September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Evening all

    Julimk - could you please give me your recipes for the homemade pate you mention in your last post. I'm now starting to get bored as we seem to be eating the same food week after week and as I'm still really trying hard to lose weight the choices seem really limited (I know they shouldn't just need some fresh ideas from all your lovely people!) If anyone has any healthy recipes they use I would be really grateful if you could share them with me.
    Keep safe and well everyone
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    Smoked Mackerel pate

    Packet of smoked mackerel (about 250g) (I take the skins off)
    Tub soft philly type cheese (I use MrT value @ 45p a tub!)
    Zest & juice of a lemon. Maybe a bit of extra lemon juice ‘to taste’
    Couple of tablespoons creamed horseradish sauce.
    4 or 5 spring onions.

    Stick it all in the food processor & blend until smooth.

    So simple & so gorgeous!

    Chicken Liver pate

    An onion, chopped
    Tub chicken livers (250g)
    50-100g butter
    Mixed herbs, herbes de provence, own choice of herbs.
    Slug of cognac

    Fry onion in butter until translucent. Add garlic (I use a squirt of garlic puree), herbs, cognac & livers. Cook until the livers are cooked through (less than 5 mins). Let it cool a bit, stick it in the food processor & blend until smooth.

    Today I didn’t have any chicken livers but I had lamb’s livers, so I used them & some bacon instead of the chicken livers & it is lovely.

    Can seal it with some melted butter, which my Mum always did. But as I freeze my pates in tiny tubs it isn’t really necessary.

    See also:

    If the link doesn’t work it is at the beginning of Weezl’s 50p until Christmas thread. I regularly make the lentil pate & it is lovely!

  • Morning all, yep its 2.15am and im sat here, how sad am i!

    I cant sleep cos ive been waiting for my final salary to go in bank and hoping it'll be enough to live on untill my new job pays last fri in oct, thankfully it will be. Wouldnt have slept anyway cos would have been worrying, thank goodness for internet banking!

    Anyhow, ive already declared my amount for October which starts for me today (28th) untill last fri in oct (30th?)

    Have no room in my freezers so cant be tempted by whoopsies, although did manage to squeeze a whoopsie leg of pork in somehow earlier! I amze myself with fitting in what i do!

    Today i have to tax my car :eek: boo, but have accounted for that and think i put half of it aside. I am off work but have to pop in for an hour lecture on Fire (induction thing). Am hoping to get up and washed and dressed before baby gets up so i can get straight out and sort car tax out and have some of the day for nice things with dd before another few days at work on these rotten shifts, how i wish i had something 9-5, but a job is a job and i am thankful so much.

    So hopefully nsd on groceries tommorow.

    Suppose i should go to bed! Night all
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    Can I sign up for October please? I'm going to go for £280 again, I could probably cut it down some more but I'm going to start buying things for Christmas now to try and spread the cost out slightly so will try shaving more off the budget once we get to January.
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    Well i'm exactly 22p over my amount so i'm declaring £170.22 for September as i need to buy more milk later.
    Will try for £150 in October as need to pay for car tax at the end of the month :mad: really need to spend way less than that but have run out of the cupboards stuff and looking seriously bare.Managed to go through 24 pints of milk this week alone :eek: think i need buy a cow :p lol

    Was wondering if theres an Oct GC thread running anywhere

    And to help me start my menu planning, would someone be kind enough to post one theirs, for family of four?


    Hi there, my meals generally consist of either pasta, potato or rice with various stuff.
    for instance this weeks meals are:-

    Breakfast :- cereals / toast
    Lunches:- sandwiches /salad (for me + OH) school lunches for boys
    Evening meals (all home made e.g HM)
    l)cottage pie and veg
    2)curry + rice+ chappattis
    3) veg soup & bread
    4) stir fry + spring rolls
    5)Burgers + chips
    6) picnic ? stew?
    7) sausage + mash + gravy? picnic?

    Haven't decided about the weekend as it depends on what were doing.Normally we take a picnic and then warm something up for when we get back in.
    If i think the meals are going to be a bit small i tend to make a desert afterwards like jelly/apple pie/rice pudding to fill us up, well the kids + OH:rolleyes:. I don't know where they out it.
    Bearing in mind we consist of 2 adults + 2 boys who eat loads and have stomachs like bottomless pits.But its does depend on what you like to eat, we eat quite varied foods so its easier for me. As for snacks i try to keep a selection of dried fruit, fruit and the inevitable sandwiches for the boys and OH.

    the main thing about meal planning is making one meal for all of you instead of separate ones, easier said than done i know. i'm wheat intolerant so i try and use mainly rice / pots rather than pasta. Can be differcult at times but can be done.

    firefox hun congrats on the cat sorry to hear abput your OH hugs to you x
    flying fresian :- congrats on the new job x
    slow and steady : -congrats on the job.
  • This month has been a total disaster :eek: I haven't stuck to budget at all:mad: Not just the grocery one either!! I'm really cross with myself :mad:

    I totted up last week and just on the receipts I found I'd spent £202!! So I will declare for September at £210 :mad::mad::mad:

    Can you put me down for £200 for October please?
    I'm going to up the budget for this month, I want to get my Christmas cake, puds, mincemeat done in October which will be a bit extra :rolleyes:

    *note to self* must try harder :o
  • [QUOTE=slowandsteady;25454979

    P.S. How do you resist the allure of takeaways? They are a big weakness of mine but cant justify the expense really and hate the feeling of guilt about the cost when i do order one, which is more often than i should! Thanks x[/QUOTE]

    we dont order so many takeaways now simply because we are eating good food at home. if you find you cant be bothered for one night get dh to cook a easy meal, makes all the difference. my mum used to have sunday nights off and my dad made beans on toast or curried beans on toast. sat nights and sun lunchtimes she made a roast so because we had a big lunch she would then give herself the night off on the sun evening.

    we still have a takeaway as a treat. actually meant to be going to pizzahut tomorrow night using the 50 per cent voucher but my heart isnt in it nor for any other takeaway
  • Morning all

    All budgets done up to and including the new MrsCook

    Hope you all have a good day

    See you later
    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • Hello, i'm totally rubbish.. have completely lost track of our spending this month, I know we're well over budget...not sure how far so can i ABANDON FOR SEPTEMBER! And i promise i will try harder in October, back to meal planning! For October i'm going to budget a little higher than normal as we're low on everything. Need to get back into baking too, as naughty treats were creeping into the trolley as the nights are getting longer and o/h likes to snack! £250 October
    August: £149/£150

    Sept: £200
  • I declare £111.89 for September so £11.89 over budget :o
    Still I did get a few bits which were on offer and a few bits for Christmas baking. So I guess not too bad...getting better anyway!
    :j Baby boy arrived 22nd August 2012 :j
    :jSecond menace arrived safely 13th February 2014
    Debt Free Wannabee 2015
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