay and have never had any problems with ebay customer services, paypal etc and they've always helped me with my claims - and even though I'm a small seller I've always made a nice profit. I'd either keep them or sell them - I've had enough trouble with shops when the 'shoe' was on the other foot - they aren't always as happy to help you if you haven't received an item!
  • This sort of happened to me before. I ordered a dress from a website, it arrived but then the next day I received another order that didn't belong to me, complete with another girl's order details including address and bank details.

    I contacted the company and asked them what to do - figured they would be mortified that this mistake had happened - but no reply.

    Contacted them a few weeks later, and told them that I would not be paying postage to return it, as it was not my mistake - still no reply.

    After countless emails and STILL no reply later, I decided to take it back into the store's shop that had recently opened by me. I then was accused of wearing the order - even though it was a Size 8 ( I am a 14) and told that they would be taking legal action against me.

    After that experience, having thought that I had done the decent thing, I decided that it was more trouble than it was worth and would always keep the second item to flog on ebay! However, I would say keep it for a month or so to see if they contact you about returning it. If they don't then they obviously haven't realised it was sent out again! x
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    She should sho - oooooooo them off. Have you seen her collection in Museum, gross extravagance, outside building huts for the poor.
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