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Survey Stashing: PureProfile hints & tips

edited 12 May 2009 at 1:23PM in Boost Your Income
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MSE_JennyMSE_Jenny MSE Staff
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edited 12 May 2009 at 1:23PM in Boost Your Income
What’s this about? Willing to give your view on the Labour Party, answer questions about your sex life, or test out the latest moisturiser? If so, it’s possible to earn £100s a year, without any special skill or talent. It’s all about stashing cash from filling in online surveys or taking part in focus groups.

The first point of call is read the full Survey Stashing guide. Then having found the best survey sites, this discussion is specifically to talk about feedback and tips for the survey site


If you want to discuss survey sites in general please go to the Survey Stashing Discussion.

If you’ve got a suggestion/tip

Simply click reply and add your suggestion, though its worth scanning down first to check it's not been duplicated.

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  • libra10libra10 Forumite
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    Have been with Pure Profile quite a while and received several £25 payouts.

    They don't always send an email for surveys and it's worth checking every day to see whether anything available. Not been invited to do a focus group.

    These days very few surveys for my profile.
  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
    7.1K posts
    The trick with PureProfile is definitely to log in every day and press the 'Next Button' which leads you on to any available surveys. I very rarely get any survey alerts emailed to me so I log in every day and generally receive 2-3 per week.

    Today, for example, I logged on and had 3 waiting for me. I got screened out of one of the surveys but PureProfile pay a small amount as a screen-out reward (10p) so it does help to build your total up to payout level which is £25.

    To date, I've received two payouts from PureProfile and am currently on £22.80 so looking forward to requesting another shortly. :)
  • kianickykianicky Forumite
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    i'm now on my third payout from pure profile. although it seems they take longer than the 21 days to pay out redemptions as stated on their website. seems more like 4 weeks.
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  • deadleg21deadleg21 Forumite
    136 posts
    omg i never log in, thought they emailed all - been sitting at £12 for ages :P
  • been a member since 2004 i think and I still havent reached 25, but edging closer. I have only just started logging in regular. Myst remember to go on when i get home from work as there is one waiting for me which i cant access from my work pc as everything is blocked
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  • kell.bkell.b Forumite
    240 posts
    Thought all available surveys were emailed out, I've never thought to log in. How many times have I missed out!! Just logged in and there was a survey, but I didn't qualify, but 10p is better then nowt.
  • i'm stuck on £24.94 for ages !!! :-) on second payout in three years
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  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    Could someone give the URL for PureProfile?

  • TomboTombo Forumite
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    I'm sitting on £24.25
    Been logging in daily but haven't received anything for a while.
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