MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Cilla give Graham a quick reminder for the date cash?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Cilla's been set up on a blind date with Graham (a friend of a friend), but surprise suprise at the end of the evening when splitting the bill, Graham discovers he's left his wallet at home so she has to cough up the £40. He promises to repay her at the next date. A few days later and he's texted, but not mentioned the money. As our Cilla wasn't very enamoured with him anyway, should she go on another date to get it, chase for the cash anyway, or leave it?
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  • scotsbob
    scotsbob Posts: 4,632 Forumite
    Depends if she's a looker or not.

    If she isn't, then she certainly shouldn't go chasing him for money because she will end up getting dumped.
  • robpw2
    robpw2 Posts: 14,044
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    leave it ..she shouldnt lead him on

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  • Fridge3
    Fridge3 Posts: 9,246 Forumite
    More fool her for falling for that one. leave it.
  • Hmmm, my first instinct is when the bill comes on the second date say "since I got the first one, I think it's your turn". Unfortunately you may just end up paying for two dates with a guy you don't even like! I'd probably tell my friend to mention it to him next time they meet and steer clear of the cheapskate!
  • hundredk
    hundredk Posts: 1,182
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Graham's promise was to pay at the next date which may have been reluctantly agreed but that's his take on it. Cilla could go on the second date and jokingly check he has his wallet this time and ask for the £20 when he says yes. If he offers to pick the tab up for the meal instead then get the lobster:beer:
  • Fuchsia_a
    Fuchsia_a Posts: 116 Forumite
    scotsbob wrote: »
    Depends if she's a looker or not.

    If she isn't, then she certainly shouldn't go chasing him for money because she will end up getting dumped.

    Because obviously the only worthwhile quality in a woman is her physical beauty, and every woman who isn't stunning should be so desperate for attention that she should act like a complete doormat, and pay up all the associated costs of anyone being so charitable as to spend time with her. :rolleyes:
  • pixwix
    pixwix Posts: 122
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Dump him!

    Any man can forget his wallet - we've all done it at some time. But it's totally impossible for any decent man simply to forget an incident like that. Any genuine guy would have been sleepless until he'd sorted it - and on the phone the very next morning with a serious attempt at apology.

    The guy's a jerk, clear and simple - Cilla needs to forget him and move on.
  • Susan_Frost
    Susan_Frost Posts: 416 Forumite
    If the date was set up by a friend, I would check with that friend as to whether he is the type of guy to pull a trick like that. Probably not as I would not expect a friend of mine to think he was a suitable date.

    Would he bother texting, and arranging another date if he's pulling a scam? Surely he would just keep the £20 and keep away.

    So I would go on the next date, start off with a drink where it would be "You get the drinks while I get some seats". If he has his wallet to pay for the drink then he surely has at least £20 on him. Earlish on I would give a friendly reminder about the £20 he owes and get it back then.

    I may or may not stay for the rest of the date depending on how I feel about him. But give the guy a chance and, hey, who falls in love on the first date anyway. She managed to stay the course on the first date, so he cannot have been that bad. I'd have left early if I had not liked him.
  • Taffybiker
    Taffybiker Posts: 927 Forumite
    Cilla should politely refuse the date, giving that she hasn't been paid yet as her reason, and should Graham forget his wallet again they would both be in the proverbial mess.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • KittyCat
    KittyCat Posts: 6 Forumite
    It was worth the £20.00 to find out he's not great.
    Don't waste time on another evening but do tell the friend who set it up, that he didn't pay.
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