Any Tesco savings vouchers about????

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  • on the parents on a budget forum a lot get posted or swaped... one member collates them all as a fortnightly email.

    Can anyone copy me in on this email please? The woman who runs it has closed it to new members.


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    Last year on the run up to christmas Tesco were taking sainsburys coupons for their own products.  On the site it says it doesn,t take the ones for particular products.  I wonder if they will do this again.  Last year sainsburys magazine, costing 1GBP had just under 40GBP in their December issue!  Paid for christmas last year.....
    :DJust been to and they say that they will accept Sainsburys and Safeway vouchers for online shopping - for a limited period - up to a max discount of £15. Just give the voucher to the driver when s/he delivers and you'll be refunded the appropriate amount! ;)

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    Theres a 20p off next purchase coupon on some St Ivel Gold inner foils, which I'm assuming can be kept to use against any Tesco shopping in store.  

    I bought mine BOGOF (89p for the two) from Sainsburys (ordered online on Saturday).  If its any help the batch code on the foil of both my packs is KB069717 and both have the coupon.

    Andrea  :)

    I pm'd Danny but if anyone else was wondering by "usual Tesco vouchers" i meant the Clubcard vouchers.

    Anyway, I'm really posting just to reiterate what Andypandy said. A very, very, very big thank you to you Lawnmowerman. Your homesolutions link has been a godsend.

    I'm not going to keep posting every time I save some money on this cos its going to be never-ending i think (and hope). Between the homesolutions vouchers and the heinz vouchers I managed to cut a shop i did this morning down from over £17 to just £5 odd - giving me 7 bags of shopping including 2 boxes of shredded wheat for the Eat for £1 offer. :)

    Thank you so much Lawnmowerman - you're the best. ;D :)

    Andrea :)
  • Andrea - No problem I am actually pleased I have been able to add something back to the site rather than asking questions ;D

    Only wish I could still access the homesolutuons site. I cannot get anymore printed as it says I have reached my limit :'(

    Have you had the same problem. If not I would dearly love to know how you got round it as these coupons/vouchers are definitely the most valuable and reliable ones I have found thus far.

    If my fiancee and I could print these out each week we would be very very happy.

    Also, am I jealous OR am I happy :-/ - a 97% reduction in your bill :o Actually think it is MOST EXCELLENT. Think I may have to just buy exactly £2 worth of goods and then hand over £2 worth of coupons just so I can report back and say I had 100% reduction - or am I just being childish ;) (maybe I should do it on a BOGOF at the same time ;D ;D ;D)

    Anyhow, any info on the homesolutions limit I would once again love to know even if you have to pm me in case it is a surruptitious method.


    LM :)
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    ;D Thats not childish at all LM. We all aim to save as much as we can don't we? It would be cool if you could save 100%.

    I'm ashamed to say despite you posting that link ages ago, i've only just started printing vouchers off it :-[ so I may have a little way to go before i reach my limit.

    Do you know anyone that doesn't use the internet that wouldn't mind you using their address? I suppose in that case, as was mentioned before, you'd have to delete your cookies to do it. Just an idea.
  • Hello Andrea,

    Tried the deleting of cookies but somehow Homesolutions still knows I am trying to get more coupons even though I also put in a different email address using my fiancees name and details.

    Somehow it has its claws in my pc. So despite another person registering with completely different details because it is going via my pc I can only conclude they have 'planted' something in my hardrive >:(

    I suppose the only way to get them continually would to restore my pc back to its originial state with the restore cd. But I am still worried that somehow homesolutions would still know :(

    Cannot even try workplace - they would go loopy if I accessed the internet :o

    Oh well

    LM :)
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    Hi LM

    I actually just this minute pm'd you about exactly that. Woops :-[ Ignore my pm then.

    Thats a real shame. I've been trawling around looking for some more Home Solutions-type sites but haven't found any yet. I'm sure if we keep hunting between us we can find something. :)

    Andrea :)
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    Try this site, found it earlier on. Got a few coupons off it!!

    Regards, Carl ::)
  • I have mentioned a couple of these before but here is the full set with direct links. They come by post AND can be ordered as many times as you want without the need to clear cookies or anything.

    My 2 Tescos will not take them as they will not scan although they could be keyed in (the pot luck situation)

    Adsa though say there should be no problem.

    Safeway say they will take anything but yet to try there.

    Looks to me if you shop at Asda you have a continuous supply at £2.30 every order.

    I have loads already. 25p 25p 40p 50p 50p 40p

    Happy shopping

    LM :)
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    If its any help to anyone that likes tortillas, there was a £1 off token in my packet of Discovery tortillas that I opened this evening.

    I bought them around a month ago in a Sainsburys online shop so I don't know if the tokens are in all packets, in just ones from Sainsburys or even if it was just in that batch.
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