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Old Style Diary Archive - APR 06

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    Huge hugs elona, I hope you get some good news about your dad.

    I've had a completey wonderful day, even better than yesterday. I finally got to the House and Garden show at Cheltenham and it was brilliant!! DH bought a chocolate fountain and the same company where I spotted the henhouses were there and they had the henhouse with them!! Showed it to DH and he agreed that I should buy one, they have even agreed to put three nesting boxes on the back for the same price!! It should be with me in about three weeks :D I can't wait.

    Tea is a pasta dish with a sauce chucked together from the remnants of the fridge.

    Nutty, I could lend you my cat, it loves mice and can definitely eat a whole one :D
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  • PrudentPrudent Forumite
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    Moggins - hope you enjoy the hens. I am terrified of them, but eggs will taste great. I grew up on a farm and the eggs from supermarkets have never compared. I do sometimes manage to 'proper' eggs at the car boot sale.
    Elona - hugs to you. I hope the news about your dad is good.
    Nutty - my two cats ahve totally failed to catch the hamster that has been living under the kitchen cupboards since November.
    Well done to all the savers. I have been reading the signatures and some great achievements there.:T
  • woooohooooooo i love freecycle!!!!!!!!!!
    just got us a patio for the garden!!!! saw 35 slabs,16 decorative slabs and the bags of sand+stuff you need to lay it advertised and i've got pleased i just had to come and tell someone!! we've longed for a patio area since we moved in but cant afford it....hubby is going to collect the stuff in the morning with his brothers help :-)

    ELONA.....i do so hope you get good news about your dad,thinking of you.
  • BWZN93BWZN93 Forumite
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    Evening all!

    Ive been mainly relaxing today, which has been lovely. Today was the first day since I got my bed that I could stay in bed when i woke up, so I had a cup of tea and read a magazine in bed! Heaven! Ive had a little bit of a clean up and then went over to B&Q to buy a window box, one of those terracotta ones, and some paint as i wanted to jazz it up along with some existing terracotta pots I already had. They are now gently drying while I decide what to plant in them....

    I also treated myself on ebay this afternoon, and finally bought myself a sewing machine, for the grand cost of £36 inc delivery! It has 9 different types of stitch and looks ideal, the last time I used one was at school and that was fairly unsuccessfully so something massively technical wouldnt have suited me, but this will do everything I need! Yippee - im so excited! Ill actually be able to make the cushion covers ive been dreaming about.

    Boyf has bean at work all afternoon, and has been offered an extra shift tomorrow which is going to come in massively handy. He also handed over £75 today with little pursuasion from last weeks pay - I actually think he doesnt know what to spend money on, because it seems that the only thing he has bought is a takeaway sandwich and a few beers! He's been really good recently and we are getting on much better following the delivery of the bed, the missed delivery of it previously had really made my blood boil and he has now learned a very important lesson - Do as Jo says or else!

    Anyway, my herbs are looking at me asking for planting and watering!

    Jo xx
  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
    5.2K posts
    Yippeeee, MIL and FIL have just been and told me to hang on for the hens as they have loads of friends up in Shropshire with hens and they will pick some up for me :D

    We've had the chocolate fountain going and it was delicious.

    I was also fretting about how much I had to do tomorrow with washing and gardening etc and DH has told me to concentrate on the gardening and he will handle all the washing. Aren't there days when you just love life? :)
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

    F U Fund currently at £250
  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    Moggins - sounds like a great day at yours - :j
    Learningtosave - fantastic news on the patio - big fan of freecycle - think of the BBQ's you can have now!

    Well in a very non money saving way, I popped to get some growbags and ended up with a boot full of stuff - all of it needed - but not necessarily this week - ooops.

    Came home, thought I'd relax watching a bit of telly for a while and got hooked on a home shopping channel - ended up buying a steam cleaner!:rolleyes: I did have a look around online before making the purchase and it was a great price.....I shall be busy next week when it arrives - DH will be giving the car a good spruce up with it too.

    Just had SC chicken and roasties for tea and then popped onto DD's dance mat to work off a few calories - there's me - arms a flailing, black eyes a brewing (you know what I mean girls) and generally looking like a right twerp, fall exhausted on the sofa and it tells me "well done - you've burnt off 20 calories" :mad: :mad: Is that all? Pah!
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
  • powie69powie69 Forumite
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    HI All,

    Been a while since I last posted. Have been running around today trying to get things ready for holiday tomorrow. I'm off on a Sun holiday to Brean sands for the week. Still have some packing to do, but at least the house is clean and so is the car. Hope you all have a nice bank holiday weekend.

    A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.:D
  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    Hiya again :wave:

    Party was a success, although it did start to rain just before it started, but not enough to put the boys off. They didn't even play pin the sonic screwdriver on the Dr Who - and I did an A3 colour pic of him (David Tennant one) He got red wine spilt on him later on, courtesy of Mr TM (luckily it was on a plastic tablecloth - who says you only need them for kids :rotfl: )

    Most of the food is gone, lots of wine drunk by adults (not me thought, funnily enough, couldn't be bothered)

    I shall do most of the clearing uptomorrow though - it's too dark to venture down tothe summerhouse now. Our friends and their 2 boys didn't leave till nearly 10pm, which is why it's not done now (good excuse, eh?)

    Ah well, best get DS1's pressies ready as it's his birthday tomorrow and he'll be in bright and early no doubt :)

    Have a good night and hope you all get some decent sleep.

    TM xxx
  • RacyRedRacyRed Forumite
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    Learningtosave, congrats on the patio, that is wonderful news, and TM, I'm glad the party went well. Pooky, I hate those things that take great pleasure in telling you how few calories you have burnt off! :rotfl:

    Elona, I hope you have good news about your Dad. ((((hugs))))

    Moggins, that henhouse sounds wonderful! And Rzl, it is a good job you had probably eaten that duck salad before I read about it :drool:

    Sorry, I have lost track of the earlier posts, swiss cheese for brains :rolleyes: I hope everyone had a good day.
    Sweet_pea wrote:
    Its amazing how satisfying all this is really, its obviously a case of "simple things for simple minds" but I heard the other day that the key to happiness is contentment, so maybe the key to contentment is the simple things in life and not spending vast amounts of money?
    (Although I probably wouldn't say this if I happened to win the lottery!)

    Sweet Pea, I thought that was such a nice thing I wanted to quote it. It made me think; the other night I was a guest at a corporate dinner followed by a sunset flight on the London Eye, which was beautiful and probably quite expensive. This morning I was out in the "wilds" listening to the dawn chorus as the sun came up. It cost me a few pence bus fare. It is going to be interesting to see which memory stays with me the longest icon7.gif

    G'night all
    My first reply was witty and intellectual but I lost it so you got this one instead :D
    Proud to be a chic shopper
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