August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    rosieben wrote: »
    there are a couple of courgette threads here and here ;)

    Snap!!! :D
    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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    well funny you should ask....

    try these or this


    Ooooo! MrsM's courgette tea bread is an absolute favourite in this house :j:j:jI've even converted courgette haters with it!
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    rockie4 wrote: »
    Ooooo! MrsM's courgette tea bread is an absolute favourite in this house :j:j:jI've even converted courgette haters with it!
    Me too -and I have hubbies mates making it too :rotfl:
    I made 2 batches yesterday and stuck some chopped preserved ginger in 1 batch -mmmmmmmmmm so I made 3doz buns from the 2 lots and have stuck 2 doz in the freezer ..and ooooh shame I have 2 more courgettes to use -plus more growing :D
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  • Popped into MrM to get a couple of bits and spent £5 on Milk, Bananas, Yog Tunes, Gingerbread men [off to get a recipe for them], Lemon Viennese Whirls [just can't resist them when they are on offer], Sweets [3 for £1].

    Off to update siggy now.
    Took kids to Pizza Hut and they wanted pudding so discussed with them the cost of that against having banana splits at home and the fact that the difference in cost would pay for them to go to Great Yarmouth for the day on a coach trip and then gave them the choice - Great Yarmouth won and I saved about 5-6 puonds and they get the trip!!
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  • Hiya guys,

    Only small spend today, popped into mr T's for some large pots to do some jackets. Think I will get big bag later, and do double baked pot's for the freezer, which will give me veriaty when mrs fancies one but doesn't know what sort:eek:

    HWGA xx
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    Hi all
    a NSD for me today so woohoo
    last night wasn't tho OH decided we had to go to MrTs, can't even remember the reason now, so I bought 8 iced doughnuts (2 packs of 4) 1.50 and 4 cupcake things (reduced to 75p) so I now have 37.75 left until the end of the month and am really annoyed with myself because we have been eating all HM stuff and the bought stuff tasted yuck, I couldn't even eat a whole cupcake just took 1 bite and went gross, the kids haven't even eaten it all yet and that is a big shock
    Remind me not to do that again!!!
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  • Lollyfin - so know what you mean about only eating HM now, I will only eat HM bread now - I refuse to pay the prices charged in shops and the taste is nothing compared to HM. This is coming from someone who up until about a month ago tried very very hard NOT to HM anything LOL

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    Alright so I have only had 2 spends this month but they were for £28.81 and £15.13 (oh and a tiny one of £1.48) so I am not very happy with myself!! smiley-angry004.gif My freezer would easily have fed me all month and my cupboards are full to bursting with 'essentials' so I dont really know how I managed to spend so much smiley-rolleyes010.gif
    Will need to examine my receipts and try to find out what my downfall is........

    In fact can anyone out there try and help me? Heres what I bought

    14 mini sausage rolls £1 (wouldnt normally buy)
    fromage frais 97p
    cocktail saus £1 (wouldnt normally buy)
    chicken drumsticks £1.43
    1 kg beef mince £3.75
    mini sav eggs £1 (wouldnt normally buy)
    river cobbler red price £1.35
    cooked ham £1
    cooked chick £1
    cheddar sticks 2 for £2
    red pepper 2 for £1
    par baked baguettes 2 pk 39p
    loose mandarins 49p
    blush pears 70p
    cakes 99p (wouldnt normally buy)
    bread £1.21
    rice pudding 3 for £1
    bananas 45p
    apples 89p
    crumb dressing 55p
    pineapple 57p
    kids choc bars 98p
    2 packs of kids sweets 20p
    little choc sweet 14p
    4 btls flavoured water 99p
    baking pots 68p
    rice vinegar £1.59 (for store cupboard)
    hot dogs 64p
    brown sugar 99p (for store cupboard)
    lemonade £1 (should be out of diff budget for BBQ)
    soy sauce 89p (for store cupboard)
    2 fresh milk £1.72

    That was first shop and a few bits I wouldnt normally buy the second shop looks like this

    3 rice £3 (should be out of diff budget for BBQ)
    jam £1.29
    porridge oats 99p
    cornflakes 46p
    mayo 53p
    4 btls flavoured water 99p
    shower gel £1
    tuna 78p
    plasters £1.07
    food bags £1.33
    ground almonds 88p
    cat food £4.49

    Ok another couple of bits which are from diff budget so I will now update my sig minus these bits and any help would be appreciated!!
    Emma :dance:

    Aug GC - £88.17/£130
    NSD - target 18 days, so far 5!!
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    Evening! I've done really well all day! Cooked like a nutter and cleaned to high heaven! Finally this second sat down after feeding DH, DD1 DS and mashing up some leftovers for DD2(she is spoilt hehe)
    and i spent.....ARGH........ £4.99, well, DH did...i sent him to the shop for a bottle of red! Erm, Whooooopsie!
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    Today should have been an NSD, but as I felt like a walk I decided to check out the late night clearance sections in our local C00p and new Mr M (first time I've done this in the latter).

    Needed sandwich ham for DS before lunch tomorrow - Mr M didn't have any of the cheap stuff left (normally get Mr T's value), and only appear to do the 400g packs (which is too big for us, and DS won't eat the second half if I freeze it for later). But the wafer thin 200g packs are half price, so that was 82p.

    Only item left in the meat clearance section was a 400g pack of thinly sliced turkey steaks (something I enjoy) which was reduced from £2.99 to just 29p :T I'm about to split the pack and chuck them in the freezer.

    Bread clearance yielded a multi-grain loaf (in store bakery), reduced from £1.19 to just 19p. So the boys can decimate the HM bread I made yesterday (plain white) while I enjoy this (they won't touch it). (I managed to convince myself to leave the jam donuts that were down to half price)

    Also picked up some Qu0rn nuggets. An 18 pack is £1.98, but they're on BOGOF until 16th August :) I desperately need to shift some weight (for health reasons - ideally about 2.5 stone), but can't afford to buy all the fancy low cal/very lean ingredients I bought when I last shifted weight some 6+ years ago. So, as I'm the only one eats Quorn, I reckon I can get 6 meals from the 2 bags - and they'll make a much healthier option for me (with jacket spuds) when I cook Kiev and (oven) chips for DS. I'm going to check and see how many other meals I may be able to use these as an alternative for me - and then work out if it's worth getting another couple of bags before the offer ends (we only have Kievs once a month).

    So a £3.28 spend for me - now just over 19% of the way through the month and less than 5% of the way through my budget
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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