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Old Style Diary Archive - APR 06

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Snowy, i've pm'ed you!
    'Puritanism: the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy'.

    H L Mencken
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    Morning Guys

    Not a good night here either last night. Seem to be in more pain than usual and have taken my strong painkillers. May have to ring my GP up later and ask about it.

    WM is ready to go on with a white wash, but will put it on in about an hour as its very misty/foggy here ATM and want the load hung outside-it should clear in a while. DW needs emptying and the house is all clean and tidy from friday. It was lovely sleeping in our own med last night with fresh bedding. OH is doing some more of the garden and cleaning down my teddy bear cabinets with vinegar and paper. I'll damp dust the bears whilst he's doing this.

    I must knuckle down and complete my TMA for the OU this week. So will do more reading today, make notes and start structuring the essays etc.

    Smokey-Did you get your stuff?

    SIL may be coming today and doing some odd jobs around the house for me and the ironing. Not sure what jobs to ask her to do:confused:

    OH has his final exam this friday through the OU counting towards his web development qualification, so know he has alot of reading to do too.

    Someone asked for OH's FishPie recipe, this is how he does it:

    3 good size pieces of any white fish
    OH cheated and bought 2 sachets of parsley sauce (12p each Lidl)
    Frozen petit pois
    Mash Spud
    Grated Cheddar

    Boil spuds for mash and season once mashed. Place the fish in oven dish and cover with 1 sachet of made up sauce (should cover half the fish and lightly broil it) Cook in oven for 15-20 mins. Break up the fish pieces and add the other sachet mix. Add the peas to the fish and sauce then spoon over the mash spud and lightly top with grated cheddar. Place in over for a further 10 mins or till cheese is bubbling and brown. Serve with veg. This should easily get 4 large portions from it.

    Regarding the holiday, Im thinking of sending a complaint letter off-does anyone think it will be worth it?

    Anyway, got to go as DD has just come down. BTW, her SATS are the week after I thought they were.

    Breakie:Cereal and fruit
    Lunch:Leftover Fish Pie
    Dinner: Toad In Hole, Spuds and Veg

    Hugs to all.

    To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it,
    requires brains!
  • westie666westie666 Forumite
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    well all you lucky ones, im just off to bed after an exciting nightshift!!! :shhh:

    hope the day passes well for you all and I'll check tonight and see what has been happening


    If you don't ask, you don't find out!
  • skystarskystar Forumite
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    Morning everyone

    Snowyowl - I sympathise with the early rising. I am usually awake most mornings from 4:30 and then just toss and turn until time to get up.

    PP - Sorry your weekend was disappointing. I would definately complain. I like to think that if people don't complain then companies won't know there is something wrong and then can't change it. If you know what I mean?!?!

    Well its wet and miserable here. Another day at work. My training course I thought I had today isn't until tomorrow. Woke up early this morning with a pain in my back and still a bit sore. Probably just the way I was lying.

    We are off to a caravan in the North of Scotland on Friday until Monday so tonight I am going to start getting stuff ready. Just making sure clothes that we are wanting to take are washed etc. My mum and dad decided last night they are going to come too but not until Saturday. They will be bringing my 5 year old niece as well. Should be fun.

    Have some left-over chicken in the fridge that I will use for dinner tonight. Just dunno what with :confused:

    Bye for now
  • smokey112smokey112 Forumite
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    Morning all

    welcome Westie

    Snowy - hope all goes well at the hosp - you need to let them know how you are feeling esp you sleeping

    PP - have PM you and yes thanks - sorry to hear about your caravan - I would defo complain - even though it was and "offer" you still excpect something to be "usuable"

    skystar - is it Nairn you are off too - we where there last year and loved it

    Hugs to everyone

    Need to go and get ready for work

    b - cereal
    l - sandwich ham/coleslaw
    d - stew / sausages

    Have lovely day all

    Take care
    BCSC NO 40
  • rchddap1rchddap1 Forumite
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    Not feeling so good today. OH was sneezing all night and woke me up. So I feel completely exhausted, have one of those lingering headaches and with luck I'll get another cold to add to the one I'm just getting rid of.

    Yesterday i decided to make some eccles cakes.....and I don't think that they'll last very long. I did waste a lot of pastry though but I have an idea on how to fix that for next time.

    Breakfast: Toast & honey thanks to my OH (isn't he sweet)
    Lunch: fruit, yoghurt etc...
    Tea: Possibly pork chops. Or a casserole haven't decided yet.
    Baby Year 1: Oh dear...on the move

    Lily contracted Strep B Meningitis Dec 2006 :eek: Now seemingly a normal little monster. :beer:
    Love to my two angels that I will never forget.
  • BWZN93BWZN93 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker

    Snowy - I sympathise with the sleeping problem, my sleeping is only just starting to get better with the occassional hiccup and know how much it affects you, I hope you get it sorted soon.

    Im not feeling too awake or too great today, Ive got to go to w**k, ive got period pains, and im tired. Had a good evening last night, I went to asda and got one of their cheapie freeview boxes that are supposed to be really good for the money, and im now the proud owner of more tv channels in the bedroom! My idea was to want to be in the room and use it more for relaxing in - ive only got one more sleep to go before the new bed arrives - yippee!

    Boyf has got to go to the bank today to pay of some of his overdraft (yey!) and hopefully ill finish at 4pm. I suppose id better go anyway, ive got to leave some feedback on ebay for some mosaic tiles ive now recieved, for my bathroom artwork thingy. Oh - I bought some of the most gorgeous fabric yesterday from the market near my work for my cushion project, it was £10 a meter but its lush!

    Hope you all have a nice day!

    Jo xx
  • stressedoutmumof1stressedoutmumof1 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Morning all :j

    Just a quick post as I've got to jump in the bath before I do the school run and then cycle off to work!

    WM is on, nearly finished so i can hang that on the line in a mo and stick another load to do whilst at work. Brekkie's all done, lucnhes are made, tea tonight will be 3 cheese pasta.

    Another busy day at work today, payroll cut off date. DH is on his countdown to finishing work (he finishes next Friday) - he's going out to lunch with his new company this Friday (oooh get him :D ) to meet the team ;)

    Anyway better go, (((((hugs))))) to all.

    Squares knitted for my throw ~ 90 (yes!!! I have finally finished it :rotfl: )
    Squares made for my patchwork quilt ~ 80 (only the "actual" quilting to do now :rotfl:)
  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    Morning all

    PP so sorry to hear you had a rubbish weekend, that's really not very clever of them!

    Snowy - how hard do you want hitting? :D

    I want to try and get some housework done today, I was absolutely shattered after driving mum around yesterday and just collapsed in front of the telly with a headache. I'm currently staying out of the way of the kids while they get ready for school but will start as soon as I get back from the school run. Washing to do, something to sort out for tea etc etc.

    Ho hum - painting the Forth Bridge again :(
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

    F U Fund currently at £250
  • ChippsChipps Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Good morning everyone

    Sorry to hear about so many sleepless nights. I had my keep fit group last night - there wasn't one last week, so I got home, had a bath & went to bed - didn't know a thing till the alarm went off this morning. Mind you, I have had a run of sleepless nights in the past week, so it's probably just catching up with me, aided & abetted by the keep fit session.
    :j this is me doing the keep fit (similar shape!) - although I don't have a smile the whole time :p

    DS has a friend coming to visit today, then we will go to a home ed. group this afternoon.

    Dinner I think will be a gammon joint. Now, shall I cook it in the slow cooker or pressure cooker? Decisions, decisions.
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