MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Imelda give the shoes back?



  • radaas
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    How is this different to when we all jump down to Tescos when they have mispriced there £3 meals to a penny, its a company mistake. therefore keep the shoes.

    Hence our motto on the top of every page of this site 'Consumer Revenge'.

    Unless of course this is a sole designer sending it on their own personal site, which is unlikely to happen in this scenario. and for the karma out there, how do you know the company hasnt screwed other people over, and this is their Karma repaying them?
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    Mmmm, there is actually a legal precedent to all this. In law Imelda should immediately inform the company as to their mistake. However, it is up to the company making that mistake to make all the arrangements to collect their goods. Imelda did not ask for this second pair of shoes theefore she is not deemed liable to send them back. She must not sell them though until the compnay has had the chance of reclaiming them. Now, this is where I am not sure of things. I think it might be 3 months that she would have to wait. If the company has not reclaimed the goods in that 3 months then legally she is entitled to dispose of them as she sees fit. If that means selling them then it is her right. I reiterate that I am not 100% sure of the time scale.

    This is the same sort of situation as many people had with those cut price book companies from a few years back. They would send out books that were not aksed for and were unwanted. My brother ended up with quite a large pile of books that he sold on eBay. He did contact the company every time and they promised to send a courier to pick them up. They never did, so, after a few months he sold them.

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  • It is stealing. She should make every effort to return the item. This has happened to me this morning, I received an item ordered from an Amazon Seller twice but had only been charged once. I telephoned the company and asked for a return lable but they said they didnt do this and would credit my account. They did this straght away with about quadruple it will take to pay for the postage. People who keep items sent n error are putting the cost up for eveyone. Nothing is for free; someone, somewhere will end up paying.
  • A.Jones
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    I'd inform the company, but leave it at that until they get back to me. They are to arrange collection of the item, at a time convenient for me. If they want them posted and not to arrange a courier themself, then they have to pay me for postage up front and for my time taking them to the PO.

    I'd also watch my credit card bill closely to check they have not charged me twice.
  • Things I would do: Get the four shoes out, and pick the best pair to keep. Not implying I've got two left feet, but ALL shoes are made to approximate sizes, so its best to find the two that are most comfortable.

    Things I might do: Contact the company, thank them for the replacement pair, and ask what they want done with the original pair. Don't go into detail - assume they replaced them for a reason of their making. Some companies will ask you to dispose of the original pair. Job done.

    Things I wouldn't do: Keep quiet. If we park the THEFT charge for a minute, I'd still fess up as if I'd paid on credit card, and don't get statements for six weeks, I might get a nasty shock when I find they processed my order twice. Six weeks after delivery is too long after the event to return them, even if you haven't worn them.

    Most companies have procedures for this error, its not that uncommon, and I've received free goods or goodwill credits in some cases.

    You should never be out of pocket returning the goods (i.e. for THEIR error). If you don't think they'll pay for collection, insist that the collection arrangements are all sorted by the company, and agree mutually acceptable collection times (You don't have to wait in all day).
  • Talent
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    Tell the shop, otherwise she's a thief. It's up to the shop as to what to do next. She should not pay for the return postage. The shop either collect them or send a freepost sticker for return.
  • LameWolf
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    Something similar happened to me a while back, although not with shoes. I was sent two parcels of goods instead of one. I called the company to tell them, and was told to keep the goods as it was their error; I was also thanked for telling them.

    Imelda should contact the company, or she's going to feel guilty whenever she wears the shoes.
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  • Tell the company that two pairs have been received. If they dont provide a free and easy method of returning them within 28 days, they can be legally kept. Unsolicited Goods Act applies
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    Yes - she should notify the suppliers of their error. However, if she compliments them for their prompt service and the quality of the shoes, then 'mentions' they are for her wedding; she just might get a pleasant surprise! Let's hope the suppliers are 'softies'.
    Yes I know it's hypothetical - just entering into the spirit!
  • I don't think she should return them, but I also don't think she should sell them. I'd either use them or give them away for free (charity shop, freegle etc).

    Depends if she wants to run the risk of the company noticing their error or not however - might just be easier to contact them in the end!

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