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Keeping on top of housework when you're ill or in other times of crisis?



  • lostinrates
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    edited 4 September 2009 at 1:12PM
    For cooking, one pot dishes that need little, or nothing, more than throwing in the pot or quick things like pasta.

    for cleaning, I have most stamina/least pain in the morning. I get up and do the bulk of what I have to do then. If everyone is careful about leaving shoes etc at the door that cuts doen hoovering/floors significntly.

    Little children love to help, picking things up for you is something that is within their ability I guess. :) Pick up ten things and get a kiss from Mummy might be a good game? (and good for counting) They can also sort things by colour for laundry along simialr lines. My neices used to like putting things in things, so the ashing mahine (obviously undersupervision) was a great gme for them, especially if they were allowed to press the on button.

    I'd leave moving furniture for a while, the world won't end. That mainly leaves beds for dh. I don't suppose the kids have sleeping bags? They wash and dry very quickly and would cut down on work there too.

    ETA: most importantly, break done what you absolutely have to do in to small chunks.
  • Some great ideas. Thanks everyone.

    DH is fantastic. He does a decent amount of housework and he's looking after the kids as much as he can so I can rest and they have company and lots of running around. However, he is having to work really hard to keep the business going so I want to keep the pressure on him to a minimum, especially as I will be in hospital, then bed for a few days at least. Not to mention the minor op on my foot shortly after, so I'll be on crutches too!

    The kids have really been great today. I've got the blackboard next to the couch so we're drawing silly pictures and playing daft games on that.
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  • taplady
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    Hi GR - I hope you're soon feeling back to normal! when I was recovering from pneumonia heres a few tips I used
    • I used to wizz around on one of the computer chairs on wheels to tidy up,
    • ironing can be done sitting down, short bursts as recommended already,
    • a basket at the bottom of the stairs to save on trips up there with things,
    • one of those long handled dustpans and brushes for odd crumbs on the floor
    • call in reinforcements(friends wont mind helping out)
    thats all I can remember for now but its interesting reading the tips as I may be in your position soon after a possible op.
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  • ubamother
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    choose what's really important - moving furniture to sweep I would mark down as less important than keeping floor vaguely clear, but that less important than having clean kitchen tops for example. Do what will keep you and yours out of casualty for falls or food poisoning first, the rest will either get done or it won't.

    As bending is painful cook more on the hob than in the oven.
  • nearlyrich
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    Hope everything goes well GR, I am sure letting your usually high standards slip for a few weeks won't do too much damage but it can be hard looking at a mess when you are too ill to do anything about it if you are the kind of person who likes things neat.

    I would concentrate on keeping loo(s) clean, washing dishes and wiping down counter tops and cooking, even small children can help pick things up, fold washing etc so get them involved.

    Take care and don't stress about the house just get well.
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  • Thanks everyone. I dont' want to pretend I have high standards when it comes to housekeeping, though I do like to cook fresh food. I'm a messy so and so at the best of times. But there's a limit and it's amazing how messy the house is getting when we aren't out every day!
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  • Caterina
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    Hi Gingham Ribbon,

    Sorry to hear you are not well and needing surgery.

    In terms of ideas, I saw that you said you cannot afford a cleaner, but if you have any "alternative currency" project near you, such as LETS or TimeBanks, you might find it possible to obtain some help without having to fork out cash, it would mean that in the future you can repay with your own actions (cooking or shopping for someone, babysitting etc. or whatever other talent you have, sewing, knitting, reconfiguring a computer...)

    The link for LETS is:

    For TimeBanks it is:

    I hope it works for you, all the best wishes for a fast recovery.


    Caterina x
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • Try the flylady thread GR. I'm not well, i have a condition in my knees and hips and have good and bad days, when i cant walk let alone bend! I also have a 5,3 and one year old so its kind of difficult to keep ontop of everything! The flyladies have really helped me.
    Good luck x
  • Dustykitten
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    Gingham - we'll keep you company on the flylady thread if nothing else!

    Sitting down games with the kids:
    threading pasta onto string,
    if you have bean bags, soft balls throwing them into a bucket
    put things on a tray let them look, cover with a teatowel, take one away get them to work out which one
    Draw around each others hands and then colour them in and the older one cut them out

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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  • I have one of those dust pan and brush sets with the long handle, recently saw them in TKMaxx for £8, well worth it in my view. Its invaluble if you cant bend down with the regular dust pan and much less hard work than hoovering for day to day cleaning. Other top tips are doing the jobs which are most important (eg cooking) first thing whilst you still have some energy so its ready when you are hungry. I also find t easier to wash up as I go along ( eg rinse out pan after making soup just quickly under the tap), as it's much easier than standing for a long period to wash a full load of dishes. I also find it helpful to have duplicates of useful things in the rooms where they are needed ie upstairs and downstairs tablets / snacks / glasses / cleaning things... as this saves alot of going up and down to fetch things.
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