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Old Style Diary Archive - APR 06

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  • tootles_2tootles_2 Forumite
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    Morning all

    ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))) Frey, keep at it girl, it will be worth it when its finished....

    A bit dull but dry, have a load of laundry to go out on the line and its cleaning day, want to do the whole house this morning, so better go and get my brekkie....

    see ya'll later..................

    Living in the sunny? Midlands, where the pork pies come from:

    saving for a trip to Florida and NYC Spring 2008

    Total so far £14.00!!
  • twinktwink Forumite
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    morning all

    well thats me, hoovering done washing on the line, kitchen floor scrubbed, been for the papers, just the bathrooms to do then i am out in garden, day off today.
    cloudy and windy today, but hopefully it will get warmer

    ice maiden - dds bulb went wrong in her fridge , it wasnt going off, she didnt realise till the butter was soft when she took it out, it had been beside the bulb

    smokey - marseti for dinner? pardon my ignorance fraid i was brought up on mince and

    ageandjo - sorry to hear about oh, pain can really take over your life, dont rest till you get an appt. asap

    r.mac - good luck with the exam tomorrow

    lillibet - glad the baptism went well

    chickadee - is oh able to move today after doing so well in the marathon

    love to all
  • RonankfanRonankfan Forumite
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    Morning everyone

    Stressedoutmumof1 - congratulations on the tickets - i know how you feel i felt the same when i got my ronan tickets!!!!

    Busy day today as DH is at physio now, this afternoon i have 2 parent/teacher appointments with the school (my children dont go back til tomorrow) and a dentist appointment at 5.15pm!!!! Today is my 13th wedding anniversary but we decided not to buy any cards or pressies and put the money in our mortgage pig instead!!!

    B - cereal
    L - sandwiches
    D - HM fish pie for DH and me - kids HM chicken nuggets

    Hope everyone has a good day

    Liz xx
  • smokey112smokey112 Forumite
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    twink wrote:
    morning all

    smokey - marseti for dinner? pardon my ignorance fraid i was brought up on mince and


    Others may call it something else but that is what I have always known it as

    campbells cond tom soup and cond chicken soup
    pasta cooked

    brown mince and onion, drain any fat, add some water and beef cube (if you want and cook from 30-40mins till liquid is reduced)
    add the tins of cond soup straight from can
    stir through grated cheese (as much or as little as you like)
    mix with cooked pasat
    add more grated cheese to top if required
    and eat

    BCSC NO 40
  • Well I thought I'd join in your chat today - hope thats ok.

    Moved at the weekend. So far can't find my glasses or my wallet - eek! Drove to work in prescription sun glasses in the drizzle...........

    Need to buy an oven and can't turn fridge on yet - so living on microwave meals. Its times like this I wish I had a slow cooker but not sure if I'm out the house too long to use one (10 and a half hours) Any one know?

    Have eaten a sandwich and flapjack so far this morning - looks like healthy eatings out the window.

    Don't mean to moan but think I'm over tired - aching, eyes feel like they have sand in them and would really appreciate curling up in bed. Still it can all be fixed with an early night, and its bank holiday next weekend so can finish the unpacking - hurrrah!
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  • chickadeechickadee Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Welcome New Caz! Well done on the house move. Things will be upside down for a while but I'm sure you will get it all sorted soon.

    Bet you looked really cool in the rain with your shades on! :cool: :cool:
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  • Morning all

    Sounds like everyone had a busy weekend!

    The Banana bread is going down a treat. Took some round to mum's house last night and bought the remainder to w**k as a treat.

    Breakfast - Cheese on toast
    Lunch - Cheese and Marmite sandwiches again - but I love em!
    Dinner - Shepherds/Cottage pie with Blueberry muffins for pudding.

    Have a fairly busy day today here at w**k lots of typing up to do glad I bought my mini disc to listen to.

    Shez - my OH has loads of Vinyl inc. picture discs etc. A lot of them are now collectors items so definately don't feel embarassed! It's great to listen to old stuff, except I have most saved to my PC at home. I love cooking to some old 80's stuff!!
    It's nice to be nutty but's more important to be nice
  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    Hiya everyone :wave:

    A slow start today - my last one as DS2 starts back at pre-school tomorrow, but DS1 isn't back till next week :) I was awake at 5.50 again, but resisted the urge to get up :D

    DS2 decided that he didn't want a nappy on last night, so let him just wear PJ's. Success - dry this morning and went to the loo (after a reminder) when he got up. We seem to be OK with weeing - it's 'the other' we shall have to work on IYKWIM.

