MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • Trix2
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    She should contact them to let them know. Though if they keep making mistakes like that they will soon be out of business. Then it is up to the company to provide her with a free way of returning them.

    Businesses have a tough time in the recession. We should be honest and help them out.
  • Last month I went to Argos for a WII package. Instead of giving me an accessory pack they gave me a second console. I discovered the mistake when I got to my car. I took it back to them and asked for the correct box. If you know the accessory pack it is just bits of plastic worth next to nothing. But I still feel better having taken it back rather than keeping and selling it.
  • Is she honest or is she a thief ? its as simple as that. Sadly so many people these days would just rub their hands with glee and pocket the proceeds. Speaks volumes for modern Britain.
  • Send them back. She hasn't paid for them, they're not hers.
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  • I always thought that there was some aspect of law which allowed errors on a suppliers part to be rectified for quite some time, 6 or 12 mths.

    So if Imelda sells on ebay at discounted price then surely she could be liable to re-pay full price to store, having sold goods, and therefore be worse off?
  • I'd return them, but I'd call customer services and see if either the shoes could be picked up or there was a Freepost address to return them too/free return delivery.
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    I'd call them and tell them about the mistake, and ask them to come and pick them up.

    If they don't pick them up, after (x) number of days, then keep them.
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    she should contact the shop to get a postage paid return slip and return them.
    there are no other options
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    Hmm how many people go back when Tesco give them too much change or whatever...

    Still, I'd give them the opportunity to reclaim. I'm too honest. BUT if they can't be bothered to get them collected, I wouldn't go out of my way to rectify their mistake.

    I had a similar situation with one if the bed stores... they gave me a £70 pillow instead of the £15 one I paid for, and I didn't realise until I got it home. So I phoned them and they basically passed me around and treated me like a nuisance until eventually saying "oh ok, can you bring it back then". Even then the tone was like they were doing ME a favour and I was just giving someone more work to do and more forms to fill in.

    At this point I was fed up with the trouble and queues I'd already gone through for the sake of honesty. So I replied "it's not really convenient, you have my address and are welcome to collect it". Well 6 months passed and not a peep from them, I'd spent a lot of money on a bed and mattress anyway so decided to use it. Their fault if they can't be bothered to rectify the situation!
  • Theft : The answer is simple, the law already includes the definition of theft as including circumstances where a person comes by something innocently but then goes on to keep it and treats it as their own. Therefore at the very least she should contact the supplier and let them know. Yes she should expect something for the cost of her trouble, eg. return post and packaging. Even selling or giving them away to charity is still theft as you have assumed the rights of the true owner which you have no right to do at all.

    :confused: To those suggesting she can keep them as unsolicited goods I really feel you are wrong. The circumstances of that legislation are surely totally different .. here we have goods that clearly were ordered and splitting hairs over " I only ordered one pair and not two" just doesn't apply.

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