MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should rich Rich pay for Tom, !!!!!! & Harry?



  • terill
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    Oh my gosh, of course he should pay! What a tight !!! if he doesn't! In those few weeks the interest alone earned will pay for 1000 curries. Even in my current situation, if I invited 3 friends for a meal who were out of work with big student debts to repay I would not dream of them paying. Never mind being a millionaire. Pay up tight !!!!!
  • Idiophreak
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    If one of my uni friends won £3.9m on the lottery, you'd better believe I'd expect them to pick up the tab when we went out. If I won £3.9m on the lottery, I'd expect them to expect me to do the same.

    It's just the way it's always been, from day 1 in our friendship - if one person has substantially more money, they pay. (And it was often the case as students that half of us were skint at any given time) Money isn't an issue between us because nobody's bothered about it and nobody has too much pride - if there's a free meal going, we'll bite your hand off...none of this "I don't want charity" lark.
  • trev012
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    I am a millionaire :beer: and when I go out with my friends, I don't feel sorry for them but I do make sure they are catered for accordingly. Not friends I have just met but long lasting friends that I trust are NEVER allowed to pay. If I can help them this way, I am just grateful for their friendship.:T
  • marvic_2
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    No I don't think Rich should pay .If the others expect it they are no more than free loaders
  • I lived and worked and played with millionaires and billionaires at more fortunate times in my life and most were quite willing to splash their cash around amongst anyone who happened to be around at the time where they were as a kind of advert for their humanity and their business success, but I would match them all penny for penny and round for round in whatever they purchased for me! Then when the amount of money I had allotted for the day or evening ran out I bid my farewells and went home to a good book and a good night's sleep!

    Years later I found out that this had led me to being sought out by many of those richer people simply because they viewed me as a true friend who accepted nothing from them other than their good company and who allowed them to be themselves without having to put on some false facade that was fronted by their money.

    In order that Tom, !!!!!! and Harry can maintain their own personal integrity, selfworth and self esteem at the highest levels and show Rich that they are true friends who are glad for him that he has been fortunate enough to gain such wealth then they should do the same!

    True friends ABSOLUTELY DO NOT bring personal wealth, fame or fortune into the equation they just let each other be who they are! and if the wealth, fame and fortune are around and about too, then they're around and about too!

    However there will always be plenty of other ways that Rich will be able to show his true friendship to the others, and helping them out in monetary terms OTHER than evenings where they are all meeting up as equals and true friends just being themselves falls into that plenty of other ways.
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  • pineapple
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    I happen to think there's a difference between being always rich and coming into an unexpected windfall. And the windfall is still quite recent. If he is half decent, he would surely share a bit of his good fortune and offer to pay. But it's a bit naughty of them to expect it as their right. If I was him and I thought that my 'friends' were expecting a permanent subsidy, they would be off my Xmas card list pronto....
  • teddyco
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    This is a great way to find out who would vote for Labour and who would vote Conservative in the next election! All those who think he should pay up simply because he can afford it are probably Labour supporters who keep a picture of Karl Marx in their wallet, and all those who think he has the right to keep his wealth because of something called 'OWNERSHIP' are most likely Conservative.
  • brokeinwales
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    Labour supporters who keep a picture of Karl Marx in their wallet

    anyone ever met one of those?
  • steam_dan
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    Absolutely not! Although I suspect that most people would expect him to. A few years ago I was on a course in a hotel in Wolverhampton. Staying in the hotel at the same time was Billy Paul, and Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes on a tour. Me and my colleagues sat in the hotel bar every evening talking Billy Paul, his wife and his musical director. Not one of my colleagues ever offered them a drink yet they were happy to accept drinks from them all evening. OK, I didn't buy them as many drinks as they bought but I did show my appreciation by buying them all a drink at least once each evening. Just cos someone has more money than you doesn't give you the right to expect them to pay for anything. What ever happened to dignity?
  • If I was suddenly in that fortunate position, I would pay for everyone, however, I would not appreciate a demand to pay.

    On the flip side, if my mate had won the lottery, I would expect him to offer to pay for the meal, if he didnt, I would probably end up criticising him behind his back! I certainly would ask for him to do so however.
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