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Old Style Diary Archive - APR 06

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  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Made home made soap powder this morning and if I can get glycerine from the chemist will make shower gloop as well.

    Have a chicken lasagne in the slow cooker and spent most of the morning on the phone to cancel magazine subs etc.

    DDs are all at school, work, university or sixth form so _ peace - except DH is at home doing paperwork!

    Got a few bits from tesco but no Stardrops anywhere and Wilkinsons did not do borax - finally found it in a boots.

    Hugs to all those feeling under the weather.
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  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    Those lovely people at morphy richards are sending me a nice shiney new slow cooker!!!!

    A definate thumbs up for their customer service!
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
  • cha97michellecha97michelle Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    afternoon everyone,

    A lot of busy bees today by the sounds of it.

    I was hoping to get loads done at work today, as i was only supposed to teach one lesson. But we had 2 people off, and i ended up having to do 3 part lessons as well :mad: and that is what they call protecting my time. I did catch up on dealing with kids though ;)

    I really wanted to tidy my desk drawers too, as my head of department kindly tidied it for me by chucking everything from the top of the desk in the drawers.

    I may catch up tomorrow, but will have to hide i think.

    OS wise - i had a massive tidy up yesterday of my kitchen and dining room. I also made a delicious roast dinner. I conned DH into veg peeling while i washed my hair. He also produced a sticky toffee pudding, although that came out of a tin.

    We both forgot to bake bread again, so i had to stop at the sandwich trolly. :confused:

    Plans for this evening are to finish marking a set of books, add final touchs to the lesson that is being watched tomorrow, and turn the leftover roast beef into a stew.

    I am hoping tomorrow may be less manic. :cool:

    Lillibet - i know how you feel about photos. My sister did the same a few weeks ago, but we luckily took some. Apart from i asked DH to take one of me holding my nephew as i was a godparent, and he only got my arm in shot. I could have strangled him.

    Oh - just remembered. I was told that we are having a film crew in school at the end of September to film us running a workshop that we do about Space. Apparently there are photos of our school on European web sites as a centre of exellence for running it. Only that is when i'll be 8 months pregnant. I think i will be trying to get out of that one if possible. ;)

    Well, i'd best plod on so i can be in bed fairly early.

  • VickyA_2VickyA_2 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Afternoon all :hello:

    I've just had to sit through a very tedious staff meeting where nothing much got discussed but it lasted for an hour! Mmmmm. Nice :D

    Lillibet - sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday!

    Bargain Rzl - I wish I could get my hair cut for a fiver! Not fair!! (stamps foot in a rage :D)

    I've been quite productive today in school. I managed to mark a pile of papers that had been hanging over me since the end of last week. It was such a faff, but they got done! :j :j

    I've also phoned up Avis to book car hire for our honeymoon. We're getting it using Tesco Clubcard points, so we've been able to get a better one than we would have normally got due to the amazing amount of points we've saved :beer: I've told them that OH is going to be the only driver - reduces the cost and means that he can drive me round all the vineyards in Tuscany and Umbria :D:D Moi? Devious? :D

    My Teaching Assistant is moving house and she said that she was going to do a car boot sale and did I think that a slow cooker would sell? But of course! What size is it? Anyway, she's only gone and given it to me for nothing. I've tried to give her some money, but she won't take it! We've got a 2 person slow cooker already, but this will be great for making double and freezing the leftovers! :j :j :j

    On the Grandpa front, my mum phoned me to say that he's very weak indeed. However, when his mother died back in 1984 she'd had numerous "near death" comings, we don't know what will happen :confused: My mum is keeping me informed as and when necessary. I asked her whether I should go to visit him tonight, but apparently he's not up to visitors - not even her - and the nurses will phone her if necessary/needed for any reason. :(

    I've got to go and get home and carry on marking more work. :rolleyes:

    b: branflakes
    l: chickpea salad
    d: spag bol
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  • VickyA_2VickyA_2 Forumite
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    cha97michelle - your savings are looking great at the moment! Well done :j :j :j
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  • stressedoutmumof1stressedoutmumof1 Forumite
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    Evening all :j

    Busy day at work today, never mind I'm home now :rolleyes:

    DD's had her tea, HM chicken nuggets. DH and I are having burritos later (DD doesn't like them - but we love them :D )

    Had to buy a new controller for the xbox today as our one was knackered. 6.49 in argos - result :D
    Popped into the bakers on the way back and bought a chocolate fudge cake (not very OS I know) for pudding :o

    Looking forward to relaxing later with a glass of vino ;)

    Bye for now
    Squares knitted for my throw ~ 90 (yes!!! I have finally finished it :rotfl: )
    Squares made for my patchwork quilt ~ 80 (only the "actual" quilting to do now :rotfl:)
  • cha97michellecha97michelle Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    vickya wrote:
    cha97michelle - your savings are looking great at the moment! Well done :j :j :j

    Thanks - i'm aiming for £1000 a month regardless of what me and DH have to do without. In reality, not a lot except crap. We can do it when focussed like when we saved up our house deposit.

    I'm also doing pigsback for free baby stuff. Shame they don't do mothercare vouchers, which would have come in handy for buying new maternity bras. :eek: (Lots more expensive than primark and BHS). We also have a cashback credit card that pays us in vouchers whenever we want and have done really well out of them lately.

    I've set up loads of ING accounts such as baby fund, car, christmas, holiday plus many others. You may notice it not go up so rapidly in coming months as we want to pay another lump off the mortgage as this may be the last year we can afford to do it. I'm also determined to try and have an abroad holiday next year while i can go in term time. :T

    We also desperately need to do the living/dining room as it is not kiddie proof.

    I can but dream can't i? ;)

    Was thinking of you yesterday afternoon, i was watching some videos on the teacher tv website, but i don't think i spotted you. I did watch one teacher from Northants though. ;)
  • pancakequeenpancakequeen Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi All, a quick post before my DS needs the pc,

    Had a very hectic weekend in the garden but gots lots done as the weather kept fine. W**k was also very busy today so I didn't get a chance to post.

    I have just finished reading the thread and it seems like everyone had a good weekend.

    Hugs to all.
  • sarahmelitasarahmelita Forumite
    167 posts
    Afternoon all.

    Was SO busy at w**k today - so pleased that I made risotto for the freezer yesterday, didn't think I'd be eating it quite so soon though.

    Plans for this eveing are two loads of washing and a general tidy and then collapsing in front of the telly!
  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
    9.1K posts
    I've been Money Tipped!
    I haven't got any wine SOMO :(

    Kids have had their tea - tuna-cheese nuggets from the second Dinner Lady book,they went down reasonably well and were a good way of using up leftover mash.Me and OH will finish them off when he gets in with a beansprout salad from the More With Less Cookbook made with home sprouted sprouts!I don't really like feeding the kids separately,but they've got judo later so they need to have had their meal an hour or two before they start.

    Lovely peaceful day today as they were back at school :j

    My compost bin has been delivered - it's huge.The one I ordered from the local council for £15 wasn't available so they've sent me the £25 model for the same price :T They also threw in a free kitchen waste bin for all compostable stuff plus some bio bags (they biodegrade apparently).The kids are really keen and have diligently put their apple cores in the new bin.
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