free tea and biscuit

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free tea and biscuits when you give blood - and a buzz from knowing you've helped someone....

go to

ETA I'm bumping this thread as it has been 6 months since it last appeared, everyone who did their first donation last time this appeared should be ready to give again if they haven't already.
And for anyone who didn't see this last time.
:jThanks to all the donors and the people who would if they could. Your bravery and selflessness if helping this world be a better place and to keep mothers with their child, brothers with sisters, and friends and families together through the worst times. Well done you.:j

Bump due 22nd September


  • free tea and biscuits when you give blood - and a buzz from knowing you've helped someone....

    go to

    They also had crisps, squash and small packets of jelly sweets when I gave blood in May. Plus you get a sticker saying how much of a brilliant person you've been, quite an esteem booster.
  • Heath84
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    They had squash and biscuits when I tried last week. :beer:

    I'm not very good with blood and had been psyching myself up for ages cos its something I really want to do. Had I been able to just go in and lie on the table and them take my blood everything would have been fine, but the whole screening process of filling the form in and then answering the questions and then telling them where I went in South America and the finger !!!!! and them trying to find a vein in both arms took 20 mins so by that time my brain had told my body that 'medical' :eek: things were about to happen to me and I didnt like it so stopped and lay down so I didnt faint. Once I had lain down I realised that I was actually alright, but they didnt want my blood after that and have written little note on my thing saying that I'm a bit wierd and that they dont want my blood for at least a few months.:o
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    I always pick up the 'My Mum gave blood today' stickers and make my children wear them... :D
  • Prinzessilein
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    Please! As many of you as possible take advantage of this freebie!
    My lovely mum - who means more to me than I can explain here - had a hip-replacement a couple of years ago. She lost a tremendous amount of blood and needed a transfusion. Quite simply we would have lost her if it wasn't for blood donors - people just like you!
    Blessings and hugs to all of you who give blood.
  • Who's had it done here? Does it hurt?
  • hunnycat
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    Who's had it done here? Does it hurt?

    the needle going in is a little uncomfortable at first but its nothing really. I have donated about 4 times now and am due again in a few weeks.

    That half hour of your time and slight discomfort can save a life so just go for it!
    would love to win an ipad!
  • LeeSouthEast
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    Highly uncomfortable for about 5 seconds, and then it's all over. It doesn't 'hurt' as such. Then after about 5 minutes you feel like you're on drugs as you stagger over to the tea counter for your freebies. :) Well worth it.

    Do something amazing. Give blood.
    Starting Debt: ~£20,000 01/01/2009. DFD: 20/11/2009 :j
    Do something amazing. GIVE BLOOD.
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    Who's had it done here? Does it hurt?

    I found that the anaemia finger thing hurt far more than the needle in my arm, I was complaining about my finger for hours lol.

    I won't lie, it does hurt while they're putting the needle in for a second or so but after that it's just a sight dull ache in your arm.. Although that may be just me because they had to be rather extreme with me about cutting the blood supply off and 'pumping up' my arm so they could find a vein (they always have trouble finding my veins) but I was determined to give blood.

    The worst bit about it all was filling in the form! It is very long winded but you just have to remember that they have to be thorough for your sake and the recipient.

    Also if you're a heavy smoker beware that they tell you not to smoke for at least 2 hours after as it may make you feel sick due to the decreased blood in your system making the chemicals more potent.

  • ...unless you're a gay or bisexual man, or a man who has ever done anything sexual with a man, even if only once, then you can never give blood ever under any circumstances.

    That said, I do tend to give blood when the opportunity arises. They come to my workplace every quarter and employees are entitled to time off to give blood which is good.
    Surveys nerd :wave:
  • It doesn't hurt at all, you just feel a little scratch. If you are concerned, particularly if they have difficulty in finding a vein, you can have a local anesthetic before they take the blood.

    It's very worthwhile and I'd encourage you to give as often as you can!
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