August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Well I added up my shopping for the week and have spent a whopping £73.92...and none of that was meat/meal stuff because I had enough for 7 days worth of main meals in the freezer/fridge/ was all on crap food from S'fields, I am fuming with myself. We basically shopped every day except 1 since last sunday!
    Soooo, in a bid to save a bit next week I am going to try out Aldi, I have never been before so have no idea what to expect - is there anything I should definitely avoid, or definitely buy:)

    Mel x
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    Check/raid the Super 6 if you use any of it (celery, tomatoes, cucumber, little gem lettuce, avacado, mango this month - 29p each)

    I get all my milk from there - 49p for 1 litre semi-skimmed. All other milk (incl semi as a 4pt) works out much dearer :confused:

    Neopolitan ice-cream is currently 59p for 2 litres - limited to 3 per customer. The vanilla ice-cream also tends to be a regular purchase for us.

    Other than that (and kitchen rolls) there's very little I use them for, though I do wander round to check for specials.
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    Evening All!

    Shopping this week came to £27, got plenty of meals within there especially for lunches while i'm not at school. [Am teacher].

    Going to pop to Farmfoods tomorrow as i've got £2 voucher i won ages ago now. Won't be counting this obviously as technically free!

    Also, i'm not counting meals out, mainly lunches, as it's just about my only luxury as it's the holidays! However, i am going to try and avoid as i've plenty of lovely food. Yet, the food will get eaten eventually!

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    rosieben wrote: »
    yes, you can freeze it - check out this thread see partway down the first post ' veg base' ;)

    Thanks Rosie - I am a bit dim when it comes to cooking! x x
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    penguin83 wrote: »
    Thanks Rosie - I am a bit dim when it comes to cooking! x x

    you're not dim! you're learning, as we all are ;)
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    OMG!!!!!! my first ever NSD for food! hahaha!
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    I'd like to join a bit late in the month, is that allowed? :confused: This will be my first ever challenge of any kind, inspired by Weezl74 and mbaz after spending two days reading their threads!!

    There are just two of us, my current budget is £85 each so £170 total per month which is a lot less than it used to be. :o It's going to be tough to reduce because Mr. Fire Fox is a trained chef, a carnivore and a brand snob. I've got away with red lentils in his bolognese twice now so there is hope ...

    I've already spent £6 in Home Bargains (Oven Pride, Heinz beans, Heinz ketchup, Ritz crackers, Amoy sauces at 20p!) and £6 in Morrisons (crisps, garlic, two half price cooked chickens later used for stock!). I am due to do our fortnightly Asda run on Monday but actually the freezer is full-to-bursting so we don't need expensive meat! :j

    I'd like to declare at £50 each this month, £100 total which will include my lunches, some basic toiletries and cleaning products but won't include transport costs. And I've already spent £12 so only £88 remaining!! :eek:

    Thanks for reading.
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    I'm looking for sesame seeds...any hints please? I've looked in Holland & Barret, Sainsbury, Morrison, Somerfield & various scoop & weigh without success & they're only showing up in Tesco on the mysupermarket site. I've got a tasting for them in my hm bread with sunflower & pumpkin, as a seeded batch :o I don't have access to Asda, Farmfoods, Aldi, Home Bargains, Poundland or any of the other wonderful outlets that many of you enjoy, which is soooo frustrating when I see what you guys can get :mad:

    Thanks for reading.
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    Send 2 teenagers away on a (cheap) holiday. I can't believe how much they must be costing. Far less washing, food, well everything really!
    My challenge is how to get through the next 3 weeks school holidays on a reasonable controled budget.
    Don't think I'll ever be a professional OSer feeding them on 20p a day but at least I've got some sort of a grip over things.

    Meal plan done and shop next.
  • Why can't we go fully "old style" and send the little darlings out to earn their own crust? There must be somewhere for them despite the mines and quarrys closing - perhaps we could re-invent "service" and get them to live with rich people who can afford them?:rolleyes:

    Seriouly though I can't wait for my last two to move out. I sent the youngest to stay with his older sister and even she complained about the amount he could eat.

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