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Food to take on holiday in a caravan?



  • aloiseb
    aloiseb Posts: 701 Forumite
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    I well remember our first caravan holiday: a fortnight in a caravan in France.Mum didn't trust the food abroad so she brought along 14 tins of M & S Chunky Chicken, and Savoury Mince. We had one a night (between 5 of us) with rice or potatoes. Lunch was always a baguette and cheese triangles. I think breakfast was cornflakes.
    In Mum's defence I have to admit that none of us had holiday tummy!
    I have got the hang of French food since those days (against all odds .........) but still intend to take an emergency can of Chunky Chicken along when we go later this year........
  • pursekeeper
    pursekeeper Posts: 35 Forumite
    We do a lot of caravanning at weekends but can't go until my husband finishes work on friday evening, so for a quick dinner when we get to our destination i normally choose to do chicken stirfry, so easy to make with packet of ready stir fry veggies, strips of fresh chicken,and packet of sauce. It literally takes minutes :beer:
  • AMANDA62
    AMANDA62 Posts: 16 Forumite
    :rotfl::TWe always take or buy in the local (cheap) supermarket ie lidl aldi or heron at least 2 lge bags of pasta (cheap value or smartprice). Then cook a full bag at time put enough cooked pasta in a bowl or saucepan for 1 meal add a pasta sauce. Then use the leftovers to make a pasta salad for the next day. The 2nd meal could be pasta bake again using left overs for a pasta salad. We have our own caravan and use a slow clooker loads have even cooked stews etc and a joint in it. Plenty of bacon is a good idea for breakfast. Sausages can be used for breakfast,sausage and mash , sausage casserole or even toad in the hole
  • When I go on holiday in my campervan I take with me stir fry sauces i.e. blue dragon, amoy and then buy the fresh products when I am on holiday from a local market, you can then take a wok and stir fry a meal in no time which is quite cheap, very healthy and nutricious with lots of different sauces to try. To this you can add noodles in the same pan saves on washing up and it only takes about 10 minutes. Put pan on table and enjoy with a nice glass of wine.
  • We've just recently come back from a week in the Lake District in a static caravan. We had one meal "out" in the time that we were there.

    We took our own breakfast ie, porridge & tinned grapefruit. We also had the provision of a loaf of bread "just in case". Biggest saving has to be have a good breakky before heading out for the day.

    We took with us a few home made dishes, ie curry and a chilli, both pre made and just needed warning in the microwave which comes as standard in most caravans now. Just added rice or jacket potato.

    We called into an Asda near where we were staying and picked up some of those "2 for £5" chicken in foil dishes. One night we had Mexican chicken and rice with dorito's and another we had chicken en croute with mixed steamed veg (done in micro).

    Of course the benefit of the savings were reaped in the bottle (or 2!?!) of wine to follow.

    There were 2 adults in our party but we have done same with 4 adults (both our kids are teenagers & eat more than us!!). We find it suits us better to cater for oursleves as we are rarely dissappointed then.

    We only ate out one night of our stay and although it was OK, that is all it was, and it cost us £39 for 2 Lasagne's with salad and garlic bread and 1 pint of bitter and 1 glass of red wine!! I have in the past taken a lasagne and just warmed it in the oven or microwave.

    One tip i would put to use is that i bought one of those big blu re usable bags from a well known super that makes sure every little helps, and filled it with bits and bobs, ie, dishwash cloth, tea towel, hand towel, kitchen roll, toilet roll, tea, coffee, washing up liquid, salt, pepper, vinegar, sauces if liked, liquid handwash, bread knife, bottle opener, tin opener, rubber gloves (water is always boiling in caravans!!) etc. I never had to buy anything whilst there from the camp shop, they are so expensive but the same stuff can be taken from home for a fraction of the cost.

    My intention is to keep the stuff in there for our next trip. And if i use anything I intend to replace it before throwing the "empty/item" away.

    There's no reason why a trip away cant be as well managed as at home and still enjoy it. In the correct weather i would just take bbq or disposable bbq's and same as previous to get by with, then we'd bbq chicken or sausage etc and have with rice or salad etc.

    we've never failed to enjoy or relaxing breaks.

    The reason we have to be so careful with our income is that we both work full time (1 low wage) and are not entitled to ANY income support and have 1 child in Uni and 1 at A level with view to Uni!!!!!!!!

    good luck

  • mum26
    mum26 Posts: 1,485 Forumite
    We tend to do jacket potatoes, pizzas (whichever ones are on special offer, lol), take a frozen bowl of homemade pasta sauce with us in the cool bag for pasta one night, cans of beans to go with potatoes or on toast for a filling lunch, cheese on toast, scrambled eggs etc etc. We are lucky as our kids are at the stage where they are so excited by being in a static caravan they'll eat anything!

    Oh, jelly too, handy to make up in the morning then leave in the fridge when you are out and about, nice and quick and cooling when you get in from a day at the beach or whatever xx
  • mandragora_2
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    I always keep a tin or two of rice pudding in the caravan cupboard - a comforting warmer on a miserable day; great chilled with tinned pears on a hot one! There's also a box of tomato passata or small boxes of tomato couli in there too, because they make a great - and quick - base for any pasta type dish. Dried herbs and either a tub of lazy garlic or a few cloves of garlic add a bit of flavour to food!
    Reason for edit? Can spell, can't type!
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We actually got back on Friday and it rained nearly all week... Still enjoyed it though.
    We had all our breakfasts in the caravan, lunch out for the first half of the week, then when re realised it was getting too expensive we made picnics up.
    We only had tea out once and whilst it was nice, I've got to say I enjoyed our meals in the caravan better. Some of the things we had were jacket pots, chicken and salad, sausage egg and chips, pasta, pizza. All in all we probably weren't very healthy, but had a fab time, and it was a lot cheaper than eating out every night!
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  • sunflower76
    sunflower76 Posts: 560 Forumite
    Glad you had fun Yorkshire Chick.

    I use being in a caravan as an excuse to eat some total junk - meals that I'd normally restrict at home. So we'd have:

    Bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon
    Posh cereal that we wouldn't normally have
    Fry up

    Roast chicken and fresh bread
    Potato Waffles, beef burgers and baked beans
    Fry up
    Chips and pie
    Smoked Salmon leftover from breakfast with pasta and creme fraiche
    Crisps and dips
    Chilli con Carne
    Spag Bol
  • jo1972
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    Glad you had a good time YorkshireChick, albeit it in the rain! Some great ideas on here, not just for caravan'ing holidays but to have at home too!! :D
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