August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Yes unfortunately one is too muscular to go up chimneys and the other, though slim enough is too tall!
    Maybe they could do some sort of ecology work and live in a log cabin consuming hearty meals which are provided!
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    I agree op. I sent my ds for a month to live with his sister whilst he did a holiday job. He coudn't bleieve I hadn't missed him. It saved me a fortune in electricity (meter) so I know, food, and lifts for him and his gf all the time.
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    Hiya bigmummaf, found some sesame seeds for you at Sainsbury's:-

    These are the kind i have bought before from there, never seen them in morrisons though.

    so far so good, made another massive pot of pinagililti, fed all of five us plus put the rest in the freezer.Kept FIL happy too.

    Dug up the last of the potatoes yesterday so won't buying them for the next couple if weeks :D Got some really big ones too so jacket potatoes for us :j.
    Not going out today as DS1 started being sick this morning so will be another NSD for me today!
    Dinner is either going to be fish pie + veg or rice/chicken + riata that my next neighbour gave us today.
    So fingers crossed won't have to go shopping till next week and that only for the Aldi super 6 and some ham, so bonus.

    Well off to carry on with rag rug x
  • Hi all, I would like to join and give this a try. To be honest at the moment we dont have a budget as such. We are 2 adults and 2 kids, one age 5 the other 10ths so still in nappies and baby milk at the mo.

    I think I'm quite thrifty when it comes to shopping, I use the butcher and spend about £30-£40 and than can last us up to 3 weeks. I look for reduced items, we dont eat out anymore. Tesco nappies are also fab.

    Any ideas what we should aim for given that I'm quite happy with Mr T's own brand stuff generally? I was thinking maybe £320 as a starting point and work down from there?

    Our biggest downfall is alchohol, not for me, hubby, anyone have any experience of own brand lagers etc?
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    Hi people,

    Made meatballs last night (was feeling generous and made 20 giant ones for the first time, but will def go for small ones next time)
    bulked out the value pasta sauce with leftover peppers and mushrooms from earlier on in the week, so I am very happy with how that panned out!

    Anyway today I did spend some pennies, £5.80 on egg replacer in the Health food shop (DS is allergis to egg wheat nuts pulses dairy so many of the recipes are adapted) any tips on cheaper alternatives that I can buy, perhaps theres somewhere online?? Although to be fair, the replacer lasts absolutely ages and i wont have to buy any for abou 4 months so maybe its not as bad as im imagining!

    I also went to Mr T for a new printer and picked up 2 loaves (49p each) some iced buns (12 reduced to 45p) and some stewing steak (£1.65)

    Will add to sig just now.
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    I have just updated my signature following a trip to the supermarket and local butchers today. In the supermarket, I pretty much stuck to my list and although a few odd things did creep in the trolley that were not planned/on my list, my shop totalled just £34.38. If I had been lazy and had a supermarket home delivery, this would no doubt have been £134.38!!!!!

    I visited my local butchers to buy some braising steak for my casserole tomorrow :D just £4.20 for two huge pieces. and also got a dozen eggs for £2.00 :j

    I didnt need any fruit or veg but intend to trial the local fruit and veg shop when I do and also think I might make more use of my local butcher.

    Its been tempting this week to fall into old habits, i.e buy stuff just in case I fancy it / buy deserts when I dont need them / buy posh m&S naan bread when I already have plenty of boring naan bread in my cupboards! Ive been tempted to do a home delivery order but see comment above! so I have avoided the tesco site!!

    When I refer to my menu plan, I realise that i dont need what I think I need and thus dont need the tesco home delivery order, just a shop that I did today to stock up on what is needed (according to my shopping list).

    I was naughty and bought the magnetic memo board from lakeland but its up in my kitchen with one side devoted to my menu plan which I have typed up so nearly a whole month is mapped out and also added my shopping list so its in easy reach to add items I need rather than walking round the whole supermarket trying to remember what I have run out of and then find myself adding half a dozen unnecessary items in the trolley and going home without what I needed in the first place!!

    Its beef casserole tomorrow. I intend to add lots of veg that i have lurking in my freezer and thought I also might add some lentils. Do I need to do anything to the lentils first i.e. boil them etc ??or can I just add them straight from the packet? I have green and orange lentils. Also I thought I might make my own stock with beef bovril/hot water, herbs and red wine, do you think this would work? and how much stock should I allow? I have a 1.25 litre pyrex dish and normally would use two of those schatz casserole mix satches. The stock in the past has been a bit too watery which i am keen to avoid.
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    Welcome to the newbies :hello: Mrs MCawber will be along to add you to the front list.

    I did this Batch Bake Mince Recipe today, I halved the recipe (only cooking for me) and threw it in the SC without browning first, cooked in high for 4 hours, then turned to low for another 2 hours. Its turned out great, shall definitely be making this one again :j

    I can't remember where I got it from, I'm sure it was a link on OS so apologies if someone else has already posted it. I'll add the link to the GC recipe list on the front page ;)

    edited to say - its already in the external links bit of the recipe list :doh:- that's obviously where I found it! :rotfl:
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    afternoon all,

    well hubby and i spent £24.76 in lidl today but £18 was on beer for him (stella triple filtered is ten cans for £6 atm) so that is coming out of his spends and the GC only takes a hit for £6.76!!! :D:D:D

    have been felling really ill the last few days so not really been eating or doing anything in fact (no not oinking!)


    ioiwe x
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    Hi everyone, update on spends for this weekend.

    Spent £30.16 in Mr T's (decided on a change from Mr M) but was surprised it even came to that much as didn't seem to have much in the trolley.

    However got 3 small portions of pate reduced to 17p each which will do me for lunches with crackers already in cupboard and some half price frozen chicken breasts which will last a while.

    My early potatoes planted in bags from Suttons are now finished growing, so dug up 2 out of the 3 last night. Was rather disappointed with the crop as thought there would have been more, however when watching Gardener's World afterwards, Alice on there emptied one of her potato pots and her crop was about the same as mine :o. So looking forward to lovely new potatoes tonight.

    Boiled up the tiny ones and made potato salad with them, should keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

    Also dug up some of the early onions, grown from sets planted in pots last autumn again from Suttons. These have been very disappointing as are quite small, not worth the effort I think. Next year will plant in the ground and in the spring and hopefully they will be better. Still nice to have some home grown veg though. Lettuce and herbs still being cropped and picked some more chillis too and the leeks are looking great so overall happy with the veg growing.:j
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    Ah...going well so far. Just needed to buy some milk today so....another 1.85

    Brings total to 78.92 so far. Still got lots in. Need to do meal plan for this week. Also need to plan what i'm going to make when i cater for 20 people for DS's birthday! ARGH....

    It is a good job i like a challenge then?! Any ideas of any cheapo party food????
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