Dishwasher tablets - how much do you use?

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I have been cutting my dishwasher tablets in half for years & have not noticed any difference in the clean dishes. Now & again I will do a wash with a full one but there is no difference at all. So if you half the tablets you are getting twice as much for your money i.e. half price. It works for almost any make of tablet, I have tried them all.

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    Probably depends on whether you have hard or soft water. I suspect you have soft water - if someone has hard water they'll probably need to use the full amount though.
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  • debeast
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    out of interest do you have softwater ????
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  • Valkyrie_2
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    Excellent tip - thanks ;D I never would have thought of that :)
    Val :)
  • moneysaver
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    I live in the north of England so my water is probably medium/soft. Give it a try if it does not work go back to a full tablet, what have you got to lose.

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  • cathy_3
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    ;Dthe simplest ideas are always the best !! id never have thought of that either ;D
  • That is a brilliant idea. I live in a soft water area (South Devon), and am gonna give this a go straight away. Thanks :)
  • seaniboy
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    ok who can help here?

    these tablets r a rip off

    and I buy ecover ones as they are not damaging to aquatic life so thats more expense...............

    so need cheap dishwashing suggestions must b cheap and be enviromentally friendly

    shall we find out
    whos the master(/mistress, sorry ladies) of this forum...........let the games begin
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    Ordinary bio clothes washing powder. I can't take credit for this idea, Cathy's been using it for years and put me on to it. (Thanks Cathy, by the way :D)
    I use between a tsp and a tbsp depending how dirty the wash is and the dishes come up fine. Sometimes get a build up of tea/coffee stains but 1/2 a dishy tab brings them out. Never us a full tab even when I used them all the time I only used 1/2 and my crocks gleem :D
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    I know that the ecover tablets are expensive but at least you're not chucking phosphates and toxic waste in what in effect is everyone's drinking water.

    I also use them but buy them in bulk via a wholefoods wholesaler.

    There are also some other non-toxic products, such as dishwasher gel etc.

    There must be a non-toxic alternative to bio-powder (it is sooooo bad for the environment!).

    I always find it quite challlenging to balance the frugal lifestyle with the 'green' one, don't you?

    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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    the ordinary soap powder is fine for the dishwasher, my cuz told me and he works in unilever so I tried it, and my dishy is now almost 10 years old never had a problem

    very rarely I use a dishwasher tablet but as man about says, if you get a few stains just pop half of one in there and they come up great
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