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Old Style Diary Archive - APR 06

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • comping_catcomping_cat Forumite
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    Good morning everyone,

    Snowy - i know how you feel about sleeping, hope it starts to improve soon x

    PP - I would def complain, you had specified what you needed, and they had agreed to provide that, so they need to know that it wasnt right for you.

    Well, just the one little one here today, so thats nice, we do lots together but its more relaxing not having to worry about what they are all doing!!! Need to go to the shops again, DSs footie magazine is out today (he will be looking for it as soon as he gets home) and i forgot to get some more oranges and grapefruit yesterday, so need to pick some of them up. Also need some wrapping paper, its DDs birthday on Thursday (my baby is going to be 8 :eek: ), and i do have all her cards and pressies, but nothing to wrap them in, so want to get that sorted today as well.
    A friends husband came round last night and put an extra plug point in my bedroom, so i will now be able to put a tv in there!!!! might pop over to Asda, to see if ours do those cheepie freeview boxes that JW just mentioned, maybe watching some telly in bed might help me sleep better, i often feel really tierd downstairs, but by the time i get to bed ive woken up and then take hours to drift off (and then wake a little bit later!!!).
    Right, off to put the stew ingredients in the SC, and im sure ive loads more to do, but cant think right now!!!
    Hope everyone has a lovely day
    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • ShezShez Forumite
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    morning everyone!
    Grey morning in Ye Olde London Town so far.

    PP - where did you go for your weekend? sorry to hear it wasnt as youd liked.
    snowy - (((Hugs))) hope things go ok at hospital.
    skystar - have a lovely time!
    Jw1096- oh yes its that time lurking for me too - i suddenly go into a slump and dont want to do anything, should have made shephers pie yesterday but didnt - just seem to faff about it!
    SOMO1- have a great time at GMichael! i went years ago when elton john came on and they sang "down let the sun..." sure you'll enjoy it!
    Catowen- you've probably got the Dora the Explora like me too this morning?!
    Chipps - at least youve done some exercise, I said i was gonna start this week - have I - NO! help! I have moved the davina mccall dvd out of the cupboard and into view so thats a start!

    Well today Ive got to make shephers pie I didnt do yesterday - take turntable to shop for new belt/stylus. get new lightbulbs for under kitchen cupboards.
    maybe try and go to charity shop to look for piggy banks for all these £2/20p clubs!

    Sorted out shed yesterday, got some more stuff to get rid of - aim is to get them on ebay - havent a clue as to how to sell it on there? maybe someone here can help???
    Also would be interested to hear about selling books on amazon?

    Also the Freecycle website - is there an easy way of getting between the different groups? I'm new to it and cant seem to get used to the site (dim)
    do people just view the most recent items posted?

    Have a great tuesday all.
  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    Morning all

    It's kid city here this morning - 5 at the mo - take 4 to school, gain another one at lunch time - pick 4 up from school, have 6 for 2 hours's like a military campaign somedays.

    Baking to do this morning - out of rolls and muffins, need to make a quiche for tea too.

    Had a bad nights sleep - woken up really stiff and sore - can't wait for my new bed and mattress to be delivered, I'm sure it will help.

    Hope you all have a great day
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    Ironically, post has just been and Park Resorts have asked if we would like to book another holiday with them for later this year or next year. They have also sent a freepost envelope for the site we went to in Sheppy so will get together a complaint letter and use this to send back to them..LOL.

    OH is walking DD to school this morning (about 1 mile each way)

    To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it,
    requires brains!
  • chickadeechickadee Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Morning everyone!

    Just a quickie from me as I need to get myself into gear. I am taking my sister, mum and DS to Oswaldtwistle Mills today. (DS isn't too happy about going shopping!) I want to have a look at their bargain textiles as I could do with a new quilt cover and pillowcases. We only have one good set so I either have to make sure it is a sunny day or use the dreaded tumble drier when I wash the bedding! I also want to have a look at the Topaz shop. For any of you who watch QVC, it is Dawn Bibby's shop, the card-making lady. Unfortunately she is on QVC today so I won't see her in the shop.

    OH started his new job yesterday. He is working away during the week. Last night was my first night in the house alone for ooooooh ages. Silly me watched Supernatural on TV last night so I was a bit freaked out at any noise when I went to bed! :o

    Right, must go and get ready to go out. See you all later!

