MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • Of course she should give the shoes back, anything else is theft. Put it another way, an MP gets given twice as much as he should in an expenses claim because the authorities made a mistake, should he give it back or pocket it? Its a no-brainer
  • She should contact the company and ask them to arrange for the second pair of shoes to be collected at a time which suits her. If she has a conscience she wouldn't be happy wearing them or selling them.
    I've had similar experiences, once with a tumble dryer being delivered one day and another turning up the next (no chance that would be a BOGOF offer!!!)
  • Plain and simple, if Imelda keeps them, she is a thief! Nobody here would like it done to them if they made the same mistake and we would all hope that the 'lucky' recipient would send the item back. It would be nice if we all saw a bit of common decency re-surfacing in the UK, as it seems more rare than hens teeth lately.
  • I ordered something from figleaves once and for some unknown reason also got sent a pair of really posh nickers. I posted them back with a cheeky covering note saying that as I'm such a honest person I deserved a thank you voucher. Few days later a £5 gift voucher arrived!

    Similar things have happened before and I do post them back, but it is tempting when it's a huge company that makes the mistake but small companies can't absorb the cost of such mistakes so that's an easy decision.
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    She should contact the shop, tell them of their mistake and invites them to make arrangements for collection (there is a time limit to collect, I think 28 days ) and they fail to collect them then she can legitimately keep them as unsolicited goods. She has no obligation to bear the cost of their return.
    If she keeps them without contacting the shop and advising them of their mistake then she commits theft. Simples!
    ( S.1(1) of the 1968 Theft Act states that:-
    A person shall be guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.)
    The value of the goods, or one's previous experiences with that or other retailers. is of no relevance and most certainly wouldn't count as a defence.
  • I must say I'm amazed that there could be any question of doing anything other than returning the shoes! Is it a reflection of the age we live in that there are people that would even consider keeping them? Maybe the lack of F2F interaction (and hence easier to distance yourself from moral responsibility)with internet shopping is a factor. Or am I just sounding worryingly like how my parents would have responded??
  • Having had numerous conversations with people over time along similar lines, the general line of thinking appears to be "If it's a sole trader or small company give it back. If it's a big company or multi-national, keep it." Much the same as when an assistant gives you too much change or charges a lower price than it should be.

    That said, I'd not be willing to be out of pocket for returning the 2nd pair of shoes.
  • Like most people, I'd contact the firm and point out the error. However, if they made me wait for ages on hold or never replied to my letters - if, in general, they had rubbish customer service - my willingness to waste my time and effort with re-packaging, going to the Post Office and so on would rapidly diminish. If nothing happened after my notification, I would wait two months and then keep the shoes.
  • I'd call the shop and inform them of their mistake. If they wanted to send a courier to collect them, or send me money for postage, I'd send them back no problem.

    Although at work recently our stationery company accidentally sent us some extra stuff we hadn't ordered or paid for, and when I phoned up to tell them, they said "oh never mind, just keep it.". So even if she's honest she might get a nice surprise!
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    She should email the company and let them know... and whoever reads the email will probably forward it to another department, who will forward it to another department, and her email will probably get put to one side and forgotten and she'll probably never get a reply and will be able to keep the shoes and feel guilt free :D
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