Sandwich fillings

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sandwich fillers - how long do homemade versions keep?

i was wondering if you made them yourself instead of bought the plastic tubs from the supermarket how long would they keep and how would you store them?

used to buy cheese savoury, egg mayo and tuna mayo.

also if anyone has a ny recipies suggestions that would be great.
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    some recipe suggestions for you HERE and HERE. Hope these are of some help!!
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    grated mature chedder cheese and chopped up apple mixed with a little fromage frais to give a cool moist taste served on malted bread emm very yummy!! i always find cheese goes well with apple and cashew nuts too!!
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    Most of the fillers I make should last 3-4 days in container in fridge - they rarely last two days though, as they get used to jacket potato fillings, used in toasties.
    Have said mayo for all fillings, but sometimes I use fromage frais, greek yoghourt - depends on what I have. Salad cream could be used - I just don't like the taste.

    Grated cheddar, finely chopped onion and mayo, sometimes bit of grain mustard.

    Grated cheddar, onion, chopped tomato, cucumber, mayo. (Sometimes add a little garlic and touch tomato sauce for a "pizza" flavour for toasties).

    Mashed boiled egg, mayo and spring onion. Sometimes add diced tomato and or cucumber, sometimes a tad of grated cheddar too.

    Mashed boiled egg, veggie bacon cooked and diced, mayo, diced tomato, mayo.

    Mushrooms and onions, finely diced, touch of garlic, sauteed for about 5 mins, wee bit of spices, something like bit of chilli or paprika. Blitz in food processor/hand held thingie, add some fromage frais to make into a pate - not too much though.

    Quorn pieces or fillets - toss in herb/spice mix to your liking - I usually do a spicy chilli kind of mix with different ground pepper, bit of olive oil. Bake in oven. I usually serve this as a meal, perhaps in wraps with salad, grated cheese, salsa. Usually have some left over and blitz remains with some fromage frais or greek yoghourt - great on a sandwich or in a wrap with some lettuce, cucumber and tomato.
    Obviously same can be done with left over chicken.

    All that I can think of at the moment - getting too late for my brain to work!
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    When we were kids my mum used to mash a tin of corned beef with a grated onion and a dollop of brown sauce for butties. It never lasted long in our house, but it would probably keep for 3-4 days in the fridge. (If we had any leftover mash, that would go in too).

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    My partner and I make sandwiches every day for our lunches to take to work. I love the fresh sandwich fillings you can buy but I feel terrible about what a waste of money they are. So I was thinking I'm sure we could come up with some recipies of our own.
    One I do make from time to time is:

    egg mayo with bacon bits
    2 eggs,
    1 dsp tesco value mayonnaise
    chopped up grilled bacon misshapes
    it's really delicious and cheap.

    Any other ideas?
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    chicken and sweetcorn, or tuna & sweetcorn... mixed with a little mayo
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    We had a thread about the "best sandwich" a few months ago, but I cant find it..LOL. Had some excellent ideas.

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  • my fav is chicken and bacon good left overs filling just add herbs and mayo to left over chopped chicken and bacon
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    Grated cheese, grated carrot, mayo (or salad cream if you prefer) with a bit of ground black pepper.
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    tuna, mayo & alfalfa sprouts on seeded or malthouse bread
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