September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    I popped into Aldi's and bought a pack of leeks so only spent 49p today £4.27 to last until Tuesday,and I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself.Going to make some leek and potato soup tomorrow as I have some spuds that need using up and my DGD lurves her Grannys soup. I shall make a vat of it and freeze some and give Katie some so she can take it to college with her in a flask.
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    Am staying with my parents for the weekend, so should not be spending anything for the next 3 days. Spent 65p yesterday on a can of drink

    Breakfast: Nothing
    Lunch: Free sandwich from work, crisps, yoghurt, chocolate
    Dinner: Chinese takeout :cool:
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  • Helen - can I declare at £211.76 - just over budget but not too bad.
    For October my target is £160 - my head is much more organised this month. I have divide the month into weeks and aim to use cash - I am hoping that will keep me more focussed.
    44 day challenge

    1. Pay £650 off overdraft (£ 288/ £650)
    2. Lose 12 lbs (4.5/ 12)
    3. Use YNAB everyday (6/44)
  • Good morning everyone

    very dull and cold here this morning.
    Going shopping for new television this morning. Will look at what Mr A and Mr T have and while I am in will no doubt have a wee look at the whoopsies to see if there is anything suitable for sunday lunch. I like to buy organic meat but unfortunately you don't see that often on the whoopsie counter.

    Spending going well so far this month as I have been using up a lot from the store cupboard and freezer and avoiding buying anything except for milk, bread and a few pieces of fruit. Still using up veg from allotment.

    Hope you all have a good day and manage to buy up all the yellow stickers.
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    Just popped in to update sig - seem to be doing really well this month, every time I go into a shop I just can't think of anything I need!!

    May have to live on takeaways today - moving DD1 to the next town so expect her and her OH to foot some of that bill as we are hiring the van and will probably do a good bit of the work.

    In Asda last night Arla 1% milk 2 litres was 45p - rolled back from 72p.
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    I have now got my breadmaker in full swing and love it! (Got it gifted from a friend.) Up until now I hand made bread or bought the cheap stuff but can now work through my stockpile of flour without worrying about baking times and fitting it into a normal day, so one small saving - no more buying bread. Another friend gave me a pasta maker for my birthday, plus I also got a deep fat fryer, so no more buying frozen chips, pasta or ravioli, which DS loves. But I'm still never going to make £142 last me from now until New Year! :rotfl:
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    Well, I've finally had a chance to sit and add up yesterdays shopping - and after taking off the birthday and christmas bits I picked up I am left with £16.48 to see the month out with.

    Can't see the need to shop until Tuesday now, and then only for milk and maybe some sandwich fillings, so I'm hopeful :)

    Just been gifted a 4ft chest freezer from freecycle - I may go over next month whilst I'm stocking it, but then life should be much easier as it means I can take advantage of Iceland, Farmfoods and many more whoopsies, as well as having space to batch bake and to freeze some of next years veggie patch produce :D
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  • Is it weird to be enjoying this challenge!! I feel like I'm on a mission. I've only spent £5.22 this week on bits & bobs, I'm about to pop to the supermarket but only need a few fresh bits and stuff for sandwiches next week so am hoping to spend no more than £10 but we'll see!
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  • Just reporting in from the weekly shop - £20.14 from Mr T - and thats including 2 £2 chickens - and £4.90 for vegetables from the local farm shop - probably got enough for a couple of weeks but veg is one of my weaknesess. I am really pleased with today's effort - Normall my first Mr T shop of the month is £70 or £80!
    44 day challenge

    1. Pay £650 off overdraft (£ 288/ £650)
    2. Lose 12 lbs (4.5/ 12)
    3. Use YNAB everyday (6/44)
  • had a mr t delivery at £64.50 still have about £115 to last till end of mth and have lots of meat etc to last so should be ok.... Need to get some sandwich fillers as i forgot them :mad: and yougarts....
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