MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should rich Rich pay for Tom, !!!!!! & Harry?



  • englishmac
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    If Rich is a good friend he will offer to pay. This shouldn't be expected - as other have said the money shouldn't come into it. If you can't afford to pay your way, don't agree to the night out.

    Tom and !!!!!! aren't good friends expecting him to pay. Ditch em Rich - they are just freeloading!
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  • Most people who win big tend to want to spend some of their cash on their friends and such, and while he shouldn't be expected to pay for them, if he's nice he'll probably offer.

    Minus the millions this has happened to me when I was down on my money and was invited out. I took some money with me intending to make my drinks last but when my friend realised how little money I had at that moment she bought me a couple of rounds. When I offered to repay her she shrugged it off saying that 'friends don't keep count, within reason'.
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  • purplegaily
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    I think this is one of the most one sided opinion polls Martin has done.

    I think we're all in agreement. Friends go out - to a regular haunt - and each take enough money to cover your costs. If you can't afford to go, then Rich may wish to offer to pay at that point, but it certainly shouldn't be a threat that you won't go if he doesn't pay.

    If Rich wants to go somewhere posh, then he should make it clear who is expected to pay up front - ie guys I know you're all skint, this one's on me - just turn up smart!
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  • robbies_gal
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    i was thinking of course he should pay but you guys are right you shuldnt just automatically expect someone too eveytime just coz theyre rich-lol

    if he'd invited therm to some swanky place id say yeah pay for them but if its a regular night out at the average curry place then no dont
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  • bigwedgie
    bigwedgie Posts: 26 Forumite
    I'm amazed that Rich is even in this country let alone visiting his local curry house with his old mates, of course he is going to pay, he has almost four million quid, he's a young man and he will want to flash some of the cash, but his mates have got to show willing and at least make a move for their wallets otherwise this may be the last time they share each others company
  • newcook
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    with the fact they had all previously arranged for this night then surely the ones who were not working should have said 'love to mate but cant afford it as Im not working' rather that agree to go assuming Rich was going to pay for it all. This way Rich would be able to say 'this ones on me' rather than waiting for the bill to arrive and everyone is slow to reach for their wallets and counting out change and him then feeling obliged to pay for the lot.
  • batvink
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    They should go with the intention of paying for themselves, and if Rich offers, accept with thanks.

    I think it really is that simple.
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  • RoseV
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    No - it should not be an automatic assumption.

    Rich may choose to pay - but that is his choice.

    If he feels that the others assume he will pay then he will shortly begin to wonder why they are still friends - do they like him or his money?

    A sure way to make Rich feel bad - and not the sort of thing that friends should do.

    Also a sure way to lose Rich as a friend so not a good long term strategy for his friends either!

  • Agree with Rose V and Gavin.
    The friends should not of suggested as he had already thrown a party and how many free loaders went to that?

    A gesture is good but should not be expected. How many times do you have a free bar at a wedding and people take advantage?
  • I don't think they should automatically assume that rich should pay. OK - he has the money and if he insists on paying then that is fair enough. However, it may affect the dynamics of the friendship if he is expected to cough up - it was an equal friendship where they presumably shared costs and Tom and !!!!!! should attempt to maintain their equality by at least offering to pay. Just because someone is better off than you does not mean they should pick up the tab automaticlly. If that happens then Rich is going to feel that he's only valued for what he has and the friendship will falter.
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