August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    The longer I spend on MSE the more links and threads I am looking at. I wont be able to get off of the computer if I am not careful!!!
    Watching Economy Gastronomy, and wish when there was 8 of us I had £130 to spend!! I adveraged less then £100!!!!
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    mooloo, have a look in the thread where we've been discussing the program, you can see fainted os'rs near the end when we saw what the next week's family spend!!!
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    Here is the lemon curd cake recipe as promised. As mentioned before I took it from one of the recipe links somewhere on the site.

    Lemon Curd Cake

    100g margerine
    75g caster sugar
    2 eggs
    175g self raising flour
    1/2 - 1 jar of lemon curd

    Preheat oven to 200c. Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin.

    Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together for about 5 mins.

    Pour in to tin and level top. Bake for about 40 mins until browned.

    I put a whole jar of value lemon curd in and it was a bit too much, I would use less next time.

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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    ooooohh whilst I think, I "think" it was elf -or flat eric... well someone asked about the special fried rice -when I do it later I will make note of rough quantities(I normally just lob things in :rotfl:) and then post the "recipe" on here for you -the main thing is to use cold rice..anyway -enough waffle -I will get off and get some x-stitch done -and pop back later whan I have the recipe...
    Hope everyone is well and having a good month

    Thanks MRSMCAWBER it was me that was asking. Would appreciate it if you would let me know. I love fried rice but can never get it right!!
    Emma :dance:

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    I've done my small shop for greens today, just £2.76 spent on Avocados, lettuce and cabbage. I shouldn't need to spend anything else this week as I still have plenty in the cupboards and freezer. So total spend as I move into week 2 of this month is £13.13.

    Tinkerbellsmum, the Leftovers link rosieben gave is the thread I was referring to.

    Rosieben, thank you for posting the Leftovers link. I still have my "L" plates on when it comes to links etc!
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    XSpender wrote: »
    Here is the lemon curd cake recipe as promised. As mentioned before I took it from one of the recipe links somewhere on the site. ...

    XSpender - Lemon Curd Cake is in the recipe list on the front page of this thread (post #6) :D

    oceanspirit (love your username btw) no probs ;)
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    Hi guys, thought I would post to say that I still havent spent a penny since monday...very very proud of myself in that respect as normally I would have given up by now and bought lunch at work etc.

    I shouldnt have to buy anything further until next week, so progress is good!
    Making burgers tonight, hoping to be able to freeze a couple for DS, quick meals for the him to have at weekends etc MEATBALLS tomorrow! This I am very excited about!
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    Morning all!
    I was doing really well this week and using up fresh stuff, not spending any extra but I've forgotten to take something out of the freezer for tea.
    I've emailed OH to ask what he fancies as it'll involve a trip to the shops at lunchtime - let's see what he comes up with..... steak, caviar......

    I'm thinking more along the lines of sausage and mash!

    At least we're both away for the weekend (him - stag night, me - visiting mum after operation - hmmm, who gets the best deal) so we can recoup a bit then.

    I'm determined to stick to budget this month - may be even come in a little bit under......
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    Hey everyone, I have noooooooo idea how the challenge works! I did a shop last night, just waiting for it to arrive now, and for once i wrote out a whole week of meal plans.
    The shop came to £57 with D.charge, which i was quite pleased with, normal shop for us is a pile of junk food costing upwards of 80quid! However, because i've dowshifted a level and ordered stuff to make stews, soups etc so, in therory i should have loads left over to freeze for another weeks worth of meals. Wish me luck, I start cooking when it gets here!!!

    August G challenge
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    :wave: Hi, another newbie here.

    Now that I've got my finances straight I've found I've got £400 per month left for the food shopping. There are 7 of us and or menu is complicated by various medical conditions but I'm hoping to spend £300 :eek:. (we used to spend upwards of £800 :eek::eek:). So far I've worked out a loose meal plan, I've sneaked a bag of lentils into this months budget ready for next months :rotfl:and my month, well, 4 week period, starts tomorrow as thats when hubby gets paid.

    I've been spending a lot of time on the search function and trawling through the cooking collection on here so want to say thanks to all who post :)
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