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Food to take on holiday in a caravan?



  • meritaten
    meritaten Posts: 24,158 Forumite
    my OH used to do this when it was his turn to cook supper in our caravan. you need a large frying pan and
    tin of corned beef
    tin of new potatoes
    tin of tomatoes
    tin of beans
    an egg for each person he used to do five
    ok you open the tin of corned beef (but its optional if really strapped for money)
    and chop it up and dry fry it in frying pan
    open the potatoes and chop them up roughly and tip them in with corned beef and then add the tomatoes and beans
    when they are bubbling hot carefully break each egg into the mix and turn the heat down low - serve when eggs are cooked through to your liking.
    i liked mine with worcestershire sauce the kids had ketchup and OH had brown sounds a mess but it really is nice specially if the night is a bit cold. cheap too!
  • eamon
    eamon Posts: 2,319 Forumite
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    You shouldn't have a problem. Many walkers "wild camp" and bring all their own food. The last time I walked the Way (circa 1997) I did see one wild camper that didn't quite make it, an empty whisky bottle, thrashed tent and one comatose walker. That was in Drymen. Barely one day into the walk!
  • se999
    se999 Posts: 2,409 Forumite
    Sorry but when you're in a tent or a caravan, it has to be at least a bacon butty or sausage sarnie for breakfast, or as near as you can get to the full english breakfast, if you don't, others will, and unless you're veggies it's difficult not to succomb, especially as the odours waft around the camp site :)

    Admittedly it did fail once when I accidentally bought cranberry sausages _pale_ , we'd been trying to avoid them for days when touring, but still accidentally bought some :(
  • jamgirl
    jamgirl Posts: 215 Forumite
    my mum bought a static caravan last year and i love it :-)

    i always cook and freeze a roast joint before we go. take it out of freezer on the morning we go, well wrapped in foil and newspaper and put in cool box with ice packs. take out of box when we get there and put in fridge to defrost ready for the following day. tinned veg or fresh depending how much time you want to spend preparing/cooking.

    chicken breast roasted in oven with bacon, mixed with pasta and mayo

    homemade pizza.......make dough in advance and freeze. take frozen. take toppings with you.

    chicken fried rice is a fave with us on our first night. cook rice and chicken night before and put in fridge. heat through with egg, peas and mushrooms.
  • HoneyB17
    HoneyB17 Posts: 96 Forumite
    thanks for all the suggestions folks. Sorry ots taken me so long to respond but just returned from A&E with DD as she fell and took a chunk out of her chin. Managed to catch the local GP surgery and a nurse put some paper stitches on but it opened up again so had to take her in:(
    Hopefully manage to get caught up on this tomorrow as I'm shattered
  • zippychick
    zippychick Posts: 9,364 Forumite
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    Aw bless you - hope your DD is ok Honey! xxx
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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  • puss14
    puss14 Posts: 310 Forumite
    Hope your DD is feeling ok.

    Regarding what you need in a caravan, according to the Royle family a chippy pan is vital:p
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  • macpep1
    macpep1 Posts: 1,749 Forumite
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    HoneyB17 wrote: »
    Any suggestions please. OH is walking the west highand way starting Sat. As the children are off school Mon and Tues we thought we could go down and stay Sat to Tues:T. Don't have the money to eat out so please any recommendations of stuff I should take with me food wise(I'm assuming the shop onsite will charge a fortune:eek:). There will be myself, OH, DS (14) and DD (7). Also will be MIL and FIL and BIL but I'm not feeding them as well as my Thought I might take the slow cooker and use that while we're out for the day??
    Many thanks

    I would defo recommend taking the slow cooker. We go quite a few caravan holidays and I have a list set up for meals when we are away which I can PM you if you like, (I a quite anal about lists) :rotfl:
    It has all our meals listed for the duration, what I can take from store cupboard and what I need to buy.
    We took the plunge this year and bought a wee second hand touring caravan and she is making her "maiden Journey" on Friday to a site near Pitlochry so I have her almost packed up.
    There are great tips as well such as taking your own knife/frying pan/toilet roll/salt/pepper/sauces. Also cards, dominoes, etc, games you would never think of playing in the house but in a caravan you have to spend time together which is why I love it :D:T

    I usually also take home cooked meals from the freezer so its just a matter of making potatoes and veg or pasta so I don't feel as if I am going from my kitchen sink to a caravan kitchen sink IYSWIM.

    Have a great time and hope the weather keeps dry for you.
    :TGratitude is the best Attitude :T
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  • HoneyB17
    HoneyB17 Posts: 96 Forumite
    Thanks for the offer macpep1 I would be really grateful if you could pm me the list? We are hoping to get away for a fortnight in the summer too in a caravan so it'll come in handy for then too:)
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