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  • DonkeyKong77

    The site seems to be down for me at the moment, but if anyone knows the alternative number for Mint Credit Cards, that would be great.

    Their number is 0870 410 0870

  • mary
    mary Posts: 1,585 Forumite
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    Try this one 01268 508023
  • Gary_zero
    Gary_zero Posts: 154 Forumite
    Has anyone got a Btbroadband connection fault number Thanks
  • djblamire
    djblamire Posts: 299 Forumite
    Dear All,

    Just a quick update, as many of you are aware, the SAYNOTO0870.COM website has been unavailable for a couple of hours now.

    We have received confirmation from the data centre where our servers are located, that a fibre has been cut, and engineers are currently working to repair the issue.

    They are supposed to have redundancy in place to prevent against such an occurence, but in this case hasn't been successful.

    The engineers are working as we speak to recitify the problem.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    Daniel (Forum Admin)
  • djblamire

    We have been told that this was a problem with a contractor knocking down a power line (telephone pole), taking power and a large fibre bundle with it.

    Power should be restored by 1 AM Wednesday morning (tomorrow), at which time the engineers can get access to the fibre, and make the necessary repair.

    Unfortunately no ETA other than this is available at this point.

    Apologies once again,

    Daniel (Forum Admin)
  • DonnyDave
    DonnyDave Posts: 1,579 Forumite
    Say no to 0870 is back online now. :)
  • shoi
    shoi Posts: 168 Forumite
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    the carrier I use for overseas calls just simply announces 3 pence a minute or whatever just before connecting

    Perfect, what more do we need. Ofcom make that happen and now its a transparent market and voila!
  • tomrob
    tomrob Posts: 12 Forumite
    BA Travel Shops used to have an 0845 number which now carries a message referring callers to their 0870 number. After 5 minutes on hold to this number it occurred to me that I had no idea what I was being charged for the call and the recorded message had no indication of length of wait. I hung up and googled "0870 alternatives" and found Saynoto0870. I tried the two geographic numbers listed there (for the Windsor and Birmingham shops) and both were "number not founds". On the BA website I discovered the probable reason is that BA Travel Shops no longer operate. However I still had an outstanding query. The only telephone number on their site which isn't 0870 is the customer relations line for calls from outside the UK. I called this number (+44 191 490 7901) and I suspect they have some filter on the line detecting UK numbers as I was put through to a message which told me that due to "operational reasons" I could not be put through on this number. All very annoying and not conducive to good customer relations.
    I've emailed through the BA website contact page with the query now but the point of this post is that in the course of my googling I found this forum and working as I do for a company that has an 0870 number I thought I'd give my perspective.
    We're a small company that offers 24 hour 7 day a week support for our service (which is mostly provided to business customers) with a team of only 4 technical staff. To do this we re-direct incoming calls out of office hours to one or other of the team's mobile phones. When we set up in late 2003 the only efficient and cost effective means we could find was through a provider that used an 0870 number as a conduit. We don't revenue share and we don't get free "sophisticated call management", in fact we pay for the forwarded calls in the service. We don't hide our geographic number from customers and when requested we povide it freely as the only reason we have the 0870 number is so that we can provide our round the clock service. The only problem with providing our geographic number as a support line is that it is not attended outside office hours (well it is to some degree, as with many small companies the management and some of the staff often work way past 6pm).
    I had been under the impression that as we were not benefitting from revenues under our agreement with the 0870 provider, callers were not being disadvantaged (ie I thought someone calling our London number from say Glasgow would be paying the same if they called our 0870 number - obviously someone in our own area code would be paying slightly more). Having read through a number of the posts in this forum I accept that I was mistaken in this belief but I can assure you that the assumption that 0870 number users are all seeking to take advantage of gullible consumers is similarly mistaken.
    Having said that I will be making recommendations that we, at a minimum, put a pre-announcement of call charges on our line if our provider is able to do this (I now understand that this will be a requirement under Ofcoms' new rules in January 08 anyway) and that we seek an alternative as a matter of priority.
    Thanks for reading and Happy New Year
  • Heinz
    Heinz Posts: 11,191 Forumite
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    Welcome to the MSE forums tomrob.

    Your 0870 number 'points' to a geographic number so, as you're paying for the forwarded part of the call anyway, why not just ditch the 0870 number completely and simply divert the geographic number to the mobile when necessary?

    As you appear to have discovered, UK customers calling your 0870 number are paying a minimum of 4p (133%) extra per minute peak rate when compared to what they would have to pay to call an 01 or 02 number. In fact, many on here use 18185 or 1899 to ensure they pay only 4p in total for a peak time call of any duration to any UK 01/02 number.

    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • tomrob
    tomrob Posts: 12 Forumite
    Hi Heinz,

    The 0870 only points to the 0207 from 9 to 6, it then diverts to a mobile number (the on call techie), if the primary mobile is engaged it moves on to his manager and if that's engaged the managing director's phone then to an answer phone service. At the time we signed up we couldn't find a system that did this for anything like the same cost without an 0870 number and as I mentioned in my previous post we didn't appreciate it was disadvantaging callers. We are now actively looking at the market to see what other solutions are now available. Our current provider seems to now offer a similar deal using an 0845 number but I gather from this thread that this isn't ideal either (particularly for those calling from mobiles).

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