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  • jockettukjockettuk Forumite
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    "good morning to you.. good morning to you.. good morning good morning good morning to you"

    Dont know why im singing lol got to go out to diy store in a few mins just waiting for all the rush hour traffic to dissapear.
    My buyer for my house came round the weekend to say they had pulled out by letter to our solicitors but in reality he really wants the house so could we get our solicitor to ignore the letter lol.. solicitor says no they cant and they have to start the ball rolling again.. so ive said i am still going to put it up for sale again but need to get it redecorated as the buyer was going to do a lot of renovating on the house so didnt need to before.. so its off down the diy stores for some paint and see what paper on offer lol..

    Im not bothered abt the sale falling through as it doesnt stop me moving in july just means the house will sell empty so let the fun begin..

    got a meeting tonight at school abt dd sats which start on the 8th may.. have been getting her extra help towards this thanks to VickyA.. she a lot more confident abt them now

    Im packing more boxes and im being ruthless in my chucking out, good for the soul so they say, but i say good for my back as less boxes to carry when the move comes. Have to stop dd stealing the bubble wrap mind you got loads of it and probably wont use it all..

    right im off to get sorted and off to the diy store.. have a nice day everyone

    tattie bye for now
    Those we love don't go away,They walk beside us every day,Unseen, unheard, but always near,
    Still loved, still missed and very dear
    Our thoughts are ever with you,Though you have passed away.And those who loved you dearly,
    Are thinking of you today.
  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    I'm sat here worrying my socks off now as I've just had to ring the school about a strange man lurking around the school area. I'm really hoping it rains so they have to keep the children in the classrooms. With all the building work going on the playground is a mess and even the children can't find each other let alone the playground ladies keeping an eye on them all now :(
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

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  • Morning everyone.

    I slept pretty well last night (not rubbing it in by the way) but got up to go to the loo in the night - got back in bed about 4am and then drifted back off into a dream filled sleep about my dad. Started crying when I got up didn't stop til I got to the train station to go to w***. It's unbelieveable just how much I miss him - it will be 4 months tomorrow since he died and I just don't feel it's getting any easier like people keep telling me it will :confused:

    Anyway, cos I felt so miserable, I couldn't be bothered with toast today, by the time I got in to w*** I was hungry - I have stopped carrying cash with me and I refuse to use the cash machine so I couldn't buy anything - ah-ha luckily I put a red grapefruit into my cabinet here last week for emergencies - not as filling as toast but it helped.

    Sorry to be a misery - have to say though writing about it has made me feel a bit better - plus it's Admin/PA week at w*** so yesterday I got a nice shiny silver heliym balloon and today I got a sanctuary gift set so that has helped a little too :p


    Breakfast - Grapefruit
    Lunch - Tuna mayo and cucumber sandwiches
    Tea - at mum's as OH has SS tonight

    Thanks for letting me have a good moan!
    Lyndsey xx
    It's nice to be nutty but's more important to be nice
  • tootles_2tootles_2 Forumite
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    Morning all,

    ((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))))) to those who need them.

    PP did you complain at the site whilst you were there? It is often the first step to getting what you want, you did ring up and ask about access before you went, so you should have made a complaint at the park when you didn't get it.

    OH in the garden, going to Tesco and the library this afternoon, was going tomorrow but thoughta full free day might be a good idea... so.........monthly shop........start putting things i the crates for our trip will not bake until Thursday afternoon, OH is playing bowls so will be out for at least 4 hours giing me plenty of time to get it done out of the way.

    A dull morning, not too cold though, hope it warm us a bit for next week, not really bothered we will have a rest which is more important really, just got a couple of trips planned, will just take it as it comes and do what we feel like. The days of chasing off here, there and everywhere are long gone.

    Have a good day folks.................

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    saving for a trip to Florida and NYC Spring 2008

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  • freyaluckfreyaluck Forumite
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    Hope everyone is ok and the lack sleep is not creating too many problems for those who are suffering.
    Not a lot happening here today. Just need to post an ebay parcel.
    The meeting with the housing officer went well and she is going to try and sort all our problems out, including my smelly radiators :j
    just need to get the housework done and then I will be raking through my stuff for ebaying.
    hugs to all
    Saving for the future of the earth
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