September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Good morning everyone

    well went to M&S yesterday and bought a couple of their bargains for lunches and sandwiches next week. Still within my budget. Will be trying to get organized for Christmas over the next couple of months. Have been saving M&S vouchers throughout the year so they will go a long way in taking the sting out of the food shopping. w
    Will buy quite a few things from there which I wouldn't consider buying throughout the year. We like to treat ourselves at Christmas with all the little treats and snacks available and also like to offer lots of hospitality to our family and friends.

    Hoping to tidy store cupboard today and bring forward any foods which are nearing "eat me" date so that I can use them up next week in my menu plan.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
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    I didn't do my usual weekly shop on Thursday because of the previous week's overspend. Having bought too much fruit and veg, I have thrown quite a lot away again :mad: and as I am going away on Wednesday for a few days I have decided to be creative and use up what I already have in the fridge.

    Now my dilemma is whether to use a £10 off £50 online shop for it to be delivered when I get home (my budget for next month will be £60 and I only have £30 left this month) or whether I would be better off keeping to doing a weekly in-store shop to keep on top of wastage. Decisions, decisions ...
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    Declaring at £149.38 for September.

    Have just done the final top-up shop for September & came to £9.45. I was a bit thrown, as MrT had none of the 65p milk, not even a space where it should have been. So I had to get full price milk. But there was still enough in the budget to get another of the £2 chickens. Great value & one chicken will do three meals plus soup.

    Have started on the list for the first big shop of October. I’ve found it works spending about half the budget at the beginning of the month on the non-perishables and non-food plus enough fresh for the first week or so & then doing a weekly top-up of fresh; this week’s top up was quite low but there was only £10 left in the budget & it is only for ½ a week!

    £150 for October please.
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    Two weeks ago began shopping for two people instead of just myself so not sure what a realistic target should be but I'm logging the spends. As it is burning petrol to do a trip into town, a 14 mile round trip for my local supermarkets, Spar, Somerfield and Coop or a 44 mile round trip to Mr T's or Mr A's I'm starting to stock up for a month or more. I've restocked the store cupboard this week as well as filled the fridge and freezer so have spent over £100 including OH's newspapers, food, toiletries and firelighters.

    Couldn't get a Mr T's special £2.00 chicken as we set off at 11am so didn't get there early enough. I trundled round Mr A's first and noted the price of other whole chickens at £1.99 kg was same as Mr T's though.

    Horrified at cost of £1.71 for a 2 litre cola in my local shop when we ran out.
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  • Hope you are all having a good weekend - I have managed to avoid the shops which is good but I will have to go tomorrow as we need more Fruit & Veg, looked on Lidl's website and looks like they have a few offers starting tomorrow so shall pop there for a look.;)

    Dinner last night was Chilli from a Batch that I had in the Freezer and Dinner today is Roast Pork and all the trimmings.;)

    Made a few things today for the kids Lunchboxes this week, cherry bakewells & sausage rolls.:D

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.;)
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  • well guys, Im not doing too bad this week...had Mr T order delivered but only had to pay £7.77 including delivery as I had a £10 coupon that didnt require a minimum spend...Also spent £10 exactly in store yesterday, but that includes a pair of school shoes for DS (reduced!) and some cat worming drops, so this week is only £17.77...only needed fruit and veg, plus got some yoghurts etc for the everlasting diet!

    Have enough food in the freezer to do the week, so will not need to go back! much excitement!
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    hi ,NSD for me today ,spent £2 in asda ,
    and was in dire need of chocolate so bought milkyways for £1
    hope its going well this month for every one will read tread now
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    Not my best effort in Tesco today - just bought junk food, expensive meat and wine! :o Total spend of £71 before vouchers taken off, £52 afterwards.

    Highlights are:
    £16 on four bottles of wine (£13 vouchers)
    £8 on wine glasses
    £3 on three tubes of Pringles (offer)
    £3.50 on large bag of dried fruit
    £7 on half leg of lamb
    £8.60 on a large corn-fed chicken :eek:

    The actual spend on groceries was £39 which means I will probably have to declare September overbudget at £104. :rolleyes: Not really sure what I am going to do with October's budget as Mr. Fire Fox is moving out on the 7th. I'm devastated and have been struggling to eat. :(
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  • Julimk - thank you - will update for Oct

    FireFox - sorry to hear your news - hope you are ok

    Helen x
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Fire_Fox wrote: »
    ... The actual spend on groceries was £39 which means I will probably have to declare September overbudget at £104. :rolleyes: Not really sure what I am going to do with October's budget as Mr. Fire Fox is moving out on the 7th. I'm devastated and have been struggling to eat. :(

    Sorry to hear your news Fire Fox, sending positive thoughts your way; its going to be a difficult time for you so go easy on yourself and just do what you can; sometimes you just need junk food!
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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