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    If you like me wish to give blood and Gay you will be turned away as yo are at higher risk of HIV. This I feel is very unfair as male female relationships are just as likely to have HIV as gay men. :mad:
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    They are at my local centre on 11th Sept, so I might go along.

    What other criteria do you have to meet, other than being over 8 stone?

    Edit:- Just done the little questionaire thingy and I answered yes to the last question as I am on medication for high BP and it said I may not be able to give blood at this time. Does anyone know if I would be ok?
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    This has been something on my 'do list' for years. Basically most of us know it makes sense but when do we ever actually find the time to think about organising it?

    DO IT NOW! Whilst your sat at your computer!

    I've genuinely been meaning to do this for a couple of years now and so I followed the link from the OP - really couldn't believe how quick and simple it was to sign up - I'm now signed up to donate next month! :T

    Only wish I'd bothered sooner! :o
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    My daughter gave birth to my beautiful grandaughter last weekend, but was then rushed to theatre for an emergency op to stop bleeding.
    5 more emergency operations later and 20 units of blood and my daughter is now recovering.
    Without the expertise of the operating staff and the generousity of those 20 donors, we would have lost her.

    I would encourage everyone to donate blood.
  • CAE
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    I always pick up the 'My Mum gave blood today' stickers and make my children wear them... :D

    I do this too, but my children won't wear them! I suppose that could be because they are aged 24 and 21. :confused:
  • Thanks to all the people who have used this post as a prompt to donate, it's a great thing to do!
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  • I donated this week and got one of the "my mum gave blood today" stickers for my daughter and I wore the one "I gave blood, be nice to me" ...then walking around town later on that day doing a bit of shopping, both a member of staff in the bank and Iceland both asked me where I donated so that they could go along later, so a sticker is always worth wearing even if it encourages just one other person :T
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    Yorkie77 wrote: »
    It's not me splitting hairs, them's the rules:

    In this way they can say they are not discriminating against gay/bisexual people, rather just a particular sexual act.

    I understand what you're saying but it is still very frustrating, especially because:
    • If you have travelled to a malaria-risk country or had hepatitis, you can donate again in 6 months.
    • If you've had sex with another man, you can never donate ever again. :(
    So if you are a gay/bisexual man, unless you never ever have sex, you are banned.

    ... And you still have to listen to all the adverts telling you to "Do something amazing today" and laying on the guilt, while you feel like a leper. :eek: So don't tell me it's not discrimination ... :mad:
  • Please don't forget to ask about joining the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Donor Register while you are giving blood; extending your ability to save a life. Donating bone marrow is nowhere near as bad as people think - no drilling of spines or hip bones whatsoever.

    If you need any motivation type "baldy's blog" into Google, you will find a brilliant blog which dispels all myths about getting on the register and what happens if you are ever lucky enough to get the call saying you are needed. Although no longer with us, Adrian's life was extended due to a bone marrow transplant from a complete stranger, how amazing is that?
  • Isis_Black wrote: »
    I would like to and think i should ask as i am a rare blood type, but at the mo i dont think i would be allowed to as i am on permanent inhaler and on anti d`s at the mo so dont think i would be allowed, but i do feel i should since i am a rare group!

    I don't know about the inhaler but I'm on 60mg of Citalopram and I gave blood fine, maybe if you're on valium or something extreme like that it would be a problem but any of the fairly standard anti depressants are fine to give blood with, you just have to tick "yes" on a form and the doctor will ask you what medication you're on and then clear you. You should ring up and find out, you can also e-mail them which is what I did.

    I went to give blood without knowing my type and found out I'm fairly rare :rotfl: A RH Negative.
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