Tesco self serve checkouts - attendant has to check the number of bags NOT used

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  • Pound, I always ask before I insert the card. I say always- more often than not it's a "Yes please" as they ask me!

    Don't get all this fuss about not smiling or even frowning. Just so long as they serve me quickly and efficiently and are not actively unpleasant, that'll do me.
  • I always use my lovely big shop and scan bags that sainsburys gave away free when they started the scanners you carry round the shop with you to scan your shopping as you go.
    I use the bags even if I shop in tesco. One week the checkout bloke couldn't believe all my shopping fitted in 3 bags as there was a mountain of it. he was shocked when I answered 3 to his 'how many own bags have you used' so said he'd give me 8 points! :)
  • CG19a wrote: »
    Its even more unpleasant to be in court and end up with a criminal record for selling alcohol to someone under age. Give her a break and let her do her job.

    The self serve tills in Tesco require that a member of staff authorise the sale of alcohol to anyone regardless of their age which is perfectly understandable. A nice friendly lady who was working on the till had already done this when 'thunder face' came down 3 aisles from where she was working and caused a scene. Not doing a good job in my opinion with her hostile attitude. I made the post in agreement at other peoples experience with some Tesco staff.

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