    It's a gorgeous day here today so I'm going over to mum's in a minute to do her cleaning and garden. I'd put some washing out - but I don't have any for a change :D Hmmm - wish I could say the same for the ironing, but that's an 'in front of Corrie tonight' job.

    Other than that - no news or exciting info to impart.

    Lillibet - when DS2 was christened, we took loads of photos, only the film was thrown away (by Mr TM, but he denies it!!) so we have a couple taken by my mum and that's about it. I did put him back in his christening gown a couple of weeks later and took some more of him though.

    Well done to Mr Chickadee too - something you won't catch me doing, although I wish I was able (which is not the same as having the inclination :D)

    Ok - mystery shopping phone job to do now and then off to my mum's.

    Catch ya later.

    TM xxx
  • Bargain_RzlBargain_Rzl Forumite
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    Morning everybody :hello:

    Well it's a damp, grey and misty day in the land of Rzl, though not actually raining. I am at w**k but I have a few things to look forward to: tomorrow (payday), Wednesday (afternoon off), next week (whole week off) :D (edited to say: oops, payday's actually Wednesday. Am waiting to see if they've got my tax code right :rolleyes: )

    chickadee - wow, your OH did do well! My sister was hoping for 4h30 and was a bit disappointed to come in at 5h (her first time though). (I'm kicking myself too, cos I didn't realise she'd be taking that long and assumed she must have already finished already when I was heading to Charing Cross to go home after church - of course now I realise I must have been about 3 streets away from her when she finished and could have gone to watch :doh: ) My brother used to do fun runs too. How I ended up with sporty siblings I'll never know :confused:

    stressedoutmumof1 - hope you didn't have to remortgage the house for those tickets ;)

    Lillibet - glad it went so well - :doh: about the photos though! I know you're hoping everybody took lots of pics of Spud, but I think we're hoping that somebody managed to capture your seven-bird roast for posterity ;):D :drool:

    Welcome to The New Caz! 'Course it's ok if you join in :D

    nuttyrockeress - wish I got to listen to my minidisc at work :(

    Have already achieved one of my missions for today which was to book a cheap haircut (Toni & Guy's Academy) for next Wednesday morning when I'm off work. Just in time to wow everybody at the OS meet! It's going to cost me £5, which as I have a budget of £20 a month for haircuts and haven't had it done for ages, means I will be able to transfer a big chunk from my hair budget into my savings as of next week :D (Not counting on it quite yet though, as once in the past I had a cheap training haircut cancelled at the last minute and ended up having to pay my usual place over £30 to do it - as I'd already booked the day off work!)

    Other missions for today (after w**k, that is) are to make a carrot cake, do some rice to go with the sausage casserole I'm defrosting, and probably do a batch of macaroni cheese to cover a few lunches as I may not have time to cook again until Thursday evening. Also (linked to the above!) need to do a meal plan for the rest of the week! Due to my economy drive through April and May I am trying to stick to £10 a week on groceries, though I've allowed myself £20 next week so I can go to the farmers' market :D

    Breakfast: 2 small croissants (half of a pack I got for 10p reduced!)
    Lunch: Fish pie & peas
    Dinner: Sausage casserole & rice

    Hope everybody has a lovely day :)
    Rzl xx
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
  • ChippsChipps Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Good morning everyone

    Lillibet, glad all went well with Spud's christening
    ageandjo - hope oh's problems can be sorted out asap

    Well I have done next to nothing this morning, as I am really tired. Have had DD to stay for the weekend with her 2 babies, so there is lots to clear up - still, we would rather see them and clear up after than not see them and have no mess! :D
    It was only a few years ago that we had wall to wall toys on a permanent basis, but I had got used to not having them about! (Now we just get wall to wall computer games etc, & they take up less space) ;)

    Anyway, must get washing out on the line - it's not raining at the mo....

    Have a good day!
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