MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you flog hideous store cards to keep a job?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you flog hideous store cards to keep a job?

You’ve been made redundant, and manage to score a new job in a high street clothes shop. Yet the manager asks you to try and flog hideous 30% APR store cards to customers with every purchase. You’ve always hated these cards (read the Store Cards guide) and feel bad, but there’s a recession and you need the cash. What would you do?
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  • robpw2
    robpw2 Posts: 14,044 Forumite
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    id sell .. thats my job

    i might feel guilty later .. but think of the commission

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  • jamespir
    jamespir Posts: 21,456 Forumite
    ive done it before and id do it again if i need the cash
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  • *Louise*
    *Louise* Posts: 9,197 Forumite
    A choice between keeping my house/feeding my children and my conscience.......I would sell them.
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  • mum2one
    mum2one Posts: 16,279 Forumite
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    i would sell them, although id feel awful, but at the end of the day u have to think a jobs a job, and if I didnt do it someone else would, I may be wrong but I think that the consumer has to be told the apr rate, so that would ease my consionus
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  • 456789
    456789 Posts: 2,305 Forumite
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    Being on MSE I know they are nasty - but I have to live :(
  • skylight
    skylight Posts: 10,716 Forumite
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    I would - but badly.

    "So. Do you wanna store debt card then?" I would have to apologise to the manager if pulled up on it, as I am not financially trained to sell them.
  • Waldir
    Waldir Posts: 171 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    mum2one wrote: »
    ...and if I didnt do it someone else would...

    That reminds me of my vegetarian friend, who eats beef because anyway, the cow is already dead in the restaurant's kitchen... it's not like he's killing it :rotfl:
  • AdamB
    AdamB Posts: 133 Forumite
    I would sell them. But Id tell the customer not to spend too much on them at one time and to pay it all off every month as to not pay interest on it :D
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  • brightonman123
    brightonman123 Posts: 8,532 Forumite
    push asa short term credit line ONLY- need to make sure they can pay IN FULL, and on time, or the interest soon mounts up.

    ithough i cannot see any reason people would want a card thats only usable in just one store..

    unless there are some SERIOUS discounts / freebies on offer!

    Is there much commission paid, just out of vague interest?
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  • On the one hand they are a total rip off, on the other hand if people are stupid enough to take them so be it. The people of Britain are always winging about how they know best whilst continually subjecting me to a LabCon flipflop, so screw them! :D
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