Any Tesco savings vouchers about????

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    Hi. Found these codes in a booklet that Tesco sent me with my Tesco Visa Card Statement. Not big discounts and have not tried them myself, but may be of use to someone:

    E: 31/12/03

    1. £5 off when spend £99 in Tesco wine warehouse
       code = xxvisawine

    2. £5off when you spend £30 on Tesco flowers
       code = xxvisaflowers
       Call 08456 775577 and quote xxvisaflowers
       Further 5% off by ordering online at and entering this code

    t&c's on tesco website. Leaflet states only one e-coupon starting XX per customer transaction.
    (Further discounts just found on website:)

    3. "If you buy any product from the Flowers Warehouse ( between Monday 8th December and midnight on Thursday 18th December, you will receive an eCoupon which will entitle you to £10 off your next grocery shop. The eCoupon is valid when you spend and have delivered £100 or more of groceries from in a single delivery up to and including 10th January 2004. Purchases from the Wine Warehouse do not qualify. This eCoupon can only be used once. This eCoupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other eCoupon beginning "XX". You will receive the eCoupon on your order confirmation email, after you have placed an order on the Flowers website. Standard eCoupon terms and conditions apply"

    Cheapest flowers I could find are £12:34 "Flowers by Post" inc p&p - Carnation Classic

    4. Half Price Wine:
    Masia L'Hereu Reserva Privada
    Internet Exclusive - Introductory price
    From 01/02/04 £41.94 case of 6.
    Now only £20.97 case of 6
    (£3.50 per 75cl bottle*)

    Finally have a £5 off next on-line shop e-coupon which came with my clubcard statement. I am not planning to use it (E: 31/12/03) but I do not know if it is a personal code or not, so it may or may not work for others, but maybe worth a try??


  • firstly, I probably will not be posting for a while after this because ny fiancee is very ill :'( and all my attention will be focused on her - so apologies now if any questions are asked or pm's arrive and I do not answer.

    secondly, I have just phoned 2 Asdas and 1 safeway asking them their coupon policy. On all 3 occasions they said they only accept coupon if item bought.

    When i then said I had letter/email from their head offices saying that their policy is TO ACCEPT COUPONS EVEN IF PRODUCT NOT BOUGHT all 3 suddenly changed their tune and said oh yes actually we do. Took the names and then said 'so we will not be embarrased at your checkout when we do our shopping' and they again said that they WOULD accept the coupons.

    So a written respons from head Office and a name at 3 stores.

    When I get a chance to go I will test this out.

    Don't know when I will next be back.

    Have a great Christmas everbody.

    LM :)
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    Lawnmower Man

    hope things get back on track for you both very soon.

    all the best mate
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    Can you pass on my best wishes LM? Merry Christmas to you both. Take care.

    Andrea :)
  • Hi all,

    Lawnmower Man,

    Best wishes to you both.

    [move]Leo :):)[/move]
    Dont you just love freshly congealed pigs blood, with a bit of fat in :D
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    Hi Lawnmower Man

    I’d like to add to the sentiments above and wish your fiancée a speedy recovery.

    My best wishes to both of you for Christmas and the New Year.

    FF :):D
    ;)Do It To Them Before They Do It To You ;)
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    Hi Pablo_Money

    Thanks for the code. My Tesco online account accepted it - £5 discount on £50 spend delivered by 03rd-01-04. :D
    ;)Do It To Them Before They Do It To You ;)
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    Hi Murphy The Cat

    Thanks for the code.  My Tesco online account accepted it - £5 discount on £75 spend delivered by  :o July 04 :o
    ;)Do It To Them Before They Do It To You ;)
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    Bought the Sainsbury magazine for £1.20, there are £8.30 of vouchers in the back mostly for Sainsburys own brands.My local tesco took them all off my £12.19 bill and they all scanned straight through

    ;D ;D ;D
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    LM - my best wishes to you and your fiancee. Hope things improve and Christmas is a happy affair. Look after yourselves.
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