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The Great 'Split Ticketing' Hunt



  • dzug1
    dzug1 Posts: 13,535 Forumite
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    kookier11 wrote: »
    Any suggestions of how to get split tickets from Durham to London?? Planning to go there in April and have a YP railcard too - but would love to get it cheaper!! :rolleyes:

    If you can get advance purchase singles for the whole journey at a reasonable price, get them. Forget faffing about splitting - that's only when the advance ones have sold out, it's not a panacea.

    They should be available now.
  • from.york
    How pleased I was to read Martin's weekly email! Last week I had to travel from York to Leicester for a meeting. Return fare for the whole journey was quoted as £92.50. By buying a day return between York and Sheffield (£16.90) and a return between Sheffield and Leicester (£40.50), I saved £35. If I could have gone on the next train from Sheffield, the fare for that leg would have been £21.60 - a saving of £54. You have to change at Sheffield anyway.
    Thanks, Martin!!
  • kookier11
    Thanks for the responses. Gonna be going on about the 18th of April - for a few nights.
    Have been having a look, and probs will work out better to just get advance singles, especially if I can go at good times!
  • elaphe
    Anyone found a way to split between Birmingham and Edinburgh and on to Inverness please?
  • Livingthedream
    elaphe wrote: »
    Anyone found a way to split between Birmingham and Edinburgh and on to Inverness please?

    Another option if your traveling from Birmingham to Inverness and you don't mind a 5 minute walk is to split at Glasgow.

    Birmingham NS - Glasgow Central - Glasgow Queen St - Inverness

    And if possible use Megatrain.com for the Birmingham NS to Glasgow or Edinburgh leg as you can get very cheap tickets from them
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  • omelette451
    omelette451 Posts: 1,900 Forumite
    Another option if your traveling from Birmingham to Inverness and you don't mind a 5 minute walk is to split at Glasgow.

    If you're too lazy to walk there's a free connecting bus for rail passengers.
  • Roland
    Roland Posts: 62 Forumite
    • Journey: Doncaster to Leeds, Day return
    • Split tickets at: South Elmsall
    • Standard Fare: £11.40
    • Split ticket cost:£6.50
    • Saving: £4.90

    I was going to quote that one myself. For some unknown reason, there are no Cheap Day Returns available between Leeds and Doncaster, just the one standard peak fare of £11.40. The direct fare is set by National Express and applies whether you travel on one of their trains or not. The split fares are set by the PTEs in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. A bit of a rip-off, I think.

    There has recently been introduced an hourly direct service from Leeds to Nottingham. There had previously been about only 2 direct trains a day. The direct fare can be cut with a split at Sheffield, all journeys require a stop or change at Sheffield.

    Leeds to Nottingham with a split at Sheffield
    Peak time day or period return
    Direct fare £38.00
    Split fare £30.10
    Saving £7.90

    Off Peak day return
    Direct fare £28.10
    Split fare £19.40
    Saving £8.70

    The off peak day direct fare of £28.10 is in fact a Saver ticket that can be used for return on any train for up to one month. A spilt fare for longer than a day return works out little different at £28.00.
  • gner_ex
    gner_ex Posts: 285 Forumite
    tubagroova wrote: »
    A few times now, I've ended up missing my booked train and find myself buying a single off-peak ticket on the day to Exeter, which comes out £11 cheaper with splitting with my 16-25 railcard. Not sure how it works with returns yet, since I've often managed to get bargain advance fares back!

    It works like this (off-peak):
    Birmingham - Exeter St Davids (departing after 9:30 am)
    Split at: Cheltenham, Bristol Temple Meads, Taunton

    Standard Fare: £40.60 (railcard) / £61.50

    Split Cost: With Railcard: £29.35 single
    Without Railcard: £44.50 single

    Saving: With Railcard: £11.25
    Without Railcard: £17

    This uses all "off-peak" type fares, with the exception of the Bristol to Taunton portion, where an "anytime" fare works out cheaper!!

    Hope this helps anyone who is unable to get advance fares down here! :beer:


    You are wasting money. Even if your "bargain advance" return fare is a pound (though the cheapest I can see on the system is £7.25).

    Birmingham-Exeter off-peak single is indeed £61.50 (railcard £40.60)
    Birmingham-Exeter off-peak period return is £70.70 (railcard £46.65)

    It is a quirk of the old British Rail fares system that many return fares are only a pound (or a few pounds) more than the single fare.
  • gner_ex
    gner_ex Posts: 285 Forumite
    Kendal_4 wrote: »
    I have just purchased advance train tickets for my 2 boys from Oxenholme to Manchester for £8. They are actually only going as far as Preston, but the cost to Preston was £13.80!! Is worth checking for longer journeys if the train stops at the station you want.
    This is illegal under the various railway rules concerning tickets.

    Advance tickets are ONLY valid for the complete journey. If there are barriers or ticket checks at Preston, your boys are liable to getting an excess fare.

    A child day return from Oxenholme to Preston is £6.95, and a period return £8.15 (both off-peak fares).
  • gner_ex
    gner_ex Posts: 285 Forumite
    Okay, here is one of my favourites. London to Leeds (or York) or vice versa, travelling in the morning peak.

    Please note that you must have a season ticket for this to work (this could be for example a London travel card, or a Leeds-Outwood season ticket - but NOT a West Yorkshire PTE Metrocard).

    I have a zone 1-5 season. I buy:
    Boundary Zone 5-Arlesey SDR 12.00
    Arlesey-Leeds Saver Return (off peak period return) £61.00.

    The benefit here is that this particular journey (Arlesey-Leeds) has an 8E restriction, which is essentially valid at any time (except not between 01:15 and 04:00 in the middle of the night - Arlesey is the furthest south station on the ECML to have an 8E restricted ticket to Leeds/York). I frequently use the above to go on the 06:00 Kings Cross-Leeds - and it is especially valuable to me as I don't know what time I'll be finished by. Due to the possession of a season ticket, the train doesn't need to stop anywhere. It is also pointing out that all Leeds-London walk-up tickets are valid via York, and all York-London walk-up via Leeds.

    There is a ticket called GDR, which is a weekend ONLY day return. Again, a season ticket is mandatory.

    Boundary Zone 5-Huntingdon CDR (or off-peak day return as it now is) with Network Railcard £11.20
    Huntingdon-Peterborough CDR £5.00
    Peterborough-Leeds GDR £28.00

    Note that the GDR ticket is any permitted, so can be used on NXEC, Grand Central, Hull Trains and East Midland Trains (ticket is valid by any permitted route).

    Total cost of flexible day return £44.20 (might be more or less depending where your season is). Note again that you must have a season.
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