3 is the cheapest, but is it best



  • I have Two phones with Three network we have had loads of voicemail & Text messagae most of them coming from abroad i also told them that i did not want any thing sent to the phones 1 day i had 16 on 1 phone.
    I also sent them a email about it they said they did know about this, but since then i have also sent another email & not got any reply.So dont bother with them.

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    Handset: Motorola A835 - a bit chunky - but the line rental savings make it worth it & the features... 64mb memory - enough for about an album worth of songs for integrated MP3 player. The camera is pretty poor though (compared to some other Nokia ones I've seen).

    Most commonly used location: Manchester, Leamington Spa

    Ease and reliability and connection: Lose a few calls every now and then.

    Any other problems: Yes the call centres are mainly in India - but they have managed to do everything needed. Don't ask them about handsets though - they have no clue and India doesn't have 3G- or the associated phones! Go to a store - they are very helpful and chances are they will know an 'expert' in your type of phone & solve the problem.

    Overall service and rating (out of 10): Very good value and average service 7/10 - I'm looking forward to an upgraded smaller phone - which should probably have some better network switching technology in as well.
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    Seems I'm another of the dissappointed "3" users.
    I had the e606 handset from nec.
    Area- Coventry and east midlands.

    Only had the phone for about 10 days, it constantly dropped calls or couldn't even make the connection that I wanted. Just as big a problem when trying to receive calls aswell.
    As I purchased the "3" contract through Carphone Wharehouse, I was fortunate enough to take it back under their 14 day exchange period.
    I'm sure the next hassle will be the bill when I receive it.

    Give them a miss, and stay with the experts in this field.
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    I only use my phone for text messages, so sounds like it would be fine for that purpose.
    31/12/2006 £8395, 01/10/2008 £5089.73, 19/10/2010 £835.00 31/03/2011 £0.00
    Pigsback = £9.35 (£30 claimed), Quidco = £128.24 claimed
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    3 Day repair service :o

    Yet another problem to add to my long list of NEC 606 quirks......

    I took it in to the Blackpool 3point store on April 8, go figure.........
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    Handset: Motorola A920 now bluetoothed to A925

    Most commonly used location: Essex and SE London

    Ease and reliability and connection: Phone isn't the easiest to use and is very unreliable. It makes all manner of strange sounds - whistles, buzzes etc, drops calls like there's no tomorrow and fails to make calls about 60% of the time, even in London.

    Any other problems: This is my second A920, the first one came without bluetooth even though I was assured it was the later model. Can't work out whether the phone is complete garbage, the network is complete garbage, or both are complete garbage. I was on Orange for eight years and had fewer problems with them than I've had with 3 in 3 months. I refuse to talk to their offshore call centre as they have wasted at least ten hours of my life and I got fed up of repeating myself to numerous different people who quite frankly don't have a clue. Resorted to calling directly to their southern office but to be honest the second line support team are rude, insulting, unknowledgable, and downright liars. They will promise to call you back but don't hold your breath. Don't bother emailing them either, even if you do get a named address - they won't bother to reply. My phone is still faulty even after their repair centre took it back for four days. It came back with the same problems, too numerous for this site. The best one was that I couldn't make video calls and the so called techies were scratching their heads over it. Nearly a week later it turned out to be that the silly so and so's had put a calling bar on the phone. Now they want to take it from me again - no compensation and no guarantee that it will be any better. Apparently they have to do this three (sic) times before they will consider changing it for a new phone.

    The A920 promises so much but can't handle the basics. Battery life is appalling, volume is abysmal (try hearing the ringer when the phone is in your pocket) and it doesn't keep hold of calls as well as the A835. Maybe if it was on a better network it might be up to the job.

    Take a tip from me. If you're on Orange, Vodafone or O2, STAY THERE. You'll be a lot happier because it isn't worth the aggro to get mixed up with a bunch of amateurs like 3 (even if they are owned by the same guy that started Orange).

    Overall service and rating (out of 10): 1 (because if you manage to make one, the calls are cheap)
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    3 Day repair service :o

    Yet another problem to add to my long list of NEC 606 quirks......

    I took it in to the Blackpool 3point store on April 8, go figure.........

    Update on this.....

    Its was ready for collection on the 29 April !!

    It was replaced with another 606 :-( So I'm, in no rush to go and collect the piece of trash!
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    Found signal is much weaker the last couple of months
    to the point I can no longer use it.

    revised score 2/10
    Any posts on here are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as (financial) advice.
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    I am after a 3g sim card,got a nokia 7600 that will work on 3g,where,s the cheapest place to get a 3g sim,dont want to get 1 from ebay,thanks
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    If you find a 3g sim card cheapest thing to do is don't buy it. Most of us here are sorry we ever went to 3g. I would not have a PAYG either with them it's all the same service and more expensive in the long run because the service is so bad. As soon as my contract is up which will be another 9 months I'm leaving them gladly. Why do you think it was so important for me to get my other Nokia unlocked in my other thread, it's because the 3g is just so bad and so unusable I need to spend money on another phone just so I have contact even though I still have to pay monthly contract payments to them. I learned the hard way :(

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