August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi all
    just popped in to say I have failed, failed ,failed this month and can't even say by how much as I don't have all my receipts
    I will do better next month (not really got a choice)
    I am not sure how much to budget for Sept yet as I have placed an order with the butcher for meat for two months and am not sure how much it is exactly (depends on actual weights of things). I ordered two months worth as OH is changing from being fortnightly paid to monthly paid so I know that the expensive stuff will be already paid for and in the freezer.
    I will definately keep all my receipts next month as this is where I went disasterously wrong this month
    konMarie and fabbing all the way
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    I think that I would like to join this challenge please. I am doing lousy on my own. I would like to put myself down for £300 for September but ideally I hope it ends up being more like £250.

    I am fine budgeting for the big shop each month, it is the weekly shop for bread, milk, fruit and veg etc where it goes wrong. I always end up spending about £40, ideally I want this to be £25. I think I will start doing this shop on my own without oh and kids.
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    Sailing close to the wind.......Declaring for this month at £181.03 :T

    That includes the bag of sugar I need to get on the way home but evrything else we can manage with! :D

    Payday on Friday and I think I'll stick with £180 for September please MrsM, I seem to be coping with that much but I might look at reducing it a bit next time
  • Morning all!
    All the best laid plans go wrong!
    After declaring yesterday I have discovered that I need milk (budgeted for in the declaration) and now also pitta breads to go with the veggie chiili planned for tea. Adding pitta bread makes it filling enough for OH so we can both eat the same thing making tea time easier and less expensive - the joys of a raving meat eater and a hard core veggie living together!

    So I'll pop to Aldi near work at lunchtime and pick up JUST milk and pitta bread - maybe a £2 spend?
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    Hi all I am back from a very long break - my Nan died in Feb (last time I posted) so everything has gone out the window for a while. The good news is though she left me enough money to pay off our debts. Now I am back with the world I baked some twinks and blueberry muffins yesterday and made the jelly for some mini trifles. I am starting Sept budget as I got paid today so Mrs M Can you please put me down for £300 for sept. Hope you are all well and will be catching up soon!!
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    Hi all just popping in to give an update on my latest total of £107.67 spent with £24.83 left need to go shopping today so will let you all know my final total for August in a couple of days but should be ok as long as stick to my list.LOL.
    Good luck to all
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    I'm not new here, but the last 2 years I havent had to worry bout saving the pennies so not been on a lot.
    We are a family of 6 me hubby, dd10 dd6 ds 4 and baby 4mnths
    hubby was made redundant 6 weeks ago and the wages have now ran out, having new baby I havent really thought of the implications until now.
    I roughly spend £140:o on grocerys a week plus another £40 on take away:eek: and this doesnt include feeding the animals 6 chooks 1 cat 1 gp and 1 rabbit. all the animal food I buy in bulk once every few months.
    I am going to try and halve my groceries and cut out take aways.
    So for septs my budget is £300 this includes nappies animals and cleaners ect. This will start tomorrow until sept 26th
    I also have to find money for hubbys 30th birthday bash.
    Think I am gonna need some help lol.
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    Welcome back Freyaluck, £300 will be good going for a family of six!! :beer: Is your hubby able to help you out with the meal planning and cooking or take charge of your brood whilst you do it? Have you thought about a full storecupboard inventory?

    Perhaps you could do an extra challenge alongside the grocery challenge, only buy toiletries and cleaning products that you have completely run out of? Most of us seem to stockpile these things, my theory is they are breeding under my sink! :o
    Declutterbug-in-progress.⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
    well me and hubby checked the list last night and today i'm going through all the cuboards and fridge/freeze to see what is really lerking around this house!!lol will post list later and will try to post my shopping list incase anyone has any ideas for a newbie!!

    can i ask as i haev said before i'm new to the home freezing lark but what do you store your meals to be frozen in?? i only have one real dish we use for stews/pies and i wondered if anyone knew how to store things cheaply or where to buy cheaply!!????

    just a note on the freebie no spend board there is a bold washing gel give away small survy to see if you qualify might be worth it so some to keep spends down!! (sorry i have no idea how to post links!!)
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  • Hi, I would like to join the September grocery challenge this will be my first time, although I have been reading how well you all have been doing for months now. I would like to try for £300 please Mrs M. Also I have made the courgette muffins nomnom!! Well here goes, deep breath.:)
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