September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello...don't post so much but I do read every day.
    I am not sure I want to admit this but the spends for September came in at £270:71 a whopping fifty quid over my planned budget :o After reading this again I do feel a bit better about it, so mefinx I need to really consider what is & is not going into the Grocery Challenge in future.
    See you on October' thread then :hello: & thanks Helen for taking up the mantle.
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    Hi there

    Totally hopeless at posting on here but I am more than happy to report that my end of month total is £305.23.. Yayyy for us, we are within budget! (£5 is nothing!). First time in four months we haven't been over by £50 or more.

    I will hop over to October now and declare next months budget.

    I have to say that this thing is SO much easier now my OH is thinking twice before impulse buying. The reason he is doing that is because he has decided finally to take more control over his finances and has cut up his credit cards. I cannot tell you how amazing that is for him, and because he is watching what he spends, he no longer just pops into a supermarket and comes home with £15 worth of food we don't really need. So finally, we are sticking to the budget I set!

    Of course it's only been a month but I have high hopes. :D

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    Hi everyone - reporting in here with my Sept totals.

    My challenge was £55 per Wednesday plus £30 for entertaining & eating out for the month - so £305 because 5 Wednesdays in September. I'm declaring at £281.15 so I'm pleased to be under budget. That was £28.15 out of a budget of £30 for entertaining & eating out, and £253.00 out of a budget of £275 for Wednesday weekly deliveries and everything else.

    Now to set new targets for October...

    Do you know anyone who's bereaved? Point them to which does for bereavement support what MSE does for financial services, providing links to support organisations relevant to the circumstances of the loss & the local area. (Link permitted by forum team)
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    I would like to declare September at £105 please!
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  • I am always late submitting totals - oh well better late than never :rolleyes:

    Came in just under budget at - £311.50
  • Hi all, sorry i've been missing in action. Stuck to budget in September so 350 spent. Which is great for the joint account. However, treats like takeaway and ready meals come out of our own accounts and there have been a fair few of those so our own accounts have taken a bit of a bashing.
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    Hey all, this last week or two have been horribly busy and I've kind of fallen by the wayside of actually posting here, but I'm incredibly proud to report that my grocery total for September is £313.66.

    I know this seems horribly high compared to a lot of the totals here, but considering that in August we spent £511, I think it's absolutely incredible!

    Still haven't caught up with all the other spending etc. and the start of October's spending to figure out my new budget, but will hop over to the October thread when I do! :-)
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    Helloooo, having guilt... haven't posted at all recently :o
    Have been keeping track though and declaring groceries for SEPT at £237.58!!!
    Thanks to all the wonderful posters that help keep me on track and have given me lovely recepies!! :T

    £250.00 for October please Mr M, Ta xx :D
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  • Hi all
    feeling very guilty as have not been on since the start of the month, this due my having been working all hours to make some extra money, any way I would like to declare for September 2009 £223.78 so just in budget of £275.00:T will jump over to the October board to log on for that challenge

    This sit is great

    July grocery challenge £250.00/£408.93
    August grocery challenge£350.00
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    Hya, sorry I am late in declaring my September total.

    It got very fuzzy at the end of the month as I was getting stuff for DS1 to go to Uni. Then ended up in hospital on the 1st, having felt rotten for a couple of days. I was back home yesterday and I am slowly catching up with things...

    So, as far as I know, this is last month's total: I am declaring £508.53 for Sept! :eek:
    I hang my head in shame, but we did have extenuating circumstances. My DS1 went to Warwick Uni at the weekend with enough dried and tinned food to last him for most of his first term!!

    So I will draw a line under last month and try again for October. I have already posted my £400 target for October,(have now decided to aim for £370) but with a full freezer and cupboards, as well as one less adult eating here, we should easily come in under target. (here's hoping!)

    Being in hospital for the first 5 days of October, spending went a bit haywire (too many meals out!). I am going to chase up receipts from DH this evening and update my signature with October's spending to date.

    Right off over to the October site to catch up with the posts.

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