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Food to take on holiday in a caravan?



  • JSF
    JSF Posts: 188 Forumite
    Anything simple can be cooked in a caravan, else agree ..try the local pubs.

    Good washing up liquid is normally what I forget or need.
  • angela110660
    angela110660 Posts: 928 Forumite
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    Agree with all above ideas and would add - take own sauce, salt and pepper etc as always costs a bomb in shop on site. We always bring own cereals, tea, coffee,sugar,bread, marg, jam etc. and enough for at least one main meal. I am sure there will be a supermarket en route or nearby to get the rest fresher once you are there. Have a lovely time.
  • Penny-Pincher!!
    Penny-Pincher!! Posts: 8,325 Forumite
    Static caravans are just like normal homes and generally have a full size you can cook everything you can at home really.

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  • sillyvixen
    sillyvixen Posts: 3,614 Forumite
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    my parents have a touring van with an oven - but still prefer to bbq - if the weather is not too inclememt - knowing the taste is better than oven cooked meat- they are on holiday, have all the time in the world, and my dad is king of the barbi and its the only time he cooks (apart from the occasional meal in the microwave when my mum is out) and will put up with all weather that can be controlled with a golfing umbrella.... and my mum enjoys the fact that she is on holiday and only has to prepare salad! it is worth taking a portable barbeque (or disposable) just to make a change!
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  • b3nton
    b3nton Posts: 254 Forumite
    edited 16 May 2009 at 5:58PM
    mmmmm, barbeque.

    Take lots of meat! i21-14.jpg mmmm...
  • mandragora_2
    mandragora_2 Posts: 2,611 Forumite
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    I agree with the post about cooked brekkie (make it brunch!) and then last for the rest of the day, just doing - or buying - a meal for the evening. Take bacon, eggs, sausages, butter, nice bread and a man to cook it all for you.
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  • shopndrop
    shopndrop Posts: 3,548 Forumite
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    We have a tourer and always take my slow cooker, Remoska and BBQ. Definitely take the basics with you as the site shops are always really expensive. We also tend to have quite a few pasta meals with different sauces or even a pasta salad if the weather is good.
  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Posts: 46 Forumite
    When we go away I always take a few ready made meals that just need to defrost and be heated through personaly start about a month befote we are going and make two of something we are having and freeze it then just as we are leaving pop in a cool bag never been defrosted before we got there or even the next morning (midnight couldn't find shally two tired boys just grabbed toys an pjs !) also even though theres only a fridge have still had to take stuff out to defrost as they take ages we like lasagna, buritos and cottage pie type dishes this I think is why they take so long to defrost theres no air spaces in them. Would also say take loads of snacks we seam to go throught tones and extra cereals and more bread then I ever think we will need I also pack jelly and angel delight brill quick and easy puds that don't take up much space can add a tin fruit if you like.
    I also always take a frozzen milk as we have two small boys and go through alot this keeps the fresh bottle cool in the bag and means Im not having to go wondering round in the middle of the night in the middle of no where cause babs has just drunk the last of the milk and wants more !

    Don't forget your washing up stuff tea towel kitchen roll and toilet roll ! oh and don't bother with haven never had a worse holiday :mad:
  • Anne_Marie_2
    Anne_Marie_2 Posts: 2,123 Forumite
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    Further to the above advice, I would suggest taking a supply of canned food with you. It is one time I use tinned new potatoes. No washing and peeling involved. Similarly with other canned veg such as sweetcorn/peas/green beans, especially if you only have a little box freezer compartment. Tins tomatoes or passata for pasta. Tinned meat such as ham or corned beef, tins of tuna and salmon.
    Smoked sausage and gammon steaks have a long shelf life, so ideal for taking away with you.
  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608 Forumite
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    I've got a fold up crate in the kitchen ready for when we go away on the 25th. I've started putting in bits and pieces as I think of it/buy it. Sandwich bags, foil, tea towel, washing up liquid etc. The first time we went to Newquay we couldnt find a decent supermarket so ended up buying expensive stuff in the site shop. We now know where Morrisons is when we need it but I find it better to take everything we need, especially for a short break.

    Dont forget your cool bag and freezer blocks, I usually do lol
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