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  • Jadeytee
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    I'm giving blood for the first time next week. Never been able to before because of having a tattoo or piercing.

    I am soooo excited to be doing something good, and hope my blood helps someone out there in need!

    Free biscuits wont be sniffed at either, yum yum.
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    I would say to anyone who is thinking of doing it...DO IT! They like to recognise people who give blood (e.g. 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75) with certificates etc (www and I'm heading for my gold next year (50 donations).

    I also have to say the people are always lovely and treat you really well. I'm not lucky enough to get time off from work so take a late lunch and give blood then. Once you have given the first time, the paperwork is hardly anything as they send you the form to do at home before you turn up for your next appointment.

    When you have finished they offer you cups of tea, coffee or squash. Biscuits and crisps are always there and lately I've found they offer various chocolate bars (e.g. Aero) and sometimes small packets of cakes.
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    I'd really love to give blood but i'm so scared! I hate needles, I almost fainted having my ears pierced, at 19!! I will do it one day though. My mum needed a blood transfusion a few years ago so i'm very grateful to people that do give blood.
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  • while your there you should also see about donating platelets too. it takes an hour(ish) and it can do soo many amazing things. not everyone can do it bt if you can then you should consider it - plus means you get t sit and watch tv for an hour on a big comfy recliner and get your tea n biccies afterwards :D

    ooh ps the scottish blood donor site is
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  • Meepster
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    How's this a "Freebie (no spend required)" ???

    You have to pay in blood!!! :D
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  • I am very squeamish indeed and i'm going to donate pint 15 on the 24th, the nurses are very kind and if you say you are scared they will distract you (so far in Edinburgh i have been shown pictures of baby bats, discussed art and been told a hilarious story of the nurse's baby propelling himself into the gp's waste paper bin!) ( :

    You can donate every 12 weeks in Scotland and 16 in England and Wales (they obviously think the scots have tougher blood!). And i'm the only one in my family who can give, in fact my Mum can't give because my birth resulted in a blood transfusion.

    If anyone in Edinburgh needs someone to go with them i am very good at partnering first timers(i make it my mission to take someone new each year), i believe it's the most amazing thing you can give and i'm sure we all know someone who woudn't be here without kind people donating.

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  • Lady_Fluff wrote: »
    ...unless you're a gay or bisexual man, or a man who has ever done anything sexual with a man, even if only once, then you can never give blood ever under any circumstances.

    Slight correction I think.

    If you are gay or bisexual you can still give blood, but only if you have never had sex with another man (protected or not).

    Therefore it is not the fact one may be gay or bisexual, rather the act of having had sexual intercourse with another man that would preclude one from giving blood.
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    right after reading all these posts i'm away to look up when they're next in my area and going to go, tried years ago but because of tattoo was unable to, then kids came along and then more excuses. I also know that i have a rare blood group so i'll see about platelets at same time. Just the incentive i needed! Thanks.
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  • I really want to be a blood donor but I queued up for 2 hours once to be turned away. I am just under 8 stone and apparently you have to be over 8 stone to give blood :( seems ridiculous really...i have been trying to put weight on for years but i am naturally slim and work off the weight quite easily without trying to! I'm trying my hardest to get just past 8 stone so I can be a blood donor. I think its really important.
  • zenseeker
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    This certainly isn't 'free' as you are required to give something in return.

    But then, isn't 'low spend' as it does not actually cost you anything other than time.
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