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September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Can I just say I am very impressed with how you all do on this challenge. I am very very impressed with those of you who shop for a family of 5 say as I am sure we will be spending for two what you spend in a month for 5.

    We have decided to go for it but this month are just spending as normal to see how we actually spend (I know it is far too much lol). I started keeping a note of what we spent last week and am horrified (so much so I daren't put the amount here) the only justification was we had a week off work and because we hadn't gone away we had lunch out 3 times in the week which came to a ridiculous amount of money).

    One thin I know I need to do is plan and take a shopping list shopping. We went to Mr T's this morning for my computer paper and ended up going to corner shop on way home as I forgot the eggs and sultanas I wanted to bake with ouch.
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  • Just added up recipt for sept and came in at £250.57 so am well pleased,can you put me down for£260.00 for October please.
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  • BotanyBotany Forumite
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    ok I'm done.... spent the last £1.10 on the Radio Times and that brings my total to....

    £300 exactly!

    I'm a happy moneysaver :j
  • Botany wrote: »
    .. £300 exactly!

    :j:j wonder what the odds are for that! I've never managed to come in exactly on budget usually way over :o
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    One day left until I can declare my September spends....

    I'm quietly confident tomorrow will be another NSD, but have decided not to tempt fate by declaring now based on that assumption ;)

    Managed an NSD today (2nd in a row) - but only 'cos I decided to chance the "wrath of DS" by using instant mash instead of buying potatoes !!!!! He's not said anything yet, but I've not seen the plate appear in the kitchen yet to see if he ate it all (will do a quick inspection of the bin after I hear the plate come down ;) )

    Well, well under my monthly budget - even having reduced it twice. But only have £3.76 left if I'm going to end the month within my vastly reduced 'year to date' budget :o

    (Will actually need to reduce my October budget slightly, as DD is about to reduce her hours at work. This means 3 less days a week of providing snacks for my GDs from the week after next...... so includes 2 weeks before half term and the end of next month)

    ETA: Only thing left on DS's plate is some of the savoy cabbage I did as an 'extra' - bought it for last Sunday, but only used about a third. Used half of what was left today, and will use half of the remainder for me tomorrow. The larger dog will probably get the last of it, as I've nothing else planned until I can use it with until Sunday (and I don't want it hanging around that long!) No comments at all about the potato, so may try that one again in a couple of weeks ;)
  • Hi folks, sorry I have been awol this last week - too much going on at work and at home and haven't had time to check in here. Anyhow am going to declare at £299.76 for September, which is £4.76 over budget. It's a shame as I was doing quite well until last week and if I hadn't reduced my budget by £5 this month I would have been under by 24p! Never mind, I did manage 21 nsds and as next month is only 4 weeks (1st-28th) I will keep my budget at £295 and see if I can do it this time. I have printed off my list from Mysupermarket and will take it with me to Sainsbury's on Thursday morning. I am sure that when I am actually in the store I will be able to save even more. Will catch up with you all on the October challenge!

  • Hi I like to declare 259.38 for September (it's j9.38 over) off to post in Oct now
  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Ok am declaring £87 FOR SEPT:T:T:T
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  • ood morning people, havent been on here for 10 days or so, but i reckon thats cos I have only had one spending day since then!! and that was my main shop on sunday.

    Was at the Apex for the weekend to clear up the relationship side of life, but that money came out of a different budget.

    £16.36 spend plus £8 taxi. £24.36 alltogether and that is my FINAL SPNED OF THE MONTH!!

    I have debated getting home deliveries from Mr T, but realised that I wont get any reduced items and therefore probably will end up spending more money!!


    well under the target, but I am only lowering slightly as I feel that this was a bit of a fluke!!

    Off to the Oct Thread!!
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  • I'm finishing September at £251.52 from a hoped for budget of £250, so I am quite pleased with that - over, but not too far over. Thanks for all the inspiration
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