MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should rich Rich pay for Tom, !!!!!! & Harry?



  • No he shouldn't be expected to pay! He may well offer to pay, but true friends would & should not expect him to: He's better off sticking with Harry as a real mate.
  • As lots of people have said, the friends should go out fully intending to pay their own share of the bill.Secretly, though,I`m sure they`d be hoping that their new millionaire friend will foot the bill.:beer:
  • bells_on_it
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    It would be a nice gesture for him to pay but it is pretty cheeky that his friends have even discussed their expectation for him to pay.

    Yes he's won a considerable amount of money but he's just thrown a free party and he probably would pay for the meal but that doesn't give his friends the right to expect to freeload off of him. If they were any sort of friends the wouldn't have even had the conversation
  • snottyotty
    snottyotty Posts: 20 Forumite
    Catch 22 innit? If he does he's a flash git, if he doesn't he's a mean sod.
    Money won't always change you, but will always change others perception of you
  • If he was a good mate he would probably offer, but I don't think they should expect it and obviously they are not good friends if they have that in mind when they go out. If I was the winner of that much money, I would pay, but it would be a surprise at the end of the evening, not something my true friends would make assumptions about, although they may joke about it beforehand.
  • dbfisokay
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    A £3.9 million win is by any standard a significant win and well managed would effectively allow a human being to live comfortably on the interest alone. It would also allow the winning individual able to donate a generous amount to charity as he/she sees fit. However charitable donations are, at this time in our society, matters for the individual and the individual alone. No-one is legally obliged to donate to charity. It might be there is a moral argument for donating; however that presupposes need on the part of the donatee.

    Without stretching the imagination it is difficult to see why Tom & !!!!!! would need a curry and beers therefore as donatees they are not obvious candidates and hence have no obvious entitlement to Rich’s charity. He might decide to offer to pay however there is no justification that he “better pay for them all”. That implies threat and intuitively, if he were privy to the conversation, I suspect Rich would only retain comfort with Harry, since he doubted that Rich has any obligation. Although he did not say Rich has no obligation, so Rich appears to have no definite fellow graduates who are simply happy for him rather than envious of him. Amidst this sea of absent, unconditionally happy graduates, Rich should absolutely not pay for all of them unless he prefers to please people rarther than protect his inalienable rights.
  • I don't agree with the "he's rich so he should pay" ethos that seems to be
    around these days.
    Just as I don't agree with the something for nothing attitude some people have. If the chap wants to pay for his friends that's fine ,but they shouldn't expect it.
  • julie777
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    Rich is not MORALLY obliged to pay for the others.
    They shouldn't have arranged to go out if they couldn't afford it.
    But, he's a nice considerate chap so I'm sure he will cheerfully tell them the evening is on him!:beer:
  • LameWolf
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    No he shouldn't be expected to pay! He may well offer to pay, but true friends would & should not expect him to: He's better off sticking with Harry as a real mate.
    I totally agree.

    I have an acquaintance who is a free loader; every time he turns up anywhere he assumes someone else is going to buy his drinks and even his meal. I refuse point blank to even buy him a glass of water, on principle.

    Another friend, down on his luck right now, reciprocates whenever he can, so I'm happy to buy him a drink, give him a lift, or whatever.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.;)
  • babyx1uk3
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    No he shouldn't have to pay i think if he offers then they should check if he is sure and then if he insists then accept. The problem lies that if rich did this for everyone his money would quickly fade and i think its wrong of his friends to assume he will pay.
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