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Keeping on top of housework when you're ill or in other times of crisis?



  • Also keep and ey out on the disablity and dosh forum as they have lots of experience on there.
  • valk_scot
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    Make a list of all the normal chores then rearrange them so that the absolute essential ones are at the top ie cooking, cleaning the loo and worktops ocassionally, picking up now and then. It's easier for Hubby and helpful friends to see what needs done if they have a checklist.

    Stick a cardboard box by the door of each room for things that need to be moved somewhere else. Kids can do pick-up into the box, then the next competant adult can distribute the contents to the correct areas. When I was very pregnant with my third child I would sit on a chair and get my other kids (6 & 4) to pick up the room...I'd tell them what needed picked up and where to take it and they would run around like dervishes between rooms with things. It was a game they really rather enjpyed and twenty minutes of this can achieve a lot.

    Pull in favours from friends. If your pal was as ill as you would you not be happy to give her half an hour of your time now and then? Ask them to hoover a room, clean the bathroom, do a load of laundry for you. Or pick up some shopping. I had one very undomesticated neighbour that was no use for chore favours but she rang me before she went out to the shops, just in case I needed anything. Work to their strengths ie if they love to cook, ask them if they would make you a batch of soup or lasagne for the freezer if you gave them the ingredients.

    Above all, don't fret too much about it. If the windows go unwashed and your children unironed for a few months, it's not life threatening. When you go into hospital ask your friends not to bring you flowers or cards or chocs but to put the money into a cleaner fund for you. Then when you get our you should be able to afford a cleaner for a morning or two, just to catch up.
  • zippychick
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    I cant always stand for long periods - so would bring a tray into the living room - with all my different veg, somewhere for peelings, water to dunk in etc - and sit and do it watching tv. Bring all you need and you can sit and work at your own pace.

    I had a badly sprained knee a couple of weeks ago, and found by putting all the ingredients in one place, and sitting in a stool, i could make flapjacks/what ever at that time. I also kept a stool beside the fridge so I could sit on it while looking and thinking. Hope you get your surgery soon.
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  • Thank you everyone. And thanks for the flylady reminder. I've got some bleach in the sink to give it a quick shine to hopefully get me started on the short bursts of activity that should help!

    Except that I leaned over while the tap was running, got the baggy sleeve of my T-shirt caught on it and water poured all down the inside of my T-shirt all over me and the floor!:o:rotfl:

    Had a nice morning with the kids playing and reading while I sat or lay on the sofa. The beanbag thing was a big hit. (We use a pair of balled up socks!)
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  • pipkin71
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    I forgot about that. There's one in the cellar from when I was pregnant! :T:j

    They are very handy GR.

    Can understand your frustrations re housework. Hopefully once you've had the OP you can get back on top of things.

    I have a cleaner come in weekly, but the rest of the time DDs help and I do what I can, and if it can't be done I leave it. Took a lot of worrying before accepting that some stuff has to be left.

    Sitting down to prepare dinners helps. Also, I heard somewhere that you can borrow disability aids from the red cross, so what about seeing if you can borrow a perching stool? I use one and although it isn't nice to look at, it helps.
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  • Spendless
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    When you say 'picking things up' do you mean from the floor if they've been left there, or getting things out of drawers etc?

    If you mean the latter, when I had my c-section I got hubby to re-arrange contents of cupboards so that they weren't at 'stoop down to reach level'. Obviously you can't do this with everything but if you look at the areas where you're struggling to cope with picking them up and see to re-arrange them.

    I'd also leave moving furrniture for a while.

    Board games, card games, colouring can all be done whilst sitting at a table.
  • gentlepurr
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    Sorry to hear you're going through the mill atm gr :(

    My experience since ive been on crutches is to just let it go over your head, else you'll just get very down and frustrated and drive everyone mad. I'm sick of looking at the dirty skirtings, the marks on the walls, the corners where i cant get to vac (just learnt to vac on one leg :) ) the windows that need cleaning, the dust webs on the pictures, etc etc etc. My friends mum gave me some good advice years ago, " the dust never gets to more than one sixteenth of an inch thick..." But ive just learned not to care about it right now.

    Ive been using the slow cooker and bunging in anything i have around (cant get to shop cos i live with ds who's not old enough to drive me there!) or bunging a pile of pasta in a pan of boiling water and then just stirring in whatever i can find when its meal time.

    Oh, and another thing i found very hard was accepting help when its offered, - learn to say "Yes please" when friends come round and offer to do something to help.

    Smile as much as you can, - it doesnt get the housework done, but in the end you will brainwash yourself into believing you're happy :) Oh, and yes, sing alot too, " Bring me sunshine" and "when the going gets tough" Lol!

    ((((hugs)))) for a speedy recovery

    gp xx
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  • Crafty things can be done at the kitchen table

    making pompoms
    card making - is it too early to make those Christmas cards now?!
    play dough
    drawing pictures in wax crayon and painting over them

    One of my favourite easy dishes is tortilla

    Put the oven on to 160 C

    Throw some veg oil in a baking dish. Put in oven
    When the oil is hot, throw in some cooked, leftover veggies, including potatoes
    Season and beat six eggs. Pour over
    Cook until puffy and golden brown

    Can add grated cheese

    Although, this isn't very low fat. Sorry! Can be eaten hot or cold
  • nearlyrich
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    Here's a good one for you, record How Clean is Your House and realise that your house is a palace and relax.....
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  • nearlyrich wrote: »
    Here's a good one for you, record How Clean is Your House and realise that your house is a palace and relax.....

    Yes, I mean picking things up off the floor. DH got the grabber out of the cellar but I' finding it much easier to just make the kids pick their stuff up. :o Shouldn't have let that slide really!
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