August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • hi ladies!!
    i'm keeping my totals going see my sig

    but i'm gutted as we have been away this weekend and my frezzer has over frosted!!! i have no idea why or how but the door was open ice and water everywere!! gutted all my meat was ruined plus 2 pies it was horrible half the food was defrosed some were half defrosed and half frozen i decided the best thing to do was bin the lot of it the frezzer has been off for 24 hours now adn the ice is still solid in parts!!!

    but anyway will have to re shop for some things but i think i'm still doing well!! by this time last month i had spend almost 300 pounds!!!
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    Hi guys,

    sorry to bump this thread as the September one is now well under way.

    I cannot find all of my reciepts for this month to add up all my totals so i`ve used a bank statement to tally up. We have lost a big envelope of reciepts and i really think that it has been thrown away by mistake.

    This is not accurate as i can`t see exactly what we have bought from the statement and we do buy things that arn`t from the GC when we visit the supermarket IYKWIM, my best guesstimate for August is £200 Mrs M if you could add it to the totals please. When i`ve sorted myself out i shall post on the Sept challenge - hopefully not too long :o

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    huge pat on the back for those who made it within budget for August, and commiserations for those (like me :o) who overspent a little, or a lot ... better luck next time

    emmab2001, sorry to hear about your freezer mishap, how frustrating!
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Ive still got a week to go and have already overspent.:mad: Not too sure why but perhaps its buying all the different food for the cat as he is being so fussy at the minute.

    I feel like im really behind everyone else as my month goes from 19th to 19th so am still in August.:(
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  • I would like to declare at £220.09 for August please which officially finishes tomorrow but as i'm not feeling too well at the moment I won't be going shopping today or tomorrow.
    I've gone over again so was a little disappointed:( but then remembered I had brought a new stockpot (£10) and a new mini chopper (£20) so am actually in the zone for once.:D Off to catch everyone up and join in for September.

    Many thanks to everyone

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    kezlou wrote: »
    Beef stroganoff
    400g of beef cut in thins strips
    1 onion sliced finely
    2tbsp butter
    2tbsp oil
    1tbsp plain flour
    1tsp tomato puree
    2tsp mustard
    2 tbsp of lemon juice
    250ml of single cream (can use double if you wish)

    Fry beef in 1tbsp of butter and oil till browned
    Taken beef out of the pan but leave all the juices the pan.
    Fry the onion in the other tbsp of butter and beef juiced till soft.
    Sprinkle 1 tbsp of plain flour over the onions and stir to mix.
    Add the tomato puree, lemon juice, mustard and cream stir all together.
    Take the beef and add it to the cream mixture.
    Once the cream starts bubbling serve immediately.

    the recipe above can be adapted using just veg or any any meat or poultry. Not sure about fish as i haven't tried it.

    Thanks for this, I've been looking for a simple stroganoff recipe for ages, this is going in my meal planner! :D
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    Me too - thanks Lanny:beer:
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