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  • Helen_T
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    I'll be giving my 23rd donation on 3rd September. They called me back really early this time, exactly 12 weeks since my last donation which is the minimum amount of time. I just hope my iron level doesnt play up as its sooner than usual.

    It will be nice to catch up with my old colleagues again and have a cuppa and some guilt free biscuits (I'm on a diet but will be allowed that little treat!)
    Thanks to all posters!
  • iloveboots
    iloveboots Posts: 237 Forumite
    I have given blood many times over the years (i am 38) but last year i was diagnosed with Cancer, i had to have some blood transfusions myself which now means i can no longer give blood, does anybody know how long i can not give blood for, will it be forever - if after 5 years i am clear from cancer will i be able to start donating again???
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  • BikerEd
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    iloveboots wrote: »
    will it be forever - if after 5 years i am clear from cancer will i be able to start donating again???
    It's forever based on the current rules. Small price to pay for getting your life back though, congratulations on beating the cancer.
  • leisa
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    a massive thank you to all who give blood as last year i needed a couple of transfusions and i would have died without them
    thank you


    :T :beer: :A
  • augustsmummy
    If you look on the blood doners website they have a checklist of who can and who can't give blood.

    Thank you to anyone who has donated. :T:T
    You may have saved my life, and that of my unborn baby earlier this year! That means you saved 2 lives in one go. As a result of the transfusion my baby is doing well, and due in November.
    You may also have helped my mum when she had life saving open heart surgery in 2000.
    She was also very greatful to blood donors. My Dad donates when he can (although he now lives abroad, so it is very rare that he does now) as he is so greatful that it gave him more time with my darling mum.

    I unfortunately can't donate, but if there comes a time that I can, I will. And I am currently psyching DH up to donating himself.

    It really does save lives. :T
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  • glitterjunkie
    What a lovely thread :) Like most people I've always wanted to give blood, but never really got round to it (that and the fact I hate needles, but I don't think anyone actually likes them, do they, so I'd try to get over that!)

    The thing that's really putting me off though, is that I am scared I'd end up fainting! I am one of those people who has to eat something every couple of hours otherwise I feel sick and shaky, and I often go lightheaded and dizzy if I stand up too quickly. I've also got quite low blood pressure (it's normal, but on the low side of normal). My weight varies between 8 stone and 8-and-a-half, so I'm over the weight limit but not by very much. Can anyone tell me how giving blood is likely to affect me? If I hear from someone who is equally as pathetic as me when it comes to fainting, it might make me feel better about booking an appointment! lol.

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  • Prinzessilein
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    Hi, glitterjunkie! I have similar problems to you, and succesfully donated blood in the past until illness stopped me. Make sure you eat something shortly before you go to give blood (this is general advice they give you anyway!), the donation doesn't take that long, and then you can have a nice cuppa and biccies/chocolate. It might be an idea to mention your concerns to one of the nurses....they will be really grateful you decided to donate, and will make sure you are fine!.....Please go and donate!
  • BikerEd
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    Have a drink before/while you give blood. Just half a litre of water can make all the difference - in fact they have signs up in the Bristol Southmead donor centre advising people to do exactly that.
  • pink1310
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    ive booked my next one 1st december they rang me with a curtosey call my heart was pounding i thought some thing was looking forward as it fasinates me and i even watch the needle going in lol.
    bless my grandad who died last year fro cancer had donated since he was young was one more away from his gold before he had to have one him self he got the rarest blood so now when im doing it i will think of him.
    im going to look at the palets???i think its called to see if i can do that.
    By the way if your thinking about doing it and scared my sis is scared of nedles and get flusterd even for a blood test and had to go 4 times in a week to try did it we both did and it was a big thing for her and they got blood 1st time with no problem now shes found out she has a rare sort even though she is petrified shes doing it again too.
  • Lilith1980
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    I'm actually booked in to give blood on Monday - it will be my first time so a bit nervous but quite proud of myself for getting off my butt and doing it. All you do is sit there while they take the blood and it could mean the difference between life and death for someone :cool:
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