August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Morning! I went to the baker's for treats after DS jabs yesterday, we had nothing in so DH had to buy lunch and then he went to the supermarket after work. So we're are currently at £33.83/£200. That did include ingredients for the birthday meal he's cooking me tomorrow, but I didn't count the wine. :D
    3/5 NSDs too.

    I V+d the Economy Gastronomy programme, so I'll watch that later.
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    Shopping so far has come to £93.89 :eek: but even OH has commented that we shouldn't need to shop for weeks :D

    I've had a Tesco delivery for the heavy stuff and trawled Sainsbugs and Asda for whoopsies - I got 3 packs of Cauldron sausage last night for 75p each, fridge is full of veggies from the allotment (wot do we do with all these courgettes :doh::rotfl::doh:) and OH still has loads of salmon in the freezer so we should be ok.

    I really want to come in under budget this month, we've had a lot of extra expense lately and I'm feeling quite stressed with it all

    *wanders off dreaming of a lottery win*

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    elizabunnyelizabunny Forumite
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    Morning All! Ihave just updated my signature after being away for a while. Still some money left in the budget -which is quite good for me:o The cupboards/freezer look reasonably full and I managed to bake a couple of extra meals this week to freeze, a fish pie and a toad-in-the-hole. Also bagged up 5 lots of garden veggies for the freezer, to help us through the winter. MrL is selling some really naughty but nice icecream this week for around £1 -and also SM pizzas if anyone hasn't already seen these. Also, their plums were really cheap around 29p per 400gm I think, so I have bought 4 packs of these to make some plum jam -I bought the preserving sugar when it was on offer earlier this year. The tomatoes in the garden are starting to ripen well and I think we'll have a glut of these, but I'm have loads of recipes for tomatoes so they should all be put to good use. I hope everyone is doing well with their budgets -must catch up on some previous posts now.
    Have a good day everyone!
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    Oh cripes.. Got Tesco shop last night (BIG - have mum's 60th this weekend and need to do cake baking and entertaining) - Went to Lidl this morning and got another £18 of bargains :whistle:
    I have more people staying this month, I've just started doing Jamie at HOme parties and bribed lots of people with cake to have them, and it's all going a bit Pete Tong....:eek:

    £238.16 gone. £111.84 to go.

    MUST focus.
    Then MUST get off bum and go do jobs instead of endelessly changing meal plans and reading MSE threads..:rotfl:
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    Hey everyone, I have noooooooo idea how the challenge works!
    finnigan wrote: »
    :wave: Hi, another newbie here.
    Hi guys - I havent been doing this for long either (last month was my first but the bit at the beginning (first few posts up to maybe number 6?) is really good and helped me a lot. I always mealplan and use that thread aswell to keep me on track but basically just set yourself a target, keep all receipts, look on here for help and a shoulder to cry on when it goes a little pear shaped and thats about it. It really helps you see where you can cut back etc!
    I use different budgets for different things like entertainment (which includes nights out which never happen, BBQs etc) but most other stuff comes into my grocery budget. Also take into account how many you are feeding. My GC is only for me, DS and cat but does include all toiletries, cleaning things, baby bits etc which some others have a seperate budget for.

    Emma :dance:

    Aug GC - £88.17/£130
    NSD - target 18 days, so far 5!!
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    Still resisting spending. There is stuff in the freezer and cupboards. Just running out of the favourites. No rice is hard.! But have a huge bag of pasta and still have potatoes, (which are in the fridge),so as long as there is toothepaste and looroll, I will resist. I will resist!.
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    rockie4 wrote: »
    (wot do we do with all these courgettes :doh::rotfl::doh:)

    well funny you should ask....

    try these or this

    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    rockie4 wrote: »
    .. wot do we do with all these courgettes ...

    there are a couple of courgette threads here and here ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    We've tried the One Milk--currently a pound for 2 litres in MrT--& it's really quite creamy for a less-than-semi-skimmed milk. I'll definitely buy it again.
    We had vegetable stir fry & I chopped up some ham, grated cheese & they had it in tortilla wraps..first time I've tried it & will do it again. So two successes this week--:Tme! :D
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  • been shopping today and spent 54 pounds which is about normal but hopefully i have more meals and won't need to go shop again and i even brought snacks so my husband might not go shop either